Chainlink (LINK) is a type of cryptocurrency as well as a technology platform. It helps to enable and establish a connection between non-blockchain enterprises and blockchain platforms. It acts as a middleman that helps connect the smart contracts of the blockchain with its external data. For example prices of the tokens. 

The main aim of Chainlink is to incentivize the global network of computers. This can be done by providing Real-world and reliable data to smart contracts that are running on the top of the blockchain.

In this article, you will talk about Chainlink, its price history and LINK price prediction from 2024 to 2030, where you can buy LINK from, and also an investment analysis.

As of January 7th, 2024, Link is trading at 13.50 USD with a market cap of $7,670,791,125.

ChainlInk Price prediction

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts on the blockchain to securely connect and interact with real-world data and external APIs. This means that Chainlink allows blockchains to securely interact with non-blockchain data sources and services, effectively broadening their reach beyond their native networks.

Chainlink’s infrastructure is designed to enhance the capabilities of smart contracts, ensuring their performance, functionality, and interoperability are augmented, enabling them to revolutionize various industries with new trust models and transparency levels. The network is evolving towards a comprehensive framework and infrastructure, providing the computational resources required for more advanced smart contract functionality.

LINK in Recent News

  • January 7, 2024: Chainlink and telecommunications powerhouse Vodafone have entered into a strategic partnership, with Vodafone set to serve as a node operator in this collaboration.
  • Chainlink V2 is live.
  • The Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) has been successfully deployed on Avalanche, Ethereum, Optimism, and Polygon magnets.

ChainLink Details

Following are the details about Chainlink, its founder, its current supply, and much more –

Token Ticker LINK
Token Supply 1,000,000,000
Current Supply 556,849,970 LINK
Founder Sergey Nazarov
Release Date September 2017
Network ETH, SOL, HECO, FTM etc
Consensus Mechanism Proof of Reserve
Current Rank #12
Market cap

How to buy LINK on International Crypto Exchanges?

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How to buy Link on Indian Crypto Exchanges?

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ChainLink (LINK) Price History 2017 to 2022

The ICO price of Chainlink was $0.11. At this price, almost more than 350 Million tokens were sold. When ChainLink was launched in 2017, its trading price started at $0.1544. Then it started to rise and fall seeing the market conditions. 

Looking at the price of ChainLink today (7th January 2024), it is trading at $16.06. This depicts a more than 50X rise in the value of ChainLink since its launch. 

LINK Price History 2017

Chainlink was launched in the year 2017 and it was trading at the price of $1.544. The all-time low of Chainlink in the year 2017 was around 24th September 2017 which was around $0.1306. After which it started to grow at a decent level. The all-time high of Chainlink in the year 2017 was on 24th December 2017 which was $0.6254. 

LINK Price History 2018

Interestingly, 2017 saw a slight dip in the cost of Chainlink, however, the rest of the year turned out to be growing for Chainlink. However, that was not the case in the year 2018. Chainlink was trading for $0.7336 on 1st January 2018. 

Adding on, 2018 was a low period with prices of Chainlink dropping month by month. On the 28th of June 2018, Chainlink touched the grounds again for $0.1663. The all-time high of Chainlink in 2018 was on the 8th of January 2018 which was $1.3773. Sadly, it started to drop afterward.

Chainlink Price History 2019

As 2018 acted kind of like a downfall for Chainlink, 2019 saw a slight amount of growth in the value of Chainlink. On 1st January 2019, it was trading at the price of $0.2994. Till April, it was trading at around the same price just a few dollars up and down. 

On the 4th of April 2019, the price of Chainlink was around $0.495 and it started to rise from this moment. The all-time high of 2019 was on the 29th of June 2019, which was at $3.70. On 31st December 2019, the price of Chainlink dropped down again to $1.839. 

LINK Price History 2020

2020 saw a huge amount of growth in the price of Chainlink. This was more than all of Chainlink’s all-time highs. The price of the Chainlink touched $19.01 on the 15th of August 2020. This comes to almost more than a 60%-70% increase in its price. 

Even though Chainlinks saw its all-time high compared to all the previous year on the 15th of August 2020, it dipped down even before it started to rise in March and came to around $2.06. 

LINK Price History 2021

Finally, 2021 was the year when Chainlink started to trade at some of its soaring high prices.  More and more people started to buy Chainlink which eventually took its price to an all-time high compared to all its previous year’s prices. 

Surprisingly, on the 9th of May 2021, Chainlink reached its new all-time high of $52.2. This was a new achievement for the creators of Chainlink. The all-time low in 2021 was $11.2 on 1st January 2021. 

Chainlink Price in 2022

On the 1st of January 2022, Chainlink was trading for $19.16. Chainlink token closed trading at 5.57 USD in 2022. The entire year was bearish for the Chainlink token.


Link as of 12th November 2023 is trading at 13.50 USD.

