Play-to-earn NFT games has been massive popular in 2021 and also 2022. It utilizes the essence of conventional gaming systems with additional mechanisms where the user has greater access in terms of personalization and control over the entities within the game’s ecosystem, such as skins, characters, weapons, virtual lands and many more. Users are paid for spending their time and energy for playing these games, that are powered by a blockchain network.

The usage of NFT tokens and their standards offers developers an opportunity to maintain the rarity and uniqueness of a few of the collectibles in NFT games.

Due to this, certain play to earn crypto game assets fuelled by the blockchain are more expensive than other game assets.

Play-to-earn NFT Games

These give you an insight about the newest technology- the Metaverse. Crypto currency is altogether a new concept and quite important to learn about.

These play to earn crypto games are designed to not only give you entertainment but also help you earn some token cash. These games have been brought into the crypto world to help youngsters users invest into crypto and understand the market as well. Gaming have quite flourished nowadays making it one of the most desirable ways to go for.

What are Play to earn NFT Games?

Play to earn NFT games are blockchain based games where users can play, and make money by playing, acquiring and trading game based assets etc. Each game have their own ways to help the games earn NFT tokens which can be traded later on.

The players have sufficient control and ownership over their digital collectibles, however to maintain their power, they are required to play strategically by creating or breeding new game characters, buy digital collectibles on the native or other third party platforms, or unlock as well as earn new items.

Recent surveys have shown users have acquired quite an interest towards these new launched games. These are similar to the other popular games in the world today.

The players can choose to either distribute or sell these NFT tokens they earn, receiving funds to their wallets from the trade. This is why this gaming mechanism is specifically known as play-to-earn.

Now that we have learnt what are play-to-earn NFT games, let us look at top NFT crypto games that you can play and earn crypto in 2022 (October Updated)

Top Play to earn NFT games to play in October 2022

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. Gods Unchained
  3. Splinterlands
  4. The Sandbox 3D
  5. My Neighbour Alice
  6. IIlluvials
  7. League of Kingdoms
  8. Mobox
  9. Highstreet World
  10. Mines of Dalarnia

Best P2E Crypto Games 2022: Top 10 Blockchain Games

Axie Infinity: Top Play-to-Earn NFT Game of 2022

Axie Infinity employs a gaming system that is very similar to the popular game, Pokemon Go. It is a game based on the Ethereum blockchain network where the players are required to collect and breed digital creatures known as Axies. These characters have their own strengths and weaknesses that forms individualistic characteristics. These characteristics are genetic and can be passed on to the offspring. Axies are used for battling other players on the game.

The co-founders of Axie Infinity are Trung Nguyen and Tu Doan.

To begin playing the game, the player is required to buy a minimum of three Axies. For every player-versus-player (PVP) battle, and adventure mode, the player receives Smooth Love Portion (SLP) as a reward which is the platform’s native ERC-20 utility token.  Axis Infinity Shard (AXS) is the other ERC-20 utility token which is native to the game , which is used for anchoring and governing the platform.

The developers of the game aim to add new features such as Axie Battle and Axie Land in the upcoming future. Note, that Axie Infinity is not a free game, players are required to pay for playing the game.

However, because of the NFT crash in 2022, the prices of NFTs have fallen considerably, and you do not need a lot of money to start playing Axie Infinity.

How much can you make playing Axie Infinity P2E game in October2022? Currently, around 3000USD per year. 

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free P2E game. It is a card trading game, where the players collect cards by buying them from other players or winning Player versus Player (PVP) battles. The quality of cards and the gaming skill of players are the main factors that determine the win. Greater emphasis is provided on the player’s skills and strategy, as it utilizes a ranked game mode, where the players are matched according to their ratings.

The cards are powered by an ERC-721 token and thus, they can be traded on the game’s native marketplace or the open market. When the cards are sold, players receive payment in the form of GODS, a native token.

How much can you make playing GODS Unchained play to earn crypto game in October2022? 

You can get starting cards to play with for free. However, you can also buy powerful cards to earn more. A top Gods Unchained deck may cost around 100 to 125USD, and with such deck, you can make close to 24 GODS token every month, which equates close to 8.5 to 9USD. Currently, around 100 USD per year with an investment of 100USD.


Splinterlands is similar to Gods Unchained. It is a card trading game. To get started with Splinterlands,the player has to purchase a starter pack of cards, register for a new Steem account and disclose the purchased cards on Splinterlands. Some players get lucky and obtain rare cards with their first purchased set of cards. If the player finds multiple copies of the same card, they are allowed to combine identical cards and either choose to boost their power or sell one of the cards, for payments in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Once the player is familiar with the game and the cards, they can proceed to battle against other players or take part in quests. The outcome of these tasks will decide if the player earns more cards or not.

