Low to Medium Cap Metaverse ProjectsNeil Stephenson, a science fiction writer, coined the term “Metaverse” in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. That should ring a bell if you’re just a Sci-Fi fan, and that’s only a little bit of information right there. Here’s a high-level overview. We genuinely think that the cryptocurrency Metaverse will grow into a multibillion-dollar sector. This could be worth it when you just look at the growth, not only in terms of what’s actually occurring in crypto, but also in terms of what’s occurring in digital games. 

I’m not trying to say users should purchase the tokens associated with it or put the money in it, and even if you really want to learn more about everything that’s going on. These are all the things you should know; it’s ideal for beginners, and if you’re already familiar with the subject, it’s a great recap. Here we enlisted some Low to Medium Cap Metaverse Projects That Can Give you 10X Returns.

What exactly is Metaverse?

It is an innovation hybrid that combines virtual world, augmented reality, as well as multimedia to allow users to “live” inside a digital space. Backers of the metaverse anticipate its users working, trying to play, and planning to stay linked with companions through activities ranging from music events and seminars to digital world travel.

Top Low Cap Metaverse Crypto Projects

  • NetVRK
  • GAIA Everworld
  • Nakamoto Games
  • Somnium CUBE Space
  • Derace
  • Aavegotchi

Top Medium Cap Metaverse Crypto Projects

  • UFO Gaming
  • Illuvium

Low to Medium Cap Metaverse Projects That Can Give you 10X Returns


NTVRK Price $6.27
Market Cap $194,370,000.00
Circulating Supply 31,000,000
Trading Volume $6,910,239
All-Time High $7.33
All-Time Low $0.05

NetVRk is a Virtual World blockchain play in which anyone, irrespective of technical expertise, can easily make their own truly immersive VR realms as well as experiences which use NetVRk’s cutting-edge sandbox editor. The NetVRk token could be used to purchase assets inside the virtual universe you are currently in. Buildings, automobiles, and houses are examples of assets that could be found in the NetVRk market. Land, like it is in the real world, is a precious resource in the Virtual space of NetVRk. 

Nervrk price

How to buy NetVRK?

NetVRK can be purchased from Uniswap and Kucoin. I would always prefer Kucoin over Uniswap because of the high gas fee. If you do not have an account on Kucoin, you can create one and get 40 percent off on trading fee.

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GAIA Everworld

GAIA Price $1.20
Market Cap
Circulating Supply
All-Time High $0.45
All-Time Low $1.37

Gaia Everworld is part of a generation of blockchain gaming that gives users complete ownership of their personalities as well as rewards them for having played in a “play to earn” model that has chosen to take the cryptospace by storm in 2021. Gaia Everworld is a multi-regional parallel universe where players can construct kingdoms, start exploring the lands, and gather, breed, and fight their Gaia Legionnaires. The current price of Gaia Everworld is $1.06, with such a 24-hour transaction volume of $1,034,033. GAIA’s price has increased by 5.8 percent in the last 24 hours.

How to buy GAIA Everworld?

GAIA can be purchased from Pancakeswap, QuickSwap or Gate. If you are not familiar with decentralised exchanges, you can buy it from GATE.IO.

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Nakamoto Games

NAKA Price $5.10
Market Cap $30,600,000.00
Circulating Supply 6,000,000
All-Time High $0.45
All-Time Low $1.13

Nakamoto Games provides gamers all over the globe with the chance to engage in a plethora of blockchain-based games while earning a steady and large income. Nakamoto Games is constructing the world’s finest play-to-earn environment, where gamers can obtain in an infinite number of blockchain-based games and coders can deploy gameplay to a large user base. The NAKA Token is an essential component of the Nakamoto Games play-to-earn environment. It allows gamers to perform any of the games in the ecosystem even while offering a system that rewards the most skilled players.

If you would like to learn more about Nakamoto Games, read our article here.

NAKA price history

How to buy $NAKA?

$NAKA is an ERC20 token, but liquidity has not been added to Uniswap yet. The only option to buy $NAKA is Kucoin.

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Somnium Space Cubes

SOMNIUM CUBE Price $20.00
Market Cap $251,440,780.00
Circulating Supply 12,572,039
All-Time High $24.76
All-Time Low $0.37

Somnium Space is a virtual world constructed which allows users to create, explore, and start trading digital worlds and NFT investments. Somnium Space, an online platform, enables users to purchase digital property, homes, buildings, as well as a plethora of valuable in-game resources inside its online vast universe. Somnium Space’s interactive dynamics allow players to create, screenplay, and commercialise environments while also discovering the works of other people involved. They have tied up on SONY to provide you with amazing VR experience.

How to buy SOMNIUM $CUBE?

Somnium can be purchased from Uniswap, CoinEx, and Gemini.

