SIDUS HEROES IDOSIDUS NFT Heroes is a one-of-a-kind upcoming Play to Earn crypto gaming project that commences with a grouping of NFT avatars and progresses into an NFT globe with an amazing gaming experience.

SIDUS Heroes is thrilled to inform its forthcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO), which will see the release of its native SENATE and SIDUS tokens on seven multiple IDO platforms. It’s an opportunity for all proponents to board the train early and reap the benefits of the Metaverse on generous conditions. Read further to know more about these IDO platforms that host Sidus Heroes Project.

About Sidus Heroes NFT

Aside from Galaxy Staking, this initiative would offer its users a variety of other ways to earn income, such as royalties, an NFT wrapping feature, and, ultimately, a gaming DAO Metaverse. Each NFT Hero can eventually be transformed into a gaming personality in the SIDUS play-to-earn game. The lore of Sidus Heroes leaves a lot of room for fantasy and future gaming situations.

Sidus Tokenomics for IDO platforms

Senate: 0.18 USD

Sidus: 0.0018 USD

Vesting: 10% is unlocked at TGE, 10% vested over the next 10 months.

7 IDO Platforms that Host SIDUS Heroes Project

The Sidus NFT Heroes project is a HYPED one and a lot of investors wants to get into Sidus NFT IDO. For them, we have made a list of IDO platforms that can help them invest in Sidus NFT IDO.

An Initial DEX Offering, or ‘IDO,’ is a process of token sale before the project lists. We are expecting Sidus NFT Heroes to do a 100x or even more, and that’s why a lot of investors wants to participate in the IDO before the project lists.

The SENATE and SIDUS tokens of SIDUS HEROES will be available on seven distinct platforms: BLOKPAD, Ignition, TrustPad, SpaceSwap, Red Kite, GameFI, and Seedify.

The IDO is set to take place on December 15th, 2021. SIDUS will offer its tokens in an equal proportion (50 percent SENATE and 50 percent SIDUS) across all platforms, with a fixed price of $0.18 for the SENATE and $0.0018 for the SIDUS.

The precise number of tokens available on every framework will be declared closer to the launch date. Please keep in mind that each framework has its own set of protocols.

SIDUS Heroes supporters can choose from seven different platforms to find the one that best suits their needs.

In this article, we will make it easier for you to decide which IDO platform is best to participate in the Sidus Heroes IDO sale.


The Bloktopia crypto metaverse has created an incubator as well as launching pad called BLOKPAD. The BLOKPAD for SIDUS NFT Heroes will indeed be held on 15th December 2021, with $BLOK as the token to be staked in order to receive an allocation. The $BLOK token can be purchased on QuickSwap, KuCoin,, as well as numerous other exchanges. BLOKPAD employs a nine-tiered system that includes a lottery and assured token allotment. $BLOK tokens must always be staked on BLOKPAD to obtain a Tier Ranking (1–9) in opportunity to involve. In the lottery tier, a minimum of 25,000 $BLOK are required. In the Guaranteed tier, a minimum of 125,000 $BLOK are required. Registration then will open 48 hours before the sale begins and close 6 hours before the sale begins. 

Ignition Launchpad

Ignition Launchpad, the Paid Network started Ignition as their launchpad. Users must have PAID tokens to take part in the SIDUS IDO on Ignition. The total allocation for SIDUS in Ignition is 400,000 USD. They have 3 tiers – Moon Tier, Galaxy tier and Cosmos Tier. When you stake 1000 PAID tokens, you get one lottery. If you want to get into guaranteed allocation, you need to be either in Galaxy or Cosmos Tier. For Galaxy tier, you need to stake 75000 PAID tokens minimum. 150,000 PAID tokens qualifies you for Cosmos Tier, where you can invest in the private round. Please note, not all projects conduct private round. Current price of 1 token is approx 1 USD. 


TrustPad is a multi-chain launching pad that distributes allotments using TPAD tokens. IGO will be launched on TrustPad on 15th December 2021. TrustPad is using a Level system to specify the number of tokens an user gets, beginning with 15k TPAD progress to 185k TPAD.

Also there are lower lottery levels, beginning at 3k TPAD, that give you a much better chance of receiving an allocation than the public whitelist.

In one pool, two tokens are sold such that SIDUS, $0.0018 per token and SENATE, $0.18 per token. You get 50/50 of each depending on how much you bought.

When the raise is live, the assured allotment round lasts at least 6 hours, accompanied by an FCFS round for TPAD stakeholders as well as whitelisted wallets only. Please keep in mind that taking part in the IDO necessitates registering on the launch pad, which shuts down 6 hours before the sale begins.


Total Supply: 30 000 000 000 SIDUS + SENATE

Initial Supply: 427 500 000 SIDUS + SENATE, market cap $38 859 750

Token Listing: Within a week after the IDO

SpaceSwap Starter

SpaceSwap’s multi-chain DeFi aggregator has generated a launching pad. Consumers must have some MILK2 tokens to take part in the event. They could be obtained through a wide range of exchanges. The least stake is currently 5,000 MILK2 and the maximum stake is 65,200,000, but this figure is prone to revision. Look up the details before the IDO, that will be managed to hold on to the Binance Smart Chain. The SENATE and SIDUS tokens will be distributed in relation to the number of tokens staked in SpaceSwap Starter.