How much can you make playing Splinterland NFT crypto game in October 2022? 

With an investment of around 50,000 USD, you can make close to 350 USD a month. i.e. 4200USD a year. Not a lot of money to be honest. However, one thing to note here is it is making 350USD a month in the bear market. When the token and the NFTs go 10x in a bull market, you can make a lot of money.

The Sandbox 3D: Best Free Play to Earn NFT game in 2022?

The Sandbox 3D is a voxel-based gaming ecosystem which is one of the most active NFT gaming platforms, where players are allowed to create and trade virtual assets. The players are allowed to manipulate and monetize the voxel assets. It is a blockchain version of extremely popular games such as Minecraft and Roblox.

The platform provides tools to build and animate items and eventually sell them on marketplaces. Users can additionally build and play games, that are customized on the platform.

Sandbox 3D has launched SAND, an ERC-20 token, as the native token of the metaverse that runs on the Ethereum blockchain network. Players can buy in-game items by using these tokens as currency on the platform’s marketplace. LAND are other NFT tokens which are considered to be one of the most valuable assets that are highly searched for within the Sandbox gaming ecosystem.

How much can you make playing Sandbox 3D game?

To earn playing Sandbox 3D NFT game, you need to complete quest everyday, and earn EP points. At the end of the season you will be ranked based on the EP points you earn. Rank 1 will earn 3000SAND tokens, Rank 2-10 will earn 5000 tokens, Rank 11-200 will earn 1500 SAND tokens, Rank 201-1000 will earn 750 tokens, and Rank 1001-10000 will make 60 SAND tokens.

You can make upto 3000 SAND tokens, which at the current price is close to 2500USD, if you are Rank#1.

Minimum you can earn is 50USD (for 60 SAND tokens).

Based on the price of SAND tokens and when you sell them, your earnings will be decided.

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League of kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is also a NFT crypto game where the players are required to build their own Kingdom, play and then by creating a powerful army defend themselves. You can also gather your friends and make alliances.

This is a simple blockchain game that allows you to earn crypto.

This game helps you conquer other kingdoms as well and one can play together with their friends. 

The game provides some dragon- like structures which helps you to earn Drago NFT which can be traded later on. You can also check the league of Kingdoms site.

My Neighbour Alice

 My neighbour Alice, is a multiplayer game, Where people have to purchase land from Alice for any other brokers. You have to purchase these lands as a token as well. You can also buy other assets like houses, fruits, vegetables , etcetera. There are fluctuations in the market and one can sell and buy lands according to such fluctuations. You can also use additional benefits provided. There are also various avatars. This is probably the best play to earn game in Binance Smart chain ecosystem.


Illuvium is a RPG blockchain game. It is basically a game where you travel worlds and catch creatures. You capture them and then they become a part of your army and fight wars with you. Illuvials are NFT tokens. You can buy and sell these illuvials as NFT tokens. 


Mobox is a GameFi metaverse platform that helps you put together gaming NFTs. These NFTS are basically farming. Gamers can earn Mobox NFTs. These NFTS are also called MOMOs. 

Users can do gaming, battle, and earn crypto rewards with their NFTs. The gaming area also allows players to buy and sell their NFTS. One can also use them to farm MBOX tokens, or use them as a mortgage inside the metaverse.

Highstreet World 

Highstreet World is a MMORPG. This consists of various brands, ranging  from Nichols to Germain, and bringing them into the metaverse. The game is specifically varied into different zones, where players can socialize, build houses, and bring up their area’s  economy. 

All of the items can be used as NFTs in exchange for products. These NFTs are earned by destroying monsters.

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is a gaming project.  This features a difference from other real estate markets. The base is cut into two collaborating factions, miners and landowners. Miners fight monsters and eradicate blocks to find valuable resources.  The landowners provide the land and resources. Performers can also team up with pals to defeat monsters, complete journeys and unlock in-game dividends. 

Mines of Dalarnia’s assets are accessible for purchase on the NFT Marketplace. The currency, DAR, is used for all in-game transactions, including other skills.

STEPN: My Favorite Best Play to Earn Game of 2022

StepN is the best Play to Earn Game of 2022. The game not only helps you earn money, but also keeps you fit. It is also the best Move to Earn blockchain game on the Solana blockchain. The game is easy to play. Buy the StepN sneaker NFTs, run and make money.  You can also breed your sneakers. In future, you will be able to rent your sneaker and earn passive income with this play to earn game.

Let us know under comments, which is your best play to earn NFT game. Also, how many of these games have you played in 2022? Did we miss mentioning any popular play to earn blockchain game?