Following the exponential growth of the crypto business, it’s no surprise that more and more people are becoming fascinated in cryptocurrency investment. Furthermore, because the year 2021 has proven to be significantly beneficial for investors, everyone is eager to profit from cryptocurrency investments. It’s no surprise that cryptocurrencies make it possible to send money quickly as well as anonymously. This is only achievable, though, if you have the appropriate strategies in place. If you are one of those who would like to make money with cryptocurrency in 2022, here are ten ways to generate a good income from cryptocurrencies in 2022.

How to Make Money with Cryptocurrency in 2022?

However, in addition to gaining money, you must be careful of scammers because, in a decentralised arena like cryptocurrencies, the possibilities of being scammed are extremely great.

Can we really make money with Cryptocurrency?

Yes, it is possible to earn with cryptocurrencies, but it is not simple. Cryptocurrencies seem to be digital or virtual tokens which rely on encryption to protect transactions as well as limit the generation of new ones. In recent years, cryptocurrency has risen in importance as investors seek possibilities to profit on price growth as well as volatility. Anyone can generate revenue with cryptocurrency. The bulk of crypto assets are high-risk due to its inherent instability, while some need topic knowledge or ability. Trading cryptocurrency is among the methods to make more money with crypto. For more ways, read further. 

What are the ways to make money with Cryptocurrency?

  1. HODLING – No, I did not spell it incorrectly. In Crypto, we often use the word HODL instead of HOLD. If you like to learn more about such crypto jargons, read this post. You just need to buy crypto and hold for long term. Sell when you think is profitable. It is the most simple way to make money with cryptocurrency.
  2. Staking – If you have bought some cryptocurrency, do not just hold them in your wallet. You can stake them and start earning interest on your cryptocurrency.
  3. Professional Crypto Trader: If you can make money buying and selling cryptocurrencies, and you are good at trading, you can become a professional crypto trader. You can make money trading for yourself or get a team build and provide services to others.
  4. Become a liquidity provider: Become a liquidity provider in any of the decentralised platforms and earn a part of the trading fee.
  5. Masternodes: Set up a masternode for some cryptocurrencies that allow, and earn rewards. This is a bit difficult, unless you are technically sound.
  6. Accepting Cryptocurrencies, if you are a merchant: You can accept cryptocurrencies directly from your customers and save on the fee that you pay to Visa or Mastercard. This would increase in more revenue to your business.
  7. Crypto Arbitrage: You can buy from one exchange where the price is lower and sell on the other where the same cryptocurrency is trading at a higher price. You can read more about how you can make money from crypto arbitrage in this post.
  8. Lending: You can lend your crypto to crypto lending platforms and earn yearly interest. However, there are some risks of crypto lending which you can read here.
  9. Mining: You can mine cryptocurrencies and make money. For all the cryptocurrencies that follow PROOF OF WORK consensus, you can mine them. Sell and make money.
  10. Blogging: If you have a decent knowledge about cryptocurrencies, you can start a crypto blog like I did. You can generate a good income if your blog starts generating traffic.

If you would like to read in detail, continue reading.

Top 10 Ways to make money with Crypto in 2022: 

Here are the top 10 methods you can opt and generate passive income in the world of cryptocurrency in 2022.

Buying and Holding

Purchasing outstanding cryptos with a simple use cases and keeping those till they acquire a reasonable share of the market seems to be a reliable way of making money in the cryptocurrency industry.

For example, cryptos that are, for the most part, safe investments includes:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • Binance Coin
  • Polkadot Coin
  • Decentraland Coin

Someone could acquire and hold cryptocurrencies for an extended amount of time as these appreciate against fiat money including the USD and EUR, and many others.


This way of profiting is appealing because it offers both a pricing increment for keeping or holding up pretty cryptocurrency coins as well as an extra reward in the configuration of subsidies or dividends for the stake of the coins.

It seem to be the practise of storing cryptocurrency fund or money in a type of wallet for 24 hours 7 days in a whole week in acquiring additional currencies as a yield for stake and sustaining it on the public blockchain. Some significant coins throughout this section include:

  • XTZ
  • Travala Coin
  • Navcoin

In other words, a popular approach for making money with cryptos would be staking, which involves locking up a large stake’ for a lengthy period. Investors could stake their holdings (individually or collectively) to confirm transactions performed by others, allowing them to profit.

