WIN NFT HorseBengaluru, 6th December, 21: Team behind WIN NFT HORSE have been working for more than 6 months and has now declared that the Open Beta Test would then begin on the TRON network on December 6, 2021. Win NFT Horse is Tron’s first GameFi NFT project that will be launching their IGO on Binance.


TRON’s Win NFT Horse is indeed a “DeFi + NFT” horse racing game developed in collaboration with APENFT as well as WINKLink. By incorporating the game with “NFT + DeFi” via blockchain – based technology, a Win NFT Horse game ecosphere is created. WIN NFT HORSE delves deeper into the idea of Play-to-earn as well as introduces a new hold to receive, hold to perform, and play-to-earn framework. WIN NFT HORSE is trying to reinterpret the term “GameFi.” 

Horses can be bred, competed in, collected, and bought and sold by players. WIN NFT HORSE is indeed a horse racing game that is free to play. Everyone can have fun playing the Win NFT Horse game and earning token rewards by making a contribution to the ecosphere. The WIN NFT HORSE development team would then collaborate with the community to create advanced features for related game resources. The game is available on both Ethereum as well as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and this is the first GameFi initiative to be initiated on the TRON blockchain.

Main Objective of Open Beta Test

The main objective of the Open Beta Test is to begin testing the stability of the game’s economics. The layout of game economics in NFT games is by far the most essential part that will decide a game’s long-term achievement. 

On November 18, just after a Close Beta Test on the TRON system, all information was removed. As a consequence, just the original horses (NFT) were kept. This forthcoming TRON version ie. Open Beta Test, would save gamer’s data, letting participants relive the thrill of the play.

“WIN NFT HORSE has been involved in discovering different GameFi concepts, leading the fresh wave of “play to earn” while converting the traditional gamespace,” Lam Wang, Project Lead at WIN NFT HORSE, said. We genuinely believe that blockchain based games have a great potential, as well as we keep hoping to introduce GameFi innovation to a larger segment of the cryptocurrency market while providing adequate reward for participants to begin participating as well as stand to profit from the procedures via WIN NFT HORSE.

The team of WIN NFT HORSE is also hosting an airdrop event for TRX as well as NFT holders, with the entrance deadline already extended till December 6, 2021. For more information on Open Beta test launch’s, contact us on given platforms.

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