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Bengaluru, January 21, 2022: Today, the worldwide crypto market capitalisation was on the verge of a massacre, since all significant cryptocurrencies, notably Bitcoin as well as Ethereum, suffered significant losses following being down for days. During the last twenty four hours, this has dropped by 8.16 percent. This was exacerbated further by traders dumping existing holdings as cryptocurrency coin prices began to plummet, culminating in a 111.11 cent increase in the volume of cryptocurrencies exchanged over the prior day.The cryptomarket reached a new peak of 105.35 B USD in the preceding 24 hours, according to data. Continue reading to learn more about the top six Crypto Coins that have gained or lost value within last 24 hours.

Just at time of this writing, BTC was traded at 38,828.93 USD, dropping 7.78 percent in the previous 24 hours, whereas Ether was trading under $3,000. As of 5:10 PM IST, the price of Ethereum was 2,843.48 USD, down 9.61 percent. 

“A number of things may have an impact on the cryptocurrency market as well as its pricing. Uncertainty around the Cryptocurrency Bill around the world may be among the reasons that contributed to cryptocurrency price changes, according to Vikas Ahuja, BACC Fellow as well as CEO of Cross Tower India.

“China’s halt of mining of BTC in Sichuan Province had resulted in a drop in cryptocurrency market prices.” Furthermore, the new coronavirus strain Omicron is causing havoc in international marketplaces, with the effects felt in a variety of markets, even those that trade cryptocurrency,” he noted.

“For a long period of time, bitcoin prices have already been resting on a critical support level. Dangerous investments are now being dumped as the economy slows. Furthermore, the Fed’s minutes have an impact on the downtrend,” Shivamm Thakral, BACC fellow as well as CEO of BuyUcoin, stated.

Mudrex’s CEO, Edul Patel, has repeatedly stated about the dangers of shattering levels of support. “As momentum develops on the intraday graphs, BTC SP is above 40,000 USD.” Between $43,000 as well as $45,000 is where BTC faces resistance. 

On Friday, Covid Slice is the crypto market’s biggest loser. The price of a Covid Slice currency has surged by 99.51% in the previous 24 hours. As per the data, among there is a token was worth $0.0002095. Another two losers of the day, ENHANCE as well as Revolution, took the next two top positions. 

Top 6 Crypto Coins that Gained in the Last 24 Hours

Here is the list of top 6 crypto coins that gained up in the last 24 hours as per the recent analysis of Coinmarketcap.

Project X nodes: 23.14 USD – up 674.19%

PAPPAY: 0.000002405 USD – up 251.72%

Influencer funding: 0.00000000004774 USD – up 240.83%

Metacraft: 0.4624 USD – up 210.78%

tudaBirds: 0.01387 USD – up 190.76%

POLAR NODES: 2.81 USD – up 162.53%

Top 6 Crypto Coins Loses in the Last 24 Hours

Here is the list of top 6 crypto coins losers in the last 24 hours as per the recent data.

Covid Slice: 0.0002095 USD – down 99.51%

IMPROVE: 0.00000000002015 – down 99.01%

Revolution: 7.24 USD – down 97.49%

SAFECAME CASH: 0.00000000001519 USD – down 91.53%

Wall Street Capital: 0.0001111 USD – down 84.00%

SOCIETY OF GALACTIC EXPLORATION: 0.000000002825 USD – down 81.76%

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