Link BTC Technical Analysis: Where are we heading?

LINK BTC trendline

Link BTC Weekly Analysis

Link/BTC has broken the downtrend and seems to have reversed playing the trend. It appears to have formed the base and started an uptrend in July 2023. Today, as we check in on January 7, 2024, the uptrend is continuing.

Looking into the history, from 2017 till January 2021, the chart was on an uptrend. All through the 2018-2020 bear market, LINK was the only coin that outperformed BTC continuously. However, from the 2021 bull run, the story has been the complete opposite.

Now what we are going through may be a quick relief in the short term with the Link-BTC pair, with Link touching 0.0002, this may have started a new trend. We now need volume gain to support reversal at this point.

Link BTC Daily Analysis

Link/BTC daily analysis of some similar trends. We are already seeing LINK shooting up this month.

Link USD Technical Analysis: Where are we heading?

link USD technical analysis

Link/USDT chart till mid-October 2023 showed it has been trading in a region for the last 8-9 months, which means it could have been capitulating. Now in November 2023, we have seen this zone break and $LINK to tradeabove 10 USD for the first time in the last 18 months.

As of January 7, 2024, the LINK token is still trading on an uptrend and is forming a bullish candle.

In my opinion, the downside seems less. One can start accumulating Link for a 100-200% gain in the next 12 months.

Earlier, till June 2021, the Link/USDT charts showed an uptrend. Prices of LINK grew steadily from 2017 to June 2021, with Link crossing the 50 USD mark. However, post-June, 2021 the story has been the complete opposite. It has been more than 2 years, and LINK was on a downtrend.

However, in the last 2 months, we can see an upward movement in LINK and other altcoins. We expect LINK to continue going up against USDT.

Link BTC Technicals: Is it a Buy, Hold, or Sell in 2024?

Link-BTC technical chart shows  BUY in all daily, weekly, and yearly charts. The moving average shows a BUY sign as well.

LINK Technicals

Link USDT Technicals: Is it a Buy, Hold, or Sell in 2024?

Link BTC technicals

Link-USDT technical chart shows BUY in all daily, weekly, and yearly charts. Moving Averages show a BUY sign.

Chainlink in 2024: Bullish or Bearish?


Chainlink (LINK), according to us, is Bullish for 2024. Since LINK is consolidating, it is a good time to start investing in LINK now.

ChainLink Price Forecast for Today, Tomorrow, and This Month

Chainlink (LINK) technically looks strong as of January 2024 for a short-term run.

LINK is expected to be in GREEN today.

LINK is predicted to rise by 2.13 percent tomorrow. This month, LINK could be expected to see a sideways movement.

Chainlink (LINK) Price Forecast for the year 2024

Crypto investors are looking forward to Link touching the $30 mark. By the end of the year 2024, we can expect Link to reach somewhere around $29-$33.06.

LINK Price
Prediction 2024
Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 $18.93 $11.57
February 2024 $16.77 $15.25
March 2024 $22.37 $20.33
April 2024 $20.33 $18.48
May 2024 $16.94 $15.40
June 2024 $20.33 $18.48
July 2024 $24.40 $22.18
August 2024 $26.84 $24.40
September 2024 $28.18 $25.62
October 2024 $26.84 $24.40
November 2024 $29.52 $26.84
December 2024 $33.06 $30.06

The maximum price for Chainlink in 2024 is expected to be 33.06 USD.

Link Price Prediction 2025

Moving on to 2025, the price of Link is expected to be the same as in 2024. This year expected to create a strong support line for future drops. We can expect Link to be priced at around $28 to $32. If we compare this price to 2022, this is a huge jump.

Chainlink Price
Prediction 2025
Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $28.10 $25.55
February 2025 $26.70 $24.27
March 2025 $28.03 $25.49
April 2025 $25.03 $22.76
May 2025 $27.21 $24.73
June 2025 $29.93 $27.21
July 2025 $28.50 $25.91
August 2025 $25.91 $23.56
September 2025 $27.21 $24.73
October 2025 $25.91 $23.56
November 2025 $28.50 $25.91
December 2025 $31.92 $29.02

The maximum price for LINK in 2025 is expected to be 32 USD.

What is Chainlink’s price prediction for March 2025?

If we look at the Link price prediction for March 2025, we can see it could trade between $25.49 to $28.03

What is Chainlink’s price prediction for April 2025?

Chainlink in April 2025 could have a slight correction. It may drop to $22.76.

What is Chainlink’s price prediction for May 2025?

We may see a rise in LINK price in May. LINK could be trading between 24.73 USD and 27.21 USD.

What is the LINK price prediction for June 2025?

The Max Link price prediction for June 2025 is 29.93USD whereas the minimum price predicted is 27.21USD

What is the LINK price prediction for July 2025?

Link price prediction for July 2025 suggests it could be trading in between $25.91 to $28.50.

What is the LINK price prediction for August 2025?

