Seedify IDO Review

The Seedify IDO launchpad provides blockchain playing games startups with the opportunity to be able to raise funds. Instant access to encouraging P2E projects is one of the rewards for SFUND shareholders. A main aspect of the Seedify launchpad is a decentralised (DAO-based) seed money mechanism that enables the DAO voting system to make financing decisions for startup companies. 

The community-powered incubator is driven by the community and is based on personal experience and domain expertise. The funding pool distributes marking benefits and tends to make only those assets straightforward to the community, whereas the blockchain ensures safety.

Read the full article to know more about the features, steps and stages to participate in Seedify IDO.

About Seedify IDO

Seedify is an IDO platform that lets gaming projects raise funds though their launchpad. The play-to-earn trend is ushering in a totally new era again for the blockchain games industry. Previously, tournaments were about having a bit of fun; presently, game players are beginning to make extra income from their gaming time by trying to earn in-game assets such as NFTs and tokens. Blockchain’s new types of advantages, such as openness, responsibility, reward models, and NFTs, are obstructive new forms for game play.

Seedify’s platform offers organised Initial Game Offerings (IGOs), assisting quality blockchain projects in obtaining crowd – sourcing financing as well as assisting them with building community and advertising.

They anticipate that blockchain playing games would then bring millions of extra subscribers to the blockchain, while also generating numerous new job opportunities, economic advantages, and greatly increasing the rate of adoption of block – chain.

Founder of Seedify IDO

Seedify’s CEO is Levent Cem Aydan. The company’s founder does indeed have ten years of entrepreneurial orientation and became interested in blockchain technology in 2012. In 2018, he had become disillusioned with private equity’s strategy to budding cryptocurrency start-ups. He experienced numerous issues in the field of venture funding all along the way, so he decided to concentrate on finding decentralised alternatives for fair raising funds for entrepreneurs. Seedify IDO was created in 2021 to allow SFUND token holders to vote about which projects are supported.

How to participate in Seedify IDO?

If anyone wants to play an active role in Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) through Seedify IDO and then just get tokens of the game plays you appreciate before they can be listed on transactions, Read to know more about how to get involved in IGOs and join the resistance!

Seedify IDO

Before you begin participating in IGOs (Initial Game Offerings) on Seedify IDO, it is important that you understand each stage of the way. As a result, we’ve covered everything in this guide for you.

KYC Process:

First and foremost, we want to inform you that each Seedify IGO participant is required to complete KYC through a third-party application called Blockpass, in order for anything to be in accordance with laws. This guide will assist you with your KYC verification system. All of the steps are outlined below.

Let’s just get this started!

  1. Navigate to the KYC verification page.
  2. Tap the “Verify with Blockpass” button from the drop-down menu.
  3. Press the “Start” button.
  4. After entering your email address, press and hold “Continue.”
  5. Navigate to your email account and open the mailbox from Blockpass. Then press the “Continue Registration” button. If you do not receive notification, you can resend it by clicking “Resend Magic Link” after the timer expires.
  6. On the webpage, click the “National ID” button, then choose your country. Following that, you may submit your details.
  7. Press the “Launch Camera” button to snap a picture of your ID photo on both front and back sides by adjusting it into the block that appears. Then you must verify.
  8. Your ID data is automatically filled in by the framework. If they are correct, you can proceed to another step; or else, you can individually modify them on another step.
  9. Navigate to the “Selfie” button. Snap a photograph of yourself by clicking on the “Take A Picture” button.
  10. Navigate to the “Proof of Address” section. By simply clicking “Launch Camera,” you can snap a photograph of a file that can confirm your address, such as an invoice, certificate of home, bank reference, or credit card, or attach one from your computer by pressing the button “Upload a Photo.”
  11. Review your details on the “Personal Info” page and enter your location in the “Address” section.
  12. On the “Crypto address” section, press “Ethereum Address.” After simply clicking “Add New Crypto Address,” cut and paste your SFUND wallet address into the “Address” line just on site. The “Label” line does not need to be changed.
  13. At last, after you’ve finished filling out the form, press the “Register” button to submit all of your data. Your KYC procedure will be finished. You will be notified immediately as it is acknowledged.

