Meebits NFT Collection: Everything you need to Know

In the initial months of 2021, NFTs began to gain traction. Most of us here now understand what an NFT is and how it works. Meanwhile, next-generation technology has been disrupted by NFT projects, and also many software entrepreneurs are focusing their goods and services on developing a modern Web3 ecosystem.

Larva Labs is an example of a company that truly thinks in the blockchain as well as NFTs cultures. Larva Labs has launched Meebits, a fresh NFT initiative, after launching two famous NFT initiatives, CryptoPunks as well as Autoglyphs. Ever since its debut in May 2021, Meebits has already been making a splash in the NFT sector. Within eight hours of their introduction, 9,000 Meebits were sold out for over 22,500 ETH (roughly $75 million over the course). Read further to know more about Meebits NFT Collection.

About Meebits

Meebits seem to be 3D voxel characters that live on the Ethereum Blockchain and therefore are produced by a bespoke algorithm. Their ownership is governed by the ERC-721 smart contract, and that they are interoperable with all Ethereum-based marketplaces as well as services.

These 20,000 3D Meebits are designed to appear like characters from famous games available including Minecraft as well as Roblox. These NFT characters can be used in a variety of games, virtual worlds, and other applications. These 3D voxel characters can indeed be animated, played, and traded.

The initiative was established by Larva Labs in May 2021, and now it quickly grew the same as waves. The creators of these projects hope to replicate the experience of collecting as well as trading cards with friends.

Larva Labs has taken it a step further by assigning a wide variety of use cases to Meebits, one of which being the ability to trade Meebits for those other Meebits.

Meebits seem to be popular not because they are fresh to the industry or because they feature unusual 3D voxel characters, rather since they are made by the same team who brought you CryptoPunks. Meebits are indeed the ideal 3D avatars for the metaverse as well as the Web3 ecosystem, much as CryptoPunks were great 2D avatars for Web2.

CryptoPunks started the NFT movement by making one-of-a-kind 2D (8bit) collectibles. Meebits broke the mould by introducing 3D voxel characters with whom you can interact in the metaverse.

Total Items: 20.0K

Owners: 6.0K

Floor Price: 4.65 ETH

Volume Traded: 95.9K

Here is the chart of no. of sales from the last 90 days. The 90 day average price and 90 day volume is 5.0758ETH and 18,410.0228ETH respectively.


How to purchase Meebits?

  1. If you’re brand new to the business, start by purchasing some ether on the world’s largest exchange (bank cards as well as transfers are accepted). You could swap any of the prominent virtual currencies there. You could utilise another exchange platform, but be careful not to overspend, as lesser exchanges are unable to provide such competitive ether rates.
  2. Install the Metamask web browser extension. For your records, set a password, jot down 12 secret words, as well as copy-paste your ether wallet address.
  3. Deposit some ether to your Metamask wallet address from where you purchased it.
  4. Go to OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, sign in using your Metamask wallet, then pick your favourite Meebit from the list. Take a look at the price and be surprised.
  5. Using some conventional and well-understood virtual marketplace features, you can buy a Meebit of your choice. Pay attention to the marketplace’s directions. Use Metamask to verify your transaction. Also, keep in mind that NFT transactions may need you to pay transaction fees, so end up making sure you have enough money in your wallet. That concludes our discussion. Now you can either utilise or resell your Meebit.

What drives you to purchase Meebits?

Everyone seems to have a different motivation for purchasing Meebits. Maybe those, of course, could be used as an avatar on just about any social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. You may obtain the Meebit’s 3D model, which can then be loaded into 3D modelling software, if you already own one (you can animate your Meebit to make any moves you want). Because Meebits are somewhat expensive, possessing one confers some prestige. Many people really would like to resell Meebits at a higher price because several of these 3D models already have made their owners millions of dollars within only 24 hours.

If you want to become the guy to purchase a Meebit for just a few thousand dollars and subsequently sell this for a million dollars, you should check out this latest NFT. But keep in mind that these 3D characters are just so desirable that a Meebit will set you back hundreds of dollars. Every day, the prices rise.

What can Meebits be used for?

Holders of Meebits can do the following things:

  • Adding details to your 3D voxel character.
  • Making 2D pixel art from a 3D Meebit.
  • Animating your avatars as well as having them perform actions.
  • Metaverses such as the Sandbox, Decentraland, Somium Space, as well as Cryptovoxels, are using them as avatars.
  • Make them your social networking account pfps as well as show them off to your friends.

Meebits NFT Marketplace

Larva Labs just released some other world-class platform, The Meebits NFT market, following capturing traders, which provided ten thousand distinct collectibles that are going to sell.

It is selling twenty thousand Characters made using 3D voxels to potential investors. The Meebits NFT selling platform’s USP is that there are no fees for trading. This aids in gathering a significal amount of bidders for the purchase of digital treasures. 

  • It had auctioned amost twelve thousand eight hundred sixty four collectibles within only 18 days since its introduction, as per the
  • The Meebits NFT – marketplace’s TTV has hit a 139.34m USD.

The Meebits marketplace had already certainly become the buzz of the town. It has progressed from leaps and bounds, quickly acquiring more artists as well as traders.

What is it about Meebits that makes them so famous?

Approximately 9000 Meebits appear to be have been purchasable at first, according to a auction which is dutch style.

For 700 WETH, Meebit #10761 is among the most costly Meebits ever sold (2.69 million). It’s “Dissected” in style, with black jeans, a bald hairdo, and a handmade sweatshirt.

Another Meebit, this time in the “Pig” category, reportedly sold for $2.1 million last month. 

You don’t have to spend millions to get a Meebit; you can get some for a reasonable price. A Meebit costs roughly $22,000 on average (as of the last 7 days).

Future of Meebits

Meebit seems to have a bright as well as exciting future because it is developed by Larva Labs. The 3D voxel character NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital art which enables for extensive customization, 3D rendering, as well as easy trade via NFT marketplaces.

Even though Meebits are in restricted supply, they are far more common than CryptoPunks, with approximately twice as many in circulation. The amount of originality as well as rarity, however, continues to fuel purchases.

Meebits, similar to CryptoPunks, is a decentralised NFT project with no fees charged by the developers. These NFTs provide greater openness and flexibility, which will be critical in future NFT initiatives.

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