CoinDCX is one of the trusted Indian crypto exchange that lets you buy crypto against INR. You can deposit INR and buy BTC, ETH or any other alts. We have reviewed CoinDCX in this post which will help you decide whether you should use this crypto exchange to buy or sell crypto or not.

CoinDCX: Company Details

Website: CoinDCX

Web or mobile app based: CoinDCX is available on both platforms. The mobile app is available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Started in: 2018

Founders: Neeraj Khandelwal and Sumit Gupta

What is CoinDCX?

CoinDCX is one of the largest crypto exchanges in India. It is based in Singapore, but most of its user base stems from India. The partners for CoinDCX’s exchange are Binance, Huobi and Okex. CoinDCX’s office is located in Mumbai, India. The platform provides a variety of services  that include instant purchases, margin trading, futures trading, lending and staking.

It has received investment funds and is backed by some significant investors such as Coinbase (Coinbase Ventures), 100x Ventures, the parent company of BitMEX, Mehta Ventures, Alex Pack, Polychain Capital, Bain Ventures and more.

The platform offers over 200 cryptocurrencies as well as altcoins. It was launched in 2018, by Neeraj Khandelwal and Sumit Gupta. They state that they have an active, user base of over 2 million crypto traders and investors.

Which Coins are Supported by this Indian Crypto Exchange?


CoinDCX offers over 200 cryptocurrencies, some of the major coins include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), EOS, Dogecoin (DOGE) and more and stablecoins such as USDC, USDT, TUSD and Dai.


CoinDCX supports INR for deposits. It can be transferred through:

  1. IMPS/NEFT/RTGS bank transfer (instant)
  2. Standard IMPS/NEFT/RTGS bank transfer
  3. Mobikwik Wallet (via Net Banking, UPI or debit card).

About Founders: CoinDCX Crypto Exchange

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and CoinDCX’s co-founder is Sumit Mishra. He has completed his graduation as well as post-graduation from IIT Bombay, located in India. ListUp , the first ever location-based online marketplace was invented and launched by him, which came to become a multi million dollar start-up within a year of its inception.

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and another co-founder of CoinDCX is Neeraj Khandelwal. Having graduated from IIT Bombay, India with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 2012, he is in charge of the overall technological development at CoinDCX.

The team behind CoinDCX is a mix of experts as well as professionals from the technology industry, software industry and the financial industry.

How to sign up on CoinDCX Crypto Exchange?

  1.  Visit CoinDCX’s website.
  2. Tap on the “Register” option visible on the homepage.
  3. Fill in the required details , this includes first name, last name, a valid email ID, a secure password and your personal mobile number.
  4. Verify your phone number and email ID through the OTP sent.
  5. Add your bank account and verify it via a 12-digit UTR number, that you will receive after entering the required bank details.
  6. The registration process on CoinDCX is simple, the KYC verification procedure follows. The documentation includes PAN Card (mandatory) and an Identity Card which is recognized by the government such as Aadhar Card, Voter Id Card, or a Passport.

CoinDCX signup

CoinDCX Features

The crypto exchange offers various advanced trading option to users.

Spot Trading: How to do Spot Trading in INR?

The crypto exchange offers various advanced trading option to users. Users are provided with charts powered with Trading View, limit orders, market orders and order books.

CoinDCX users are trading on order books by Binance, Huobi or HitBTC for majority of their trading pairs.

You can buy Bitcoin and major altcoins wrt INR, USDT and BTC.

Margin Trading

Margin Trading is offered to crypto traders on CoinDCX, which provides a leverage from 1x to 10x on over 250 trading pairs. This interface also has stop-limit orders, bracket orders and trailing stop-loss orders as additional order types.

Margin trading is one of the reasons why I prefer CoinDCX over WazirX and other exchange. The UI is very simple. In a bearish market, you can make a lot of money shorting BTC and altcoins on CoinDCX.

Futures Trading

The platform provides more advanced future contacts with higher leverage, up to 20x for major markets. CoinDCX does not have its own futures exchange and uses third party future contracts from OKEx , which can be traded on their interface. They also support future contracts offered by Bit-MEX.

