GameFi Launchpad Review: Why should you Invest in GameFi?GameFi launchpad is one of the top gaming IDO platforms with the best ROI. The platform is for blockchain game players, shareholders, and investors with an engaged curiosity about the world of NFT gaming that operates mostly on a play-to-earn concept. The framework is a digital NFT gaming global market where gamers can take part in famous play-to-earn game projects, investors can put the money, and new NFT game designers can enrol their innovative games for greater exposure. 

All at the same, GameFi is the very first global market to allow in-game products and NFTs to be traded across games. Icetea Labs, an incubator for rapidly increasing initiatives such as Faraland and Kaby Arena, and DAO Maker, a launching pad for multiple high game projects, both firmly favor GameFi. This partnership is an essential step in laying the groundwork for the expansion of GameFi’s environment. Read more to know about the GameFi launchpad, team members the roadmap,

What Exactly Are Play-to-Earn Games?

The most significant advancement in the video game industry is the play-to-earn business strategy. It’s a business strategy for promoting the concept of an expanding economy in which players are credited with tokens and NFTs for adding value towards the gaming virtual world. It’s indeed likely to introduce new ideas and retention designs to the existing gaming market that have not been seen already. As even more Asian nations succeed in the sector of NFT gaming, GameFi does have a large percentage of their team members working in Vietnam.

Team Members of GameFi Launchpad

Hai Duong, the project director of GameFi, was named to Technology Innovation magazine’s list of the Top 20 Cyber Security Innovators in 2019. Other members of the team involve:

  1. Lexia Nguyen is GameFi’s head of operational processes. 
  2. Hieu Ha, GameFi’s chief of security and a social media influencer 
  3. Linh Do, GameFi’s head of product testing
  4. Hong Dinh is a GameFi business consultant
  5. Ha Thanh is a GameFi creative director
  6. Hoang Le is a GameFi developer

GameFi’s advisory current team comprised of 3 members:

  1. Hatu Sheikh, GameFi advisor
  2. Danilo S. Carlucci is a GameFi advisor
  3. Thi Truong, GameFi advisor and Icetea Labs founder 

Ecosystem Features of GameFi Launchpad

GameFi’s eco – system consists of five pillars: Launchpad, Accelerator, Aggregator, Global Market, and Yield Guilds. Each component has its own list of important characteristics, inventions, and enhancements that serve as strong pillars for the ecosystem’s growth and advantage to the user base.

GameFi Launchpad

Crypto games have established themselves as among the most financially viable blockchain product offerings. Tokens and gaming items are highly sought after. GameFi is the first IGO (Initial Game Offering) launching pad, providing tools to help tournaments succeed.

GameFi Accelerator

By using industrial agreements for incentives, NFTs, and Play to Earn gameplay, programmers and teams working on blockchain game play can significantly speed up their delivery aim.

GameFi Aggregator

It is a one-of-a-kind gaming attraction where players can explore and play the latest blockchain gameplay. Also it relates to the collection for in-game products and NFT assets, and a framework for tracking players’ play-to-earn returns. It then allows the players to list their own in-game products and NFTs on GameFi Global market for selling, transfer, lease, and more, irrespective of the game they’re going to play.

GameFi Yield Guild and Scholarship

BSC and Polygon have increasingly attracted several of the most prominent blockchain games. Most of these games are implementing new play2earn concepts to increase player adoption and possession. GameFi is indeed the yield guild for BSC and Polygon game players and token owners. Token holders can fund Play to Earn game experience by participating in scholarships and other creative pursuits.

GameFi Global Market

The incorporation of DeFi tools into the GameFi global market will aid in its transformation into a centralised location where participants can purchase all in-game products and assets required to engage in various sports events. The multi-chain NFT markets will host NFT auction sites and serve as a platform for trying to sell, buying, selling, purchasing, and exploring numerous in-game objects and assets. NFT exchanges on GameFi markets will be decided to carry out through an exclusive exchange interaction, and everything will be done through smart methods to ensure reliability and accuracy. GameFi users can purchase NFT in-game products from hundreds of sellers in numerous NFT markets.

GameFi Mini Games

Not everybody is familiar with the concept of NFT games. To bridge the gap between newcomers as well as the NFT-gaming experience, GameFi includes a number of mini-games that users could indeed participate in to become acquainted with the community of NFT gaming.

