23rd Nov, 2021, SINGAPORE- (Cryptobullsclub)- WIN NFT HORSE on Tron blockchain is going to be grandly launched on BINANCE NFT IGO on 25th Novermber 2021.  You can get your hands on a limited number of WIN NFT HORSE Mystery Boxes which are to be sold at a fixed price on FCFS basis.

It is a “Gamefi and NFT ” horse racing game being launched by Justin Sun and Tron Network in association with WINKLink and APENFT.

In the cryptocurrency market, GameFi and NFTs have managed to lead. WIN NFT HORSE confirmed on Twitter that the very first IGO would indeed be released on November 25, via mystery box sales in collaborative efforts with Binance NFT. Over the next three weeks, there would be a concentrated marketing scheme aimed at community advancement. Read further to know about the project’s vision and the benefits of launching it in BINANCE IGO.


WIN NFT HORSE is a newer version of GameFi which will reward gamers for their time, energy, and financial investment in the horse racing game and the environment. In WIN NFT HORSE, gamers can purchase, breed, and gather playable characters known as “horses” with varying characteristics. To generate a foal, 2 different horses can indeed be bred as stallions. So when a foal reaches maturity, their characteristics, such as combat speed and power, will be increased drastically to access their complete capacity. In the global market, gamers could indeed start trading their horses for TRX.


Binance contains an entire ecosystem in addition to running the world’s leading crypto exchange. IGOs (Initial Game Offerings) are NFT collections from high – end gaming projects that are only available on BINANCE NFT. The collections can be launched through an auction, a fixed amount, or a mystery box. Their objective is to become the infrastructure services provider for the blockchain ecosystem as well as to boost global financial freedom.

The advantages of launching in BINANCE for players are as follows:

  1. Investors are able to obtain high-quality horse NFT investments at minimal cost by playing new games through the BINANCE NFT global market.
  2. Horses will indeed be able to acquire greater real worth depth and cash flow based on the entire BINANCE environment.
  3. As per the previous performance of the launched projects in the BINANCE NFT global market, the private market premium can be 10 times, 20 times, or even 30 times larger, so it is financially beneficial to acquire them.

Users could use funds in their wallets to take part in BINANCE NFT IGO and can acquire the benefits for the same. Major public chains such as BSC and TRON are growing rapidly in the presence of GameFi. The project is confirmed to be in the leading position in the GameFi field. 

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