Maximum and minimum Link price predictions for August 2025 are $25.91 and $23.56

Summary of Link Price Prediction 2026 to 2030 (in USD): Max and Min

Let’s try to compare the prices of 2026 to 2030.

LINK Price Prediction Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 $22.35 $15.64
2027 $18.99 $13.30
2028 $34.19 $23.93
2029 $70.23 $49.16
2030 $78.21 $54.75
  • LINK price prediction in 2025 is expected to be in the range of $31.92 to $22.76. This is almost more than 3X of the current price.
  • Link in 2030 is predicted to be between $78.21 to $54.75. This is almost more than 7X from the current price.

Link Price Prediction in INR 2024 to 2030

LINK Price 
Maximum Price Minimum Price
2024 ₹2,645.17 ₹1,085.72
2025 ₹2,553.88 ₹1,820.43
2026 ₹1,787.72 ₹1,251.40
2027 ₹1,519.56 ₹1,063.69
2028 ₹2,735.20 ₹1,914.64
2029 ₹5,618.53 ₹3,932.97
2030 ₹6,257.00 ₹4,379.90

2024: LINK could touch 2645 INR by 2024.

2025: LINK price in 2025 is predicted to touch 2553 INR.

2026: LINK price forecast for 2026 suggests LINK could trade between 1787 INR to 1251 INR.

2027: Chainlink price forecast for 2027 suggests LINK could trade between 1519 INR to 1063 INR.

2028: Chainlink price forecast for 2028 suggests LINK could trade between 2735 INR to 1914 INR.

2029: LINK price forecast for 2029 suggests LINK could trade between 5,618.53 INR to 3,932.97 INR.

2030: LINK price prediction in INR for 2030 is 6,257.00 INR.


Will Chainlink Price ever reach $100?

To reach $100, Chainlink’s price needs to do more than 9X when compared to its price today. In my opinion, if the Crypto world can get back to holding its momentum, it can be just a matter of time for Chainlink to reach $100. Of course, a lot of patience is required for the same.

As per our analysis, maybe by 2032, Chainlink’s price can touch the remarkable $100 mark. 

Is Chainlink worth buying in 2024?

According to our technical and price analysis, the price of Link is expected to rise in the upcoming years. The price of Link is expected to grow from the end of 2024. Researchers also believe that the third and the fourth quarter of the 2024 year could be a complete bull run for Chainlink.

Buying Chainlink in 2024 can be considered a good option since the price predictions for the upcoming years showcase that the price is going to increase by a better margin than what is today.

What is the Link Price Prediction for 2030?

As per our study, we expect the price of Chainlink to be somewhere around $78.21 by the end of the year 2030. 

Why is Chainlink So Cheap?

The price of Chainlink is perfectly priced for new investors in the financial world. If we compare the price of Chainlink to Bitcoin, as of today, Bitcoin is already trading at a five-digit price.

Even though we cannot exclusively assess this investment, the Chainlink coin is ranked 25th if compared to its market capitalization. Moreover, for newcomers, this is a solid deal and something they should look into. 

Is Link a Dead Coin?

Dead coins are digital assets or cryptocurrencies that have been decommissioned or abandoned. Sometimes dead coins can also be referred to as cryptocurrencies that have turned out to be scams that have low funding or less amount of liquidity.

Since Chainlink is not falling for any of the above-mentioned reasons and is actively trading currently for $11.37 it is not a Dead coin.

What is the Link Price Prediction 2025?

Link’s price in 2025 could touch more than ₹2,553.88 INR. In USD, LINK could trade between $31.92 to $22.76 USD. So, for anyone buying now, LINK could give a handsome return in the next 3 years.

Can Chainlink (LINK) reach $10,000?

LINK may not reach $10,000 anytime before soon. If you are planning to buy LINK thinking it could reach 10k USD one day, you need to recalculate the market cap.

What is the Link Price Prediction for 2040?

The link could reach 234 USD by 2040. By then, most of the LINK tokens will be in circulation.

Should You Invest in LINK in 2024?

Investing in Link can be worth it in the year 2024 as it might give a good amount of returns in the upcoming years. However, all of it depends on the market and its volatility. I think 2022 was bearish for LINK, and the prices have dropped significantly. It is better to add some LINK tokens to your portfolio now in January and February 2024 before the mini bull run starts this year or the next.

The same suggestion goes for those who already have some positions in LINK and would like to add more. Also buy in small part, so that even if LINK falls, it should not have a large impact on your overall crypto portfolio.

Short term for the entire 2024, LINK shows a bullish nature.

Now that you have read about what are ChainLink and LINK Price predictions for 2024 to 2030, where do you think LINK will reach by 2030? Share with us under comments.

Disclosure: Do not consider any of the LINK price forecasts mentioned in this article as the final price. Please DYOR before investing in LINK. The price prediction mentioned in this article is generated using AI and does not guarantee the same results.