GameFi Auction House

GameFi does have an Auction House global market in which useful in-game products can be sold at auction off, comparable to a classical Auction House in the actual world. Bids are solicited from prospective buyers, and the product is sold for profit.

GameFi Mystery Box

Mystery boxes are digital assets that any holder can access and use to obtain valuables in-game. The GameFi environment provides a platform for sellers to launch mystery box purchases. People can easily access and buy these boxes at a low cost. On October 12, 2021, Mech Master was the first initiative to release its NFT mysterious box sale on GameFi Launchpad.

GameFi Launchpad Ranking System

Depending on the quantity of $GAFI staked, the GameFi ecosystem’s ranking system is separated into four tiers: Legend, Pro, Elite, and Rookie. The GameFi ecosystem will have different benefits and prerequisites depending on your rank. Because GameFi Launchpad has only recently introduced the GameFi Launchpad, we will concentrate on the advantages of each IGOs rank in this article. The benefits associated for each rank would be developed in the future as new functionalities of the GameFi ecosystem have been initiated.


To obtain this rank, you must wager at least 20 GAFI on GameFi. On the GameFi Launching pad, you have the option to implement a whitelist and take part in IGO pools. You can get an IGO token allotment through a lottery. Having 20 GAFI tokens will be considered as one lottery ticket.

  • Individual maximum allocation: $60


To obtain this rank, you must wager at least 100 $GAFI on GameFi. On the GameFi Launching pad, you have the opportunity to utilize a whitelist and take part in IGO pools. You can get an IGO token allotment through a lottery. Each 20 GAFI bet would be regarded as one lottery ticket. Also, The withdrawal of $GAFI takes at least 8 days. Here with 100 GAFI, you get 5 lotteries.

  • The maximum individual allocation: $300


To obtain this rank, you must wager at least 500 $GAFI on GameFi. On GameFi Launching pad, you have the opportunity to utilize a whitelist and participate in IGO pools.You can get IGO token allotment through a lottery. Each 20 GAFI bet will indeed be deemed as one lottery ticket and the withdrawal of $GAFI takes 12 days.

  • The maximum individual allocation: $700

Legend – Guaranteed Allocation

If you want guaranteed allocation, you need be in the group of LEGENDs. However, the max number of LGamefi LEGEND holders can only be 12. GameFi members must own GameFi Launchpad Legendary NFT card. The first generation of GameFi Legendary NFT is only available via bidding process. If the count of Legends drops below 12, GameFi Launchpad will continue holding auctions for open slots. On the GameFi Launchpad, you have the opportunity to apply for a whitelist and take part in IGO pools. Legends token distribution accounts for 20% of an IGO pool and the withdrawal of $GAFI takes 30 days.

You can participate in exclusive pools.

Snapshot to decide who gets the allocation and how much

Before every IDO, GameFi determines every member’s ranking as well as token allotment by using the snapshot method. 

Participants on the whitelist should sustain a ranking exactly equivalent to or higher from the one characterised at the time of the snapshot till the pool’s sale is completed.

Each and every drop in ranking throughout this time period will result in pool disqualification.

So after the snapshot, participants can proceed to stake $GAFI in the following pools to improve their ranking. The new ranking is only applicable to pools who are yet to take a snapshot.

Enhancements on GameFi Launchpad

GameFi Launchpad announced a new partnership with Animoca Brands, a renowned blockchain and gamification label, with the goal of making virtual ownership rights a common factor in the world of gaming. Animoca brands would then contribute to the platform’s forthcoming functions and offers by collaborating with GameFi’s ecosystem. This will assist the NFT gaming realm in scaling up and partnering with renowned gaming projects all over the world.

The release of a global market, yield guild, scholarship programme, minigames, and an auction house is on the GameFi roadmap. These characteristics are intended to increase GameFi’s worldwide appeal and attract major gaming brand names to partner with the NFT gaming centre.

Upcoming IGOs on Gamefi Launchpad

  1. Planet Sandbox
  2. Metawars
  3. Dreams Quest
  4. Dark Frontiers
  5. Mech Master
  6. Warena
  7. Cryptia

GameFi’s Ecosystem Fees

GameFi costs a variety of fees, which include global market trading fees, launchpad and accelerator acceleration fees, and trying to earn programme yield fees. All of these fees benefit the public into the GameFi multiverse in order to speed up its long-term growth.

