Rug Radio NFT Collection: Everything You Need to KnowThe NFT industry is moving at a breakneck rate. Considering how fast things inside the Metaverse can change. However, with the steady influx of excellent art as well as ideas, keeping up with all the headlines, releases, and general events is becoming increasingly difficult. You can leave your days of tedious Twitter as well as Discord surfing behind you, because we’ll be providing information regarding Rug Radio NFT drop that you won’t want to overlook. Continue reading to learn more about Rug Radio NFT.

About Rug Radio

Rug Radio is the very first media platform that is completely decentralised. What exactly does this imply? It implies that the platform you use is owned by the community, its hosts, as well as you. What is the significance of this? As  they need to take control of the memes, dialogues, and narrative. Ownership implies that you each have control over what you consume and how it will be provided, and that we would all profit from the abundance you generate.

Farokh and Co. is the company’s founder, and Rug Radio is his opportunity to catch his Twitter Space performance to the next level. All origin tickets from of the initiative would also provide initial funders equity of potential Rug Radio projects, with last live auction slated to commence for about the last moment on January 4, 2021. Following that, this was reopen on January 11, 2021.

Rug Radio Pass for Membership

A Rug Radio membership pass is the first step toward becoming a Rug ecosystem owner. 

After launch, the member passes are a one-of-a-kind on-chain mechanism that will let them do all kinds of great things with their members. There are two aspects to your Membership Pass.

  • A brand new Rug Radio NFT mint pass that will release in January 2022.
  • Your invitation to join the Rug Radio ecosystem as well as benefit from it.

Here is the chart that shows the number of sales of Rug Radio Membership Pass in the last 30 days on Opensea marketplace. The 30 day average price and 30 day volume is ETH 0.1271 and ETH 1,126.975 respectively. Also it has a floor price of ETH 0.319.

Rug Radio NFT

How to get whitelisted?

If anyone wish to obtain this member ticket, you must now go to the online webpage. Rug Radio Membership Tickets are typically free + gas fees. They found a way to keep their agreements as low as reasonably practicable, so a Membership Pass would price customers between $40 and $60 during off-peak network times.

They’ve cleared 19,000 accounts, each of which would generate one Membership Pass. The Rug Radio NFT will have to go live on January 11th, 2022. You’ll have to pay 0.111 for the that mint. The NFT minted is only accessible via the membership ticket you’re issuing new.


Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect over the next month:

FAMLIST: Pre-sale for our whole community to create a truly fair drop

DROP: Gas Friendly Membership Pass Drop

TOKENOMICS: Launching our Tokenomics structure to Members

SHOW DEBUT: New Rug Radio Show Schedule Debut

LAUNCH: Genesis NFT Drop & Full Platform Launch on 1/11/22 for 0.111 ETH

(1 Membership Pass = 1 NFT)


Rug Radio NFT is so well received by the NFT community that membership passes were sold out in just four days. I think this is a pretty cool NFT project. But before investing, you must do your own research then only come to the point to make investment. Do share your views regarding this project in the comment section.