1xBit is a betting website where you can place bets using crypto. We have shared our views about the platform, and if we think it’s a safe platform to put your bets on. Read to find out more.

Gambling has always been a major source of passive income. With modern technology and excellent growth in the financial market, the obsolete income-earning businesses have started to expand. This growth also encapsulates the mega cryptosphere. It would be improper of the concerned parties to think about development without involving the modern alternative of finance, Cryptocurrency. The crypto coins are ruling the market and the gambling sector as well. 1xBit is one such leading Bitcoin sportsbook and Casino. 

Payment issues with the online casino sector is sometimes a problem, which is why cryptocurrencies are a safe bet.

The market is diverse and the range of games associated with cryptocurrency is huge. In such a market, online casinos are way more popular and convenient than traditional casinos. 1xBit is one such gambling place where people can place bets and earn crypto coins in return

 Let’s have a detailed look into what 1xBit actually is. 

1xBit Details

Particulars Details
Year founded 2016
Major purpose Sports betting
Payments 35+ cryptocurrencies
Games supported 400+ gambling games
License Curacao Gambling Authority
Mobile app Click here

What is 1xBit?

1xBit is a cryptocurrency based online gaming site. Found in 2016, the gambling site has made its place in the market and is growing vigorously with each passing day. The platform is mostly focused on sports betting but it also includes more than 400 gambling games including dice games, casino, etc. 

The growth of the platform is mostly associated with its uniqueness and its acceptance of cryptocurrency. It is a new generation casino platform that offers gambling and gives the users a one-stop-shop for all their needs. The platform provides bettors with the best deals in order to explore the decentralized nature of online gambling. 

What games do 1xBit support?

1xBit supports more than 400+ games. These games include sports, politics, weather and so much more. The games are divided into different categories and each category has various games and activities included in it. The categories are : 

  • Casino games on 1xBit

Casino games are primarily the basic business of 1xBit. The platform has plenty of casino games that can be bet onto. Such games include the following :

  • Roulette : It is a casino game where people place bets on either a single number, various groupings of numbers, or different colours, etc
  • Blackjack is a popular casino banking game which uses decks of 52 cards. It is a game which can be played while placing bets on other games. 
  • Poker is a card game which involves rankings of players. 
  • Baccarat is a card game played at casinos. It is a comparing card game played between the “player” and the “banker”. In this game the cards have point values.  

Casino games are also famous for slot games. These slots feature over 5000 various slot games. Games like The Great Panda, Rise of Egypt, Knight of Magic, Dragon Tiger and Battle Maidens have also managed to bring a major share of revenue for the platform. 

  • Sports Betting on 1xBit

The platform of 1xBit is popularly known for betting. Sports betting includes betting on thousands of games. It also allows players to support their team or sports from all over the world. 

1xBit also allows live betting on sport events that are currently happening, like IPL. The digital sports also allow you to gamble on automated virtual sports. In order to place a bet, the user has to choose the sports, the team and the particular condition. This becomes helpful to the player and eases the process of betting. 

How to use the 1xBit Crypto Betting Platform?

First visit their official website (1xBit.com). Register in a few steps and you will be invited to collect a Welcome bonus up to 7 BTC for the first 4 deposits on the site. A few more steps and a short captcha will lead you to have your 1xBit account. In signing up the system creates an account number and password automatically.

Entering your email address is not compulsory but it is always advisable to link your account with email id. Without an email id, the user won’t be able to recover the password in case of losing it and they will be signed out of their account if the window is closed. So, to be on the safe side, the user should enter their email address and verify it through a confirmation mail. When it’s done the user can begin depositing cryptocurrencies and then start gambling, playing or betting on different games. But always remember “Bet what you can afford” 

What is 1xBit Welcome BONUS? Is it Real?

If you weren’t intrigued yet, let me tell you something that would excite you to join 1xBit immediately. Every new user on 1xBit is rewarded with a welcome bonus of up to 7 BTC. The user will have to spend quite a lot (especially in gambling) in order to get their hands on the maximum reward. You will also notice the recurring use of the word “1mBTC” on the platform. 1mBTC is a short form of 0.001 BTC which is roughly 47.56 USD currently ( Rs. 3526.14). 