For anyone who wants to play with more leverage, they can try CoinDCX futures.

Crypto Lending on CoinDCX

CoinDCX offers “Lend” as a service. Users can earn interest on their crypto holdings in their respective CoinDCX accounts. Interest is given in the same currency as the deposit. Users can lend funds to margin traders for a minimum duration of 7 days. A wide variety of crypto tokens are supported for this feature. Users can earn interest up 16.25% annually, sometimes. Currently the best interest rate offered on USDT i.e. 13.51 percent. On BTC, you can earn 7.67 percent interest. Compared to crypto interest earning sites like, Nexo, Celsius, you can earn better interest on CoinDCX lending platform.


Users can choose to earn interest on their idle crypto investments. They are not required to hold sufficient knowledge about staking to utilize this service. CoinDCX can do the staking on behalf of the users. Interest rates varies from 1 to 3 percent for most of the coins.

This feature is supported only for 7 crypto tokens, currently. This comprises of Ethereum2 (ETH2), EOS, NEO, ONE, QTUM, TRX and XTZ.

For ETH 2.0, the interest rate is highest. You can earn upto 15-20 percent every year. This again, is one of the best interest rate offered on ETH 2.0 staking I have seen compared to any other ETH 2.0 staking platforms.

DCXInsta: Make Crypto Purchases Instantly

This is one of CoinDCX’s main features. Users are allowed to purchase over 100 cryptocurrencies instantly wrt INR.

Unlike other platforms, these instant purchases are not supported by credit card or debit card. Users have to deposit INR into their accounts and place a market order. This streamlined process is beneficial and easy to understand by beginners. Candlestick charts and order books are not available. Users have to deposit INR to your CoinDCX wallet. You can use UPI or IMPS. Amount is instantly deposited to your CoinDCX account. You can also withdraw INR instantly.

CoinDCX Go

CoinDCX Go is the crypto exchange’s official mobile app available for both Android and iOS phones, on their respective local play stores. Users can link their bank accounts to the app and use the “Insta” buy feature as well.

The platform claims that they seek to be the “simplest cryptocurrency app to help Indians invest in Bitcoin”.

Sub accounts: CoinDCX

The platform offers sub-accounts to its users which allows them to split their positions. Thus, users can have separate accounts for crypto trading and crypto investing. New sub-accounts can be created, users can switch between them and transfer funds from one sub-account to another sub-account as well.

CoinDCX Fees: How much does CoinDCX charge for Trading, Depositing and Withdrawing?

Trading Fees

The platform charges fees on every transaction the user makes, this is known as a trading fee. CoinDCX levies based on the maker-taker fees that ranges from 0.04% and 0.06%. The exact fee is dependent on the club, the user belongs to.


45-day Trading Volume (BTC) Maker (Spot/Margin) Taker (Spot/Margin)
DCX Bitcoin 25000-100000 0.040% 0.060%
DCX Elite 10000-25000 0.050% 0.070%
DCX Platinum 5000-10000 0.060% 0.080%
DCX Diamond 1000-5000 0.070% 0.085%
DCX Emerald 500-1000 0.075% 0.090%
DCX Gold 100-500 0.080% 0.100%
DCX Silver 50-100 0.085% 0.100%
DCX Bronze 10-50 0.090% 0.100%
DCX Pro 5-10 0.095% 0.100%
DCX Genesis 0-5 0.100% 0.100%

Withdrawal Fees

The platform charges around 0.001 BTC (Bitcoin) per BTC withdrawal. This is very high when compared to industry standards, the average industry standard for withdrawal fees are around 0.0006 BTC per BTC withdrawal.

CoinDCX charges 60% above the industry standards as withdrawal fees.

Withdrawals in the form of fiat currency, INR is free.

Deposit Fees

Users can deposit INR into their account instantly while cryptocurrencies might take about 30 minutes.

It might take 6 hours for the withdrawal of INR to be transferred to their bank account , while withdrawals of crypto to the user’s wallet takes only a few minutes.


Limits for withdrawal differ and depend on the type of account and type of currency to be withdrawn.

