As Bitcoin seems to have found its bottom for 2022, there’s a lot of speculation about where the cryptocurrency market is headed. While some believe that the bear market is far from over, others are anticipating a huge third wave that could see many new investors get involved in the space. If you’re thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies, it’s important to understand all of the risks and rewards involved. In this Cryptocurrency Investment Guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about investing in cryptos during their upcoming big third wave.

What can we learn from cryptocurrency’s last big rallies? 

Between December 2016 and December 2017, the price of Bitcoin surged from around $1,000 to nearly $20,000. This was a massive rally that caught many investors by surprise and when the price subsequently came crashing down many were quick to say I told you so, and write Bitcoin and cryptocurrency off for good. But the smart money saw a buying opportunity and spent the next 3 years accumulating assets. As we all know, in late 2021 Bitcoin recovered and surprised 2017s highs and hit over $69,000 per coin. Now that the price has come tumbling down back into the 20,000 dollar range, people are wondering, is this their next big shot to get into cryptocurrency at a low price? While it’s impossible to predict exactly where the market is headed, there are a few things we can learn from the last big rally.

First, it’s important to understand that cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile. This means that they can go up or down very quickly, and often without much warning. If you’re thinking of investing in cryptos, it’s important to be prepared for this volatility.

Second, we can see that big rallies can happen suddenly and without much warning. If you’re looking to invest in cryptos, it’s important to be prepared for this possibility.

Third, we can see that after a big rally, there is often a period of consolidation or correction. This is when the market stabilizes after a big move up or down. During this time, it’s important to be patient and wait for the market to settle before making any decisions.

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What cryptocurrencies are best primed to succeed? 

There are many different cryptocurrencies out there, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. When choosing which cryptos to invest in, it’s important to do your research and choose ones that you believe have the potential to succeed in the long-term. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing which cryptos to invest in:

The team: Look at the team behind the crypto. Do they have a good track record? Are they experienced in space? Do they have a clear vision for the project?

The technology: Does the crypto have a solid underlying technology? Is it well-built and secure?

The community: Is there a strong and active community around crypto? This can be a good indicator of whether or not the project has long-term potential.

The price: Of course, you’ll also want to consider the price of the crypto. If you believe in the long-term potential of the project, you may be willing to pay more for it. However, if you’re just looking to make a quick profit, you’ll want to choose a coin that’s currently undervalued.

What is a realistic price target for Bitcoin and why? 

One thing everyone looks for in a cryptocurrency investment guide is a price prediction, but not even the experts can predict the future. Bitcoin has seen some incredible price swings over the past few years. However, some people believe that cryptocurrency is still in its early stages and that there is still a lot of room for growth. While it’s impossible to predict exactly where the price of Bitcoin will go, there are a few factors that could contribute to continued growth.

First, more and more businesses are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. This increased adoption will likely lead to more demand for the cryptocurrency, which could drive up the price.

Second, we’re seeing an increasing number of institutional investors getting involved in the space. These investors tend to have more money to invest and are more likely to hold onto their assets for the long term. This could lead to more stability in the market and eventually help drive up prices.

Third, the halving event is coming up soon. This is when the block reward for miners will be cut in half, and it’s often seen as a positive event for the price of Bitcoin. This is because it reduces the supply of new Bitcoins coming onto the market, which could lead to increased demand and higher prices.

What are the sleeper assets that can make you a millionaire? 

There are many different cryptocurrencies out there, and some of them have the potential to make you a millionaire. However, it’s important to remember that the market is highly volatile and that prices can go up or down very quickly. If you’re thinking of investing in cryptos, it’s important to be prepared for this volatility.

Here are a few sleeper assets that could make you a millionaire:


ApeCoin is a new cryptocurrency that has a lot of potential. It’s currently the 18th largest crypto by market cap and is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. If ApeCoin continues to increase in value, you could become a millionaire.


Solana is a new cryptocurrency that’s quickly gaining popularity. Having analyzed Solana prices, cryptocurrency experts expect that the SOL rate might reach a maximum of $65.88 in November 2022. If this happens, early Solana investors could become millionaires.


NFTs are a relatively new technology that’s beginning to gain traction in the crypto world after its parabolic growth in late 2021 and early 2022. These assets are unique and can’t be replicated, which makes them very valuable. Unlike BTC and most other cryptos, NFTs have only been around for 1 leg up in price. If the popularity of NFTs continues to grow, you could become a millionaire by investing early.

These are just a few examples of assets that could make you a millionaire. However, it’s important to remember that the crypto market is highly volatile and you’re just as likely to lose your entire investment as you are to become rich off a small amount. The higher the potential reward, the greater the risk, after all.

How to safely invest in cryptocurrency without taking on as much risk?

Cryptocurrency is a high-risk investment, there’s no doubt about that. However, there are ways to minimize your risk and still profit from the market.

Here are a few tips:

Start with a small investment

Investing a large sum of money into cryptocurrency can be very risky. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to invest a small amount of money first and see how the market goes. You can always invest more later if you’re comfortable with the risks.

Do your research

Before investing in any asset, it’s important to do your research and understand the risks involved. With cryptocurrency, you should also be aware of the potential for scams. Make sure you know what you’re investing in and only invest in assets that you trust.

Diversify your portfolio

Investing all your money in one asset is very risky. It’s important to diversify your portfolio and invest in a variety of assets, including cryptocurrency. This way, you can limit your losses if one asset crashes while still profiting from the others.

Use a reputable exchange

There are many different cryptocurrency exchanges out there, and not all of them are reputable. Make sure you use a well-known and trusted exchange to minimize the risk of losing your money.

Be prepared for volatility

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, so you need to be prepared for prices to go up and down. Don’t invest more money than you can afford to lose and be prepared for the possibility of losing your entire investment.

By following these tips, you can minimize your risk and still profit from the cryptocurrency market. However, it’s important to remember that there’s always a chance you could lose your entire investment, so only invest what you’re comfortable with.