With the growing popularity of NFTs in the last year, it is quite natural that 2022 would see launches of multiple such digital assets.

One of them is Moonbirds NFT, which was launched in April 2022.

When Was Moonbirds NFT launched?

April 16th saw the grand launch of the new NFT collection called the Moonbirds.

What Is Moonbirds NFT?

Okay, so this newly launched, barely 15 days old NFT had already taken the crypto world by storm.

NFTs as we all know are non-fungible Tokens. That means they are a sort of digital proof that attests to the fact that you are the present owner of a particular piece of a digital asset.

Now, this definition becomes significant when discussing MoonBirds NFT. This is because the official website of the Moonbirds considers these NFTs as PFPs that are utility enabled; they are also known to feature a diverse and unique pool of “rarity-powered” traits.

Going by this description, what are PFPs then?

To understand PfP NFTs we first need to get a grip on the Metaverse; a universe beyond the real one we live in. A universe that will not be limited to only our mobiles and screens but a universe where we as people can be characters and participants.

Just like living in the real world requires some basic necessities, in the Metaverse too one needs to own stuff to become and be acknowledged as a part of it.

PFP NFT can be considered as tickets to enter the Metaverse. PFP NFTs have the potential of altering themselves from simple JPEg files into something as big as a startup in the virtual world.

In recent times, the craze for PFP NFTs has soared. These PFPs are nothing but pieces of digital artwork that you might see in profile pictures. The first PFP was the Cryptopunks launched in 2017.

And now in 2022 April, we see that the NFT marketplace has an abundance and variety of these PFPs.

The Moonbirds NFTs aims to be another blue-chip NFT. Now, what does that imply? Well, in 2021 when the NFT market was reaching new heights, apart from the traditionally popular NFTs like the bored yacht club there were other newly launched NFTs that was becoming very popular. The market watchers started calling these NFTs blue-chip NFTs. Some of the factors co sidereal for getting the blue-chip tags are, the art itself, the artists, the developers, the use cases, the project floor price vs the sales volume, celebrity endorsement, and the community.

So, the Moonbirds are a collection that has 10,000 unique Moonbirds NFTs. So what exactly are these? These are like these cute little avatars of owls. Their attributes are rare, based on the different things that each of them owns. For instance, their rarities are based on one having a crown, or fire hair, with different eyes, variety in fur texture, etc.

Another thing about the Moonbirds collection is what Kevin Rose the founder talks about in his interview. There he reveals that the NFTs were minted keeping in mind the diversity of buyers/consumers it would attract. And that made the owl avatars represent women and people of color as well. For instance, one of the owls has a rainbow flag in its eye. Now while different people might look at it in different manners, rainbow flags are often associated with the LGBT community as well. This type of holistic inclusion in an attempt to represent all will is definitely significant for attracting a wider base.


These are issued under the standard ERC-721 on the Ethereum network.

Moonbirds NFT Stats: Floor Price is 31 ETH

Moonbirds NFT

Moonbirds trading volume

Team Behind Moonbirds NFT

The Team behind the Moonbirds itself has interesting turns to them. So the people behind Moonbirds belong to the famous organization called the PROOF. This is the same PROOF that PROOF collective and Grails project.

Again the PROOF collectible becomes important because the PROOF collective holders can mine two Moonbirds during launch time

The founders are Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell. Kevin Rose is a lead entrepreneur and tech investor and many of the NFTs in the collection is designed by Mr. Mezzell himself.


Nesting refers to locking your MoonBirds NFTs for a period of time. This locking is done in a way that the NFTs do not leave you After the duration is over, like as it matures then the Moonbirds nest upgrades itself and reaches new tiers. This in turn unlocks a set of benefits and rewards for the Moonbirds holder.

After the 3 months of Nesting period, the Moonbirds holder is eligible to receive 250 stickers of their favorite MoonBird.

Where and How Can Moonbirds be Purchased?

Moonbirds NFTs can be bought in NFT marketplaces like LooksRare and OpenSea with the help of digital wallets like Metamask or Coinbase.

Ether (ETH) or Wrapped Ether (WETH) can be used to make the transaction.

How to buy Moonbirds NFT?

Moonbirds NFT can be purchased now on Opensea and Looksrare.

Buy Moonbirds on Opensea: Click Now

Buy Moonbirds on Looksrare: Click Now

Use Case of Moonbirds

  • A Moonbirds holder has access to a private Moonbirds-only Discord.
  • A Moonbirds holder is eligible for a front-row seat of their Metaverse. They can get lands over there.
  • Once you nest your Moonbirds and lock them up for 3 months, after that you might be eligible for hoodie airdrops fie your Moonbirds. No doubt this is a marketing ploy but it is undeniable that such attractions have the potential of creating a user base.
  • If you hold a MoonBird you hold 100% of the IP for that image. That means you can do anything with it, sell it, or whatever. Much like the Bored Apes license.

Market Of Moonbirds

This was one of the most successful launches that made 280 million dollars on primary and secondary trading within the first 48 hours of launch.

At the time of writing, this article floor price of Moonbirds NFT is around 25 ETH, and the volume traded since launch is at 119.2K.

Is MoonBirds the next Bored Ape?

It will be very early to say Moonbirds is the next BAYC. However, this is one of the bluechip NFTs launched in 2022. We could expect tokens sometimes in the future. Please note there is no MoonBirds NFT tokens yet, trading on any crypto exchanges.

MoonBirds NFT Review: Video

MoonBirds is the newest BlueChip NFT one can hold long term

Moonbirds is, as Kevin Rose says, that Moonbirds is more for the “community”, “fun”,  “IRL”, “the meetups” and the “culture side” while the PROOF Collectives seem to be more hard-core NFT collections.

Looking at market caps right now, investing in Moonbirds NFT might seem like a good idea. But as we always say, the NFT and cryptocurrency fields are volatile in nature. The opinions expressed in this article are all personal and they should be treated as financial advice.

So before any investment ensures that your financial bases are secure, do your own research and refer to a professional financial advisor.

Hopefully, this article was helpful enough!