Limits for fiat currency (INR): Users who have completed their KYC process can withdraw a minimum of Rs.500 per transaction and a maximum of Rs. 500,000 per day.

Fiat deposits are not charged, but for users who have not completed the KYC process, the deposit amount is restricted up to Rs. 10,000 only.

Limits for crypto:

  • Users who have completed their KYC process do not have a limit for deposits whereas users who have not completed their KYC process, their maximum deposit limit is up to 4 Bitcoin (BTC) per day.
  • Users who have completed their KYC process do not have a limit for withdrawals whereas users who have not completed their KYC process, their maximum crypto withdrawal limit is up to 4 Bitcoin (BTC) per day.

Security: How secure is CoinDCX Crypto platform?

  • CoinDCX utilizes cold storage that is distributed geographically to store most of their users’ funds.
  • The platform has enabled DDoS protection, stress testing measures regularly, and authentications with multi-signatures.
  • All the funds on CoinDCX are insured by BitGo. The users funds in the multi-signature wallets are insured as well.
  • It offers a 2 Factor Authentication for users to secure their account

From what we have seen, CoinDCX is one of the safest crypto exchange in India.

Customer Support: How good is CoinDCX Crypto Exchange Customer Support?

CoinDCX claims they provide one of the best customer support services which has led to their growth and development. They provide excellent, 24 hours customer service. Thus, users from different time-zones do not have to worry about the customer service. Onboarding, INR management, and ticketing, these services also have round the clock support.

The duration for their telegram chat time, currently is from 06:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

The customer support contact number is unavailable. But users, can email them at [email protected] for further queries. It takes 3-5 days to fix the ticket raised.

Currently, in 2021, due to rapid growth of the CoinDCX exchange, and huge influx of the users, we can see a lot of complaints in the CoinDCX exchange’s twitter page. We hope they will be able to provide a quick support in the near future.

CoinDCX Pros: What I liked about CoinDCX exchange?

  • CoinDCX offers a wide range of crypto coins.
  • The minimum amount for crypto trading is low.
  • The trading fee is low, when compared to its competitors.
  • Users can buy and sell crypto in an instant.
  • It offers margin trading with up to 6 times more leverage on various assets.
  • It accepts RTGS, NEFT, IMPS and UPI as payment methods.
  • Customer support is available all day, any day.
  • CoinDCX is available for several platforms.
  • The futures trading is 20x the leverage.
  • CoinDCX has a strong social media presence, therefore it is an interactive platform.
  • It is backed by some significant investors and can thus, be trusted to a certain extent.

CoinDCX Cons: What I did not like about CoinDCX?

  • Other than INR, the platform does not support any fiat currency.
  • Verification is required for higher fiat currency values.
  • The trade volume is low, when compared to its competitors in the crypto space
  • With majority of its user base in India, where crypto is neither accepted nor acknowledged legally, the company faces this risk constantly, regardless of it being based out of India.
  • Some customers complain regarding slow customer support.

CoinDCX Review: Is CoinDCX a trusted crypto exchange?

CoinDXC has some popular features that users really look for in a crypto exchange platform. It can be used by beginners, intermediate as well as advanced traders, experienced traders might take a liking to the various trading options though. According to me, CoinDCX is one of the most trusted Indian exchange that you can use to buy and sell crypto in India.

They have been into this space from a long time. They have got funding from top tier VCs. The closest CoinDCX competitor in India I see is WazirX.

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CoinDCX: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you trade on CoinDCX app?

Yes, it is available on Android as well as iOS phones. Find it at your local play store.

Is the KYC process mandatory?

No. CoinCDX has not made the KYC procedure compulsory, but not verifying your account with valid documentation has its limits and restrictions. Check out the Limits section above to know more. You however need to verify your email and phone number.

What countries does CoinDCX support?

Crypto traders and investors from anywhere across the world can create an account on CoinDCX. But, only residents and users located in India can participate in INR markets.

Are there any other alternatives for CoinDCX?

WazirX, as I said is one of the closest competitors. There are other exchanges, too, like Giottus, Pocketbits. For other international countries,, Binance and more are great alternatives. Head to our reviews page to find out more.