UFO Gaming

UFO Gaming Price $0.00004544
Market Cap $1,171,712,121.21
Circulating Supply 25,757,575,757,575
All-Time High $0.00005569
All-Time Low $0.000000350110

UFO Gaming ($UFO) is a fully decentralised gaming system that links older games to the blockchain and enables users to earn money while attempting to play. The Dark Metaverse’s main utility token would be $UFO. If you’re wondering where and how to buy UFO Gaming, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading UFO Gaming stock right now are Bitget, ZT, Gate.io, Bitrue, and BitMart. The current cost of UFO Gaming is $0.000044 USD, with just a 24-hour transaction volume of $18,759,576 USD.

How to buy UFO Gaming?

UFO can be purchased from MEXC, Uniswap or Gate. Uniswap has high transaction fee. I suggest you to buy from GATE.IO.

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DeRace ($DERC)

Derace Price $6.92
Market Cap $205,178,000.00
Circulating Supply 29,650,000
All-Time High $7.61
All-Time Low $0.71

DeRace is a blockchain-based simulated NFT horse racing multiverse operated by DERC (metaverse project). DeRace is a framework that simulates real-life horse racing as well as allows users to: own and trade NFT horses, breed NFT horses, take part in horse racing, own a hippodrome as well as host horse racing, and gamble on winning horses in real-time races. Because blockchain technology enables for clear horse racing results, implications on the DeRace platform are secure and reliable.

We had published an article on Derace which can be read here

How to buy DeRace ($DERC)?

DERC can be purchased from Gate, Uniswap or Pancakeswap. I suggest you to buy $DERC from either Pancakeswap or GATE.IO.

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Aavegotchi Price $2.86
Market Cap $218,590,068.84
Circulating Supply 76,430,094
Total Supply 77,842,779
All-Time High $3.08
All-Time Low $0.49

Aavegotchis are NFTs that are staked with Aave-powered DeFi-enabled ERC20 tokens recognised as a Tokens. Spirit force, traits, and wearables are the three characteristics that decide an Aavegotchi’s total value and rareness inside the Aavegotchi multiverse. Aavegotchi wants to introduce numerous blockchain gaming innovative ideas, such as DeFi token collateral stakes, dynamic rarity, rarity farming, DAO-governed gameplay mechanics, as well as an open metaverse with smart contract interconnectivity and in-world town hall voting. Aavegotchi, such as the original Tamagotchi, sets up the world to playable NFTs supported by digital value.

How to buy AaveGotchi ($GHST)?

$GHST can be purchased from Binance, MEXC, Kraken or Okex. I suggest you to buy $GHST from Binance

Purchase $GHST on Binance


Illuvium Price $1,685.00
Market Cap $1,069,597,560.00
Circulating Supply 634,776
Total Supply 7,000,000
Max Supply 10,000,000
All-Time High $1,800.00
All-Time Low $29.23

Illuvium is a blockchain-powered open-world fictional battle game (Metaverse project). Illuvium, frequently referred to as the first AAA game on Ethereum, aims to amuse both casual players and die-hard DeFi fans with a variety of capturing and trading functionalities. The game combines an open-world exploration game with a PVP battle game. Gamers can spend most of their time discovering the gameplay or assembling a team of strong beasts. If you’re wondering where to purchase Illuvium, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Illuvium stock right now are Binance, Mandala Exchange, OKEx, KuCoin, and HitBTC.

How to buy Illuvium?

Illuvium can also be purchased from Binance. The other exchanges are Gate and Sushiswap.

Purchase $GHST on Binance

Risks Involved in Dealing with Metaverse Coins

Following the coronavirus outbreak, many newcomers to this environment are looking for a new way of making money. While some are simply attempting to save large sums of money achieved from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, etc. Since the current trend is Metaverse, a lot of people are looking to invest in top Metaverse coins, be it small, medium or large-cap.

Some may see it as a futile endeavour, but people spend millions of hours each day in virtual worlds. When deciding whether to put money in highly volatile investments such as cryptocurrencies, it’s indeed crucial to undertake your own research to determine whether they are a better fit for your investment. The crypto market is very volatile. Don’t ever invest more money than you could ever afford to lose.

Disclaimer: Most of the coins mentioned here had already some of its run. While 10x return is not guaranteed, you can always book profits at 30, 50, 100, 200 percent, if your risk apetite is not higher.

Final Thoughts on the Best Low and Medium cap Metaverse Coins

I hope it will now become easy for the viewers to recognise the low and medium cap Metaverse projects that can give you a potential 5 to 10X Returns. The crypto Metaverse is thought to offer some of the best opportunities. In every way, financially, socially, and in aspects of just about everything, an environment. There will be a lot of community rewards, and eventually, there will be hundreds of thousands of new Metaverse projects over the years, so enjoy the moment as much as you can.