Deciding your tier:

Seedify seems to have a tier system in which the more SFUND you have, the larger the token configurations you receive from Initial Game Choices. Continue reading to learn more about the revised tier system.

Revised Tier System:

Seedify IDO has gone largely through a change in the tier system, in which they updated our three-tier system to a nine-tier system in which all tiers were assured. The early version of the 9 tier system consisted of a system that relied on assured allotments for all levels with a pool weight equation, where progressing to the next higher tier also provided high pool weight bonus payments.

Although the first edition of the 9 tier system formed a more equitable system than the old 3 tier system, it still has some issues, particularly as the number of members who wish to attend IGOs dramatically increased. Often these launching pads are using a lottery-based scheme for the lowest tiers, and while researchers wished to go along with assured allotment for all tiers, with a large customer base, assured allotments for the lowest tier did result in an issue where the allotments had become too slight. Here is the list of all the 9 tiers of the tier system:

Tier 1– 1.2 pool weight (lottery based)

Tier 2– 2 pool weight (guaranteed)

Tier 3– 5.5 pool weight(guaranteed)

Tier 4– 12 pool weight (guaranteed)

Tier 5– 19 pool weight (guaranteed)

Tier 6– 26 pool weight (guaranteed)

Tier 7– 70 pool weight (guaranteed)

Tier 8– 150 pool weight (guaranteed)

Tier 9– 325 pool weight (guaranteed)

Buying SFUND:

If users do not yet have any SFUND, users can purchase this from marketplaces such as Pancakeswap and Kucoin. To take part in Seedify IGOs, the wallet users offer during the KYC approval process must be the same wallet with which you socialise with the launching pad smart contract. As a result, if users buy tokens from such a centralised marketplace like Kucoin, you must first move your tokens to a wallet like Metamask or Trustwallet.

A cold wallet (Ledger, Trezor, Safepal) connected to one’s Metamask is highly suggested for best practises and security when storing your tokens and interacting with the block chain technology.

Staking your SFUNDs:

Ever since the October 25th launch of the Staking and Farming pools in seedify’s Dashboard. Staking is already required for all holders in opportunity to be involved in the IGOs.

For just a single token Stake ($SFUND), Seedify sealed staking will have four lock period choices:

  • 7 days — 5% APY
  • 14 days — 11% APY
  • 30 days — 25% APY
  • 60 days — 55% APY

$SFUND/$BNB LP Suppliers will need to stake their LP (Pancake & Bakeryswap) tokens in the Dashboard’s Farm portion. Stakers would be allowed using the built-in calculator to make comparisons. The APY for every lock period depends on the quantity they’re staking to have a better understanding of the expected gains for each lock period.

IGO Day:

When the IGO day shows up, there are a few easy ways that SFUND holders must take to become a part of it. Check out these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Pair your wallet with the Seedify launching pad. (WalletConnect or Metamask)
  3. Select the project pool that would be the “Initial Game Offer.”
  4. On the opened site, press the “Buy Tokens” toggle.
  5. Calculate the information of your exchange based on your maximum allotment and verify your swap.
  6. You have finished your IGO purchase.
  7. Following the dex listing, your tokens would be sent to your wallet in accordance with the encashment schedules.

What are the projects done on Seedify IDO?

Consider investing in a crypto project with a convincing utilise case and designing and managing that has the potential to transform a significant market segment. Only to discover that your tokens were meaningless due to a few rookie errors on the part of the management team. If someone had just given them better advice!

