What Is RENGA NFT? RENGA is storytelling through images (NFTs), with the vision that the holders of the NFT will also contribute to the stories one day. The website describes it as the ‘Art of Storytelling’ with each NFT having its own identity and being part of a larger narrative which is RENGA.

As for the meaning of RENGA, it means sequential art or pictures, it is different from Manga because Manga can have multiple panels per page while RENGA NFT’s often have only one panel per page and very little use of dialogue.


Renga NFT: Key Takeaways

  • RENGA NFT is a collection on the Ethereum blockchain that has 10,000 pieces which are handcrafted by artist DirtyRobot comprising of 901 and have twenty one 1/1 characters
  • The floor price of RENGA NFT at the time of writing this is 1.25 ETH with a total volume of 7.0k ETH
  • It has been speculated that the project will play the villain role in the 10KTF Metaverse
  • RENGA NFT does not actually have utility and is more of an art collection of DirtyRobot with rising floor prices
  • The team behind RENGA NFT does not AMA or communicate with the community

Renga NFT Twitter: Click here

RENGA NFT Collection

RENGA NFT is a 10,000 piece hand crafted NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was created and developed by the artist DirtyRobot who is also known as Daniel Isles. RENGA is more than 20 years of his work experience put into one project for the world to see, it can be said that RENGA NFT is his magnum opus. DirtyRobot is based out of Japan and his primary work revolves around the use of ink and paper which explains why this collection is handmade in nature.


The goal of this NFT collection is to make a Japanese comic book (Manga) aesthetic comic book series and plot in the hopes that each character and their holder will play a role in the story.

Renga NFT Floor and Mint Price

At the time of writing this article RENGA NFT has a floor price of 1.25 ETH and a total volume of 7.0k. This is impressive considering there isn’t any real utility in owning a RENGA NFT except the fact that it is made by DirtyRobot. An additional point is that not even 40% of the total NFTs have been listen from this collection which means a large numbers of owners are holding onto their NFTs in the hope that the floor price will increase more.

Is RENGA NFT a Good Investment?

When it comes to looking at this project from an investment point of view the project looks skeptical because as mentioned before there is no real utility at the moment. The floor price has been rising since the time of mint but because of how volatile the crypto market is the price could plummet or skyrocket at any point. If you are going to purchase the NFT because of its art that is a different matter.

The art is good and unique when compared to the other projects that have released recently. The appeal is present because of the variety and aesthetic of the artwork. As always this is not financial advice and shouldn’t be treated as such because the crypto and NFT world is volatile.

Final thoughts on RENGA NFT

RENGA NFT has proved itself to be an up and coming project but it is too early to make any significant judgement on it. The collection has been received well but the lack of a roadmap, communication with the community makes it tough to point out why this has been the case. It is also too early from a time perspective since it has not even been a month since the project minted. For now it is not advisable to hold a RENGA NFT for long term since the floor price could drastically change.


Who is the artist behind RENGA NFT?

The artist behind this handcrafted collection is none other than DirtyRobot.

How can you get a RENGA NFT?

There are two ways in which you can get yourself one. First is by buying it on the secondary market while the second is to buy a black box and do a burn to mint process to get one.

How many pieces of art does RENGA NFT have?

There are 10,000 pieces in this collection.

What is the current floor price of RENGA NFT?

The current floor price of this project is 1.25 ETH on OpenSea.

What is the utility behind RENGA NFT?

As of now there is no real utility except the art and the rising floor price.