To take part in the bonuses offered on 1xBit, the user has to visit “My account” and enable the function “Take part in any bonus offers”.

The user has to deposit a minimum of 1mBTC (237.72 USD) or any other equivalent cryptocurrency. Then, the user has to play 40 times their bankroll, within the first 30 days of depositing in order to receive the entire welcome bonus allotment. The maximum amount for the first deposit is 1 BTC. In simple words, to get a 2x bonus on the first deposit with 1 BTC, the user has to gamble 40 BTC worth of funds in a 30 day period. 

Here is how the bonus scheme works : 

  • 100% bonus upto 1 BTC on 1st deposit
  • 50% bonus upto 1 BTC on 2nd deposit.
  • 100% bonus upto 2 BTC on 3rd deposit.
  • 50% bonus upto 3 BTC on 4th deposit.

Is 1xBit a safe betting platform?

There have been a lot of uncertainty and suspicions in the air regarding the users’ safety on the gambling platform. It is a gambling platform and the main aim is to provide the best services to their users by offering anonymity. So, let’s discover if 1xBit is actually a safe gambling platform to risk your cryptocurrency on. 

The gambling game is risky and the crypto coins are volatile. So, keeping that in mind let’s explore the efforts made by the platform in order to secure the safety of their users. 

1xBit is believed to be one of the most developed online gambling platforms which has been actively serving the users with their gambling and betting needs for 5 years now. The user does not have to provide extra information while signing up. Login and password are created automatically for every user, with no exception. Users can provide their email to restore the login or password in case of losing them and get bonus offerings or news. 

1xBit security measures also include firewall SSL encryption technology and TwoFactor authentication. The users are always advisable to enable their 2FA for a second layer protection and security of their account. This 2FA works with the help of google authenticator so the user does not have to provide an email address or phone number. 

Before placing bets, make sure if 1xBit is not in your country’s black list – USA, UK, or CIS

1xBit for IPL 2021

1xBit lets you put your bet for the IPL matches.


  • What is the minimum deposit on 1xBit? 

One can start playing or betting on the platform with a minimum of 0.01 mBT.  

  • What is the minimum bet on 1xBit?

The minimum bet that you can put on sports or games in the 1xBit is 0.5 mBT.  

  • Is 1xBit legal?

The platform has been running and operating legally since 2016 so it legitimately cannot be questioned. 

  • How to submit cryptocurrency on the 1xBit platform ?

One must first purchase the cryptocurrencies which are used on the platform from cryptocurrency exchange platforms and then deposit them on the 1xBit platform. There are no deposit charges. 

  • Can a bet be cancelled ?

One must be very careful before placing a bet because there is no way to cancel the bet. The user can sell the bet back to the company. 

  • How to open and delete an account on 1xBit?

1xBit accounts can be opened through the official website, the mobile app or through social media platforms like facebook and twitter. 

The account can be deleted only with the help of customer support. One cannot delete a 1xBit account on their own. 

  • What is the Betslip sale?

The option to sell your placed bet back to the company. 

  • Can legal currency be used on the platform?

No, the platform does not allow the use of legal currency for any kind of payment. Only cryptocurrency is used on the platform. 

Conclusion: Is 1xBit a good gambling platform?

Every platform has its pros and cons. The customer services of the platform are claimed to be poor and hence a lot of people experience unsatisfactory services. The gambling sector is risky but the online safety and association with the alternative of currency is intriguing and worth giving a try. Especially in the IPL season, it is raining bonuses on the platform. It is a revolution for both the gaming industry as well as the gambling industry. The platform is compatible with users and has been successfully running for 5 years now. We advise you to properly look into it before going further. Play at your own risk and be extra cautious while using the platform as the money business involves high risk and the users are recommended to only risk what they can afford. 

1xBit Promo Code / Welcome Bonus: 1xBit offers a welcome bonus up to 7 BTC.


Disclaimer: Betting involves financial risk. Please understand the risks before you start playing. This article in 1xBit review is for educational purposes only. Please check with the legals of your country before starting to play on 1xBit or any other crypto betting website.