What if there was a platform that offered advice and assistance to these projects? Putting them in first place in the crypto Grand Prix and guiding them through the twists and turns on the way to a winner’s raised platform? Seedify IDO, a cryptocurrency project that’s also gaining steam by realising such a perspective, could be that framework. Below listed are some projects that are associated with Seedify IDO:

  • Geopoly Project: Geopoly is an economic simulation software that allows users to borrow, buy, improve, and promote economic sectors geographical location. The first non-Pay2win economic monopolised match was played in which participants can use Geolocation personal qualities to purchase their preferred personality features. Widow Games was founded in 2013 by former Microsoft employees. It formed a thriving environment of VCs, Consultants, Affiliations, and Team to support its recent developments, having created over 15 mobile games and 1.5 million monthly subscriptions.
  • Sidus NFT Heroes Project: Sidus NFT Heroes is indeed a one-of-a-kind NFT initiative that commences with an assembling of NFT avatars and progresses into an NFT globe with a variety of commodities. Aside from Galaxy Staking, the proposal provides a variety of many other ways for users to generate income, including royalties, an NFT tightly wrapped feature, and, eventually, a gaming DAO metaverse. As a result, every NFT Hero can ultimately be transformed into a gaming personality in the SIDUS play-to-earn competition. The origin storey of NFT Heroes allows for more illusion and upcoming gaming scenarios.
  • TryHards Project: The tournament is a MOBA-inspired sniper tournament where anyone can receive $TRY tokens via talent and ability to contribute to the framework, such as by making loans and staking their tokens. TryHards takes place entirely on Planet X. Fans from various planets arrive to fight, acquire precious crystals, and climb to the top of the Leaderboard. The more your Fanatics fight, the more money you’ll get. All Fanatics and Weapons are stored securely in the Polygon blockchain as an NFT, giving you greater control over your Multiverse. At the Refinery, gamers could use Craft Crystals of higher quality to level up their Fanatics.

Main Features of Seedify, the ecosystem is made up of product offerings and processes that work together to create extra services for all involved parties in the environment.

These are the primary product features:

  1. Funding Pool
  2. Incubator
  3. Community Involvement Programs
  4. Community Involvement Rewards
  5. Staking 
  6. Launchpad
  7. Yield Farming
  8. DAO
  9. Solution Partners Program
  10. Seedify’s dashboard for a simple user experience to interact with these systems.

These pairs of elements are chosen in such a way that they promote win-win situations among the involved parties in their environment, which are primarily:

  1. Entrepreneurs, innovators, and project teams
  2. Token holders and stakers
  3. Community members
  4. Treasury and resources
  5. Blockchain ecosystem products & services

Upcoming Seedify IDO Calendar

Here is the updated list of upcoming Seedify IDO Calendar 2021:

Important Dates Upcoming Seedify IDO Projects
22 November 2021 @Tryhardsio
29 November 2021 @AgeOfTanksNFT(Private Sale)
30 November 2021 @AgeOfTanksNFT
01 December 2021 @SpintopNetwork 
13 December 2021 @Geopoly_Game (Private Sale)
14 December 2021 @Geopoly_Game
18 December 2021 @ECIOspace
20 December 2021 @mousehaunt

How Secure Is the Seedify IDO Network?

The designers informed all platform users well about disclosure code, which really is likely to apply to wallets in which funds are protected, such as the fund pool wallet, staking allocation wallet, community participation rewards distribution wallet, and the operations wallet. Moreover, the disclosure code and dashboard segments related to clarity are always at the heart of all activities and operations.

All token distributions are automatically performed and without approval with the help of smart agreements; the dashboard displays inbound and outbound payment streams. The user interface straightforwardly displays all information needed about each gaming proposal. Furthermore, CertiK and Hacken have satisfactorily reviewed

Final Thoughts

Seedify IDO aided in propelling the project with great speed all across crypto-verse and then into the world further than. They have used the internet and social media, as well as their enthusiasm, eagerness, and devotion to the Seedify project, to activate the larger community around their idea of a community-driven seed stage fund. They inform and educate on significant social media platforms like twitter, Telegram, and Instagram in order to increase SFUND ownership. They have a little under 50,000 twitter followers just since their launch. Looking at the versatility and hype, Seedify IDO is an absolute platform to register your startups.