SIDUS: 30,555,555 coins at $0.0018 

SENATE: 305,555 coins at $0.18

Sale date: 15th Dec

IDO Price: Senate: 0.18 USD, Sidus: 0.0018 USD

Red Kite

PolkaFoundry’s Red Kite is a cutting-edge launchpad as well as DeFi framework. To be qualified for token distribution, users must own PKF, the PolkaFoundry token. The platform employs a tier system, with four distinct options. The IDO will launch on the launchpad on 15th December 2021. For Dove, the minimum Red Kite points required are 500 PKF. The Dove and Hawk tier is lottery based. The higher tier that is Eagle and Phoenix tier are guaranteed allocation based. The minimum guaranteed allocation is 40,000 PKF. Wait for further information and then select the tier that best suits your needs. 


The GameFi launchpad is among the best gaming IDO platforms in terms of ROI. GameFi is the very first IGO framework, and its launchpad is solely devoted to gaming initiatives. SENATE and SIDUS will launch on the GameFi platform on 15 December 2021. Users must have GAFI tokens in order to take part in the event on the GameFi framework. The price per token is $0.18 and the initial market capitalization is $769,500. The platform uses a tier system, with four distinct options. For Rookie, the minimum stake is 20 $GAFI. For Pro, the maximum allocation is 700 $GAFI. For a Legend account, the users need to possess the GameFi Legendary NFT. The GameFi will share the information about its allotment tiers as well as other requirements prior to the event.


Seedify is an IDO framework that helps gaming initiatives to raise the money via their launching pad. SENATE and SIDUS will launch on Seedify platform on 15th December 2021. The platform hosts curated Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) which enable users to keep SFUND tokens, which are accessible on exchanges such as PancakeSwap, Kucoin, and others. Seedify uses a 9-tier scheme with only one lottery-based pool; the remaining have an assured token allotment.

For lottery based, the minimum allocation on tier 1 is 250 SFUND. The minimum guaranteed allocation on tier 2 is 1000 SFUND and the maximum allocation on tier 9 is 100000 SFUND. Since snapshots for every IGO are taken 24 hours before each IGO, your SFUNDs should be staked until 24 hours before the IGO to be regarded for the whitelist.

How much fund do you need to participate in Sidus NFT Heroes IDO?

Above, we have explained all the IDO platforms from where you can participate in the Sidus and Senate IDO.

Here, let us compare all the IDO platforms and see how much fund do you need to participate in different IDO platforms.

IDO Platforms Minimum Number
of Tokens
Minimum Amount for
Guaranteed Allocation (USD)
Blokpad 125,000 $BLOK $15,375
Gamefi Top 12 holders
with max GAFI staked
Redkite 40,000 PKF $80,400
Paid 75000 PAID $69,675
Trustpad 15,000 TPAD $14,940
Spaceswap 5,000 MILK2 $5,750
Seedify 1000 SFUND $16,360

By taking part in the SIDUS Heroes Initial DEX Offering, investors can buy the tokens before listing and can expect massive gains. Getting their hands on Sidus and Senate tokens early appears to mean they can secure better terms while the rate is affordable and accessible to all.

If we look at the above table, if you are looking for a guaranteed allocation for Sidus, Spaceswap is your best option.

Trustpad is another good platform where you can get guaranteed allocation if you have 14940 USD worth of TPAD tokens. There are other IDOs scheduled too.

I personally like Seedify. ROI of most of the projects are impressive. Plus, you can invest in a lot of projects. They have around 14 projects scheduled for this month. However, the allocation you get in Seedify is tiny. The highest tier gets around 250-300 USD allocation for most of the projects.

What are the Risk Involved?

ROI wise, I think Sidus will give amazing returns. So you should be able to make a lot of money if you get allocation. However, the only concern is when you invest through an IDO platform, there is a risk involved as you need to stake their platform token for a said time period. During that time, you are not allowed to unstake your tokens, and they are locked. If allowed, then you need to pay a certain fee. Price of the native tokens of the IDO platform may fall during the staked period, and you may end up losing money. However, if you are thinking to participate in a lot of IDOs, over a period of time, this should be profitable as the projects generally do well if we are in the bull market. If not, then there is a potential risk of losing money. So DYOR and take measured risk only.

Should You Invest in Sidus and Senate IDO?

This is a project you can’t miss participating. If you think you can afford investing in this IDO, you should not miss this project.

We at is expecting the project to give 100-200X returns on the listing date. We have already reviewed the project in detail, which you can check by clicking here.

Disclaimer: Investing in crypto is subject to market risk. Please DYOR before investing. Also, invest what you can afford losing without losing your sleep 🙂