  1. Trading Fees: Trading Fees are levied on product trades made on the Game Market.
  2. Acceleration Fees: Acceleration Fees are levied on revenue collected on the Game Launching pad as well as smart contracts installed through the GameFi accelerator.
  3. Yield Fees: Yield Fees are garnered from the Play to Earn programme, which is funded by the Yield Guild.

GAFI Token Economy

With each approaching day, GameFi Launchpad gains popularity as young comers register for the gaming platform to gain points through its play-to-earn idea. Because of the tremendous growth of the NFT games industry, the official GameFi token would be released on September 10, 2021, under the symbol “GAFI.” The GAFI token has major applications:


Stake GAFI tokens to gain access to GameFi’s tiers and to participate in IGO (Initial Game Offering) on GameFi Launchpad.

Governance Operations:

GAFI token holders, like all other blockchain projects that would provide governance operations, can stake their own tokens on the GameFi environment and gain the right to vote on crucial choices such as proposing innovative features, selecting the next update, and deciding the overall plan of the organisation, among many other things.


GAFI token holders will be granted preferential discounts in NFT markets, which they could use to purchase NFT products and improve their techniques in the games released on the GameFi launch pad. Participants will also be eligible for trading and yield fee reductions.

Liquidity Support:

A fraction of the ecosystem fees are being used to encourage the token’s liquidity in the secondary market.

Top 10 Performers:

Here we enlisted the top 10 performers with their IDO ROI.

Sr. No. Name IDO ROI
1. GameFi 290.533x
2. Metawars 60.319x
3. Deathroad 57.938x
4. Project Seed 50.819x
5. My Master War 29.829x
6. Dreams Quest 28.118x
7. Warena 27.184x
8. Titan Hunters 22.793x
9. Gamestation 21.873x
10. Placewar 16.427x

Does it make sense to Invest in GameFi tokens? 

Blockchain-based play-to-earn gameplay is becoming a trend. This model has spawned a slew of novel gaming finance ideas, such as scholarships, which have gotten an amount of publicity.

Meanwhile, the opportunities for blockchain games are enormous because the entire blockchain-based in-game economy is in its infant stages and is only now starting to reach its full potential.

  1. There is very less devoted launching pad for blockchain games where interested parties can acquire instant access to qualifying games.
  2. There is no game centre where you can discover noteworthy cryptocurrency game initiatives or valuable in-game products.
  3. There is no centralised storage location where players are able monitor their income and handle their in-game products.
  4. There is no framework that offers a complete set of game finance tools, such as trying to trade, financing, and scholarships available.
  5. There is no concept in place that allows game product owners to recognize the benefits of their belongings even when they’re not actively playing a game.

Gamefi as a platform is really unique and provides a lot of value to the blockchain games that raises on Gamefi. However crypto is incredibly volatile, and you need to take calculated risk. You can buy the Gamefi token, $GAFI when there is a drop. Buying at top may prove to be very costly affair.

Does it make sense to Invest in GameFi IDOs?

GameFi is one of the top IDO platforms for blockchain gaming projects. The ROI has been insane. Any IDO on Gamefi platform, I would just close my eye and invest. Majority have performed exceptionally well.

Future of GameFi IGO Launchpad

GameFI IGO platform has tremendous potential, with the best NFT games by now shown on the GameFi launchpad and plenty of more being introduced on a regular basis. GameFi’s prominence has grown to such an extent where it has aided the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) system to outpace Ethereum in terms of daily payment count.

Because of the simplicity that this proposal has presented for the NFT gaming sector, GameFi Launchpad as well as other systems that imitate this idea will see tremendous growth in the coming years. GameFi Launchpad can be compared to the PS4 or Xbox of the NFT gaming world, as consumers can register an account and appreciate the best play-to-earn crypto games.

Final Thoughts on GameFi Platform

Finally I would like to say that, GameFi Launchpad employs attractive themes and gameplay aspects to entice people to take part and generate wealth while having some fun, enabling them to break free from the classical DeFi experience and cultivate a play-to-earn mindset that appeals to both investors and game players. At this rate, the door is always open for some other genres to join the mix, allowing both investors and gamers to appreciate GameFi Launchpad in the not-too-distant coming years.