Be a Crypto Trader as well as take in charge of a team

There are many other systems available that make it possible to generate cryptocurrencies based on ones trade skills. People are following your transaction on some of these sites, and then you can benefit financially from either the gains produced by your customers’ purchases. It will eventually catch up in the year 2022, therefore if you already have online cryptocurrency skills in trading, you will be able to benefit in both of the bullish and bearish periods.

Knowledge can lead to just about everything, which is true for anything that someone can think of. Understanding about cryptocurrencies, such as how their price is set, how cryptocurrencies work, and which platforms one must purchase or sell them, would always be useful. It’s also a good idea to keep up with current events if you want to make a lot of money.

These are the sites that, at the time of this writing, would allow you to organise your own trading tribe as well as benefit from their trading profits:

Turn into Liquidity Providers is a great way to make money

And here is the about how to be a liquidity providers.

Anyone might turn into a liquid providers on any well-known DEX. The one and only prerequisite is that, one should have cryptocurrencies on hand. Assume you would really like to offer Bancor with liquidity.

  1. A web page is required to enter Bancor.
  2. To link everything to your virtual wallet, utilise Wallet Connect or Metamask.
  3. When you’ve already joined, navigate to Stake and then choose the pair, and then provide liquidity.

There seem to be three key aspects to supplying liquidity:

  1. That whenever somebody else employs system for exchange, you will indeed be rewarded with platforms tokens (Ex: BNT), APR, or transactions costs.
  2. Price rises throughout time


Some other way to earn money inside the cryptosphere is to use Bitcoin masternodes to generate smart idle income. A masternode seems to be a cryptocurrency complete node or pc wallets that, like Bitcoins full nodes, keeps a comprehensive identical proof of the ledger in actual and appears to be fully functioning to carry out specific tasks.

Various Bitcoin systems reward masternode members for performing such tasks. Nevertheless, in needed to commence operating a masternode, one must first obtain a particular amount of currency. The relatively small amount necessary to build a masternode differs depending on the type of masternode. Instead, it is usually between 1000 and 25000 coins.

If You’re a Merchant, Consider Cryptocurrencies

Accepting digital currencies in interchange of products or services seems to be another way to generate money with them and if you’re a merchant. As either a merchant, one have accessibility to a broader selection of currencies, namely BTC payment providers, that can let you accept cryptos. This strategy can also be used by the creators of online enterprises, including such e-commerce sites, to profit through both cryptocurrency price increases and direct cryptocurrency revenues.

Arbitrage in Cryptocurrencies

Since we are all aware, the cryptomarket is a market that’s also unregulated by the authorities, which is the reason there are so many price discrepancies as well as volatility among exchanges. Another approach to make money in the crypto world would be to purchase a cryptocurrency through one exchange that is sold at a cheaper price than on another exchange. Arbitrage is the term for this. Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading bot that teaches you how to arbitrage trade and allows you to perform it.

Lending the Cryptocurrencies

A further profitable method in this field would be to adopt the saying “you should putting your resources to work.” Even if you have previously possess BTC or Ether in your crypto digital wallet, you can use it to earn deposits and lend it out. Numerous P2P Cryptocurrency lending systems or sites enables users to do that while also offering a decent two percentage to 8 percentage yield on each Cryptocurrency.

Mining the Cryptocurrencies

Another fantastic approach to generate income in the crypto world is through cryptocurrency mining. This alternative, thus, not looks like to be very profitable to us at this time, that’s the reason it is just at the bottom of the list.

This isn’t to say that the method isn’t effective. Yes, if willing to make early expenditures in mining equipment such as ASICs as well as GPUs, as well as further supporting hardware. Additionally, in order to mine as well as earn money from cryptos, you must get accessibility to low-cost electricity to power your mining equipment, as well as the technological knowledge of how you will maintain the hardware as well as software mining equipment.

Mining has now become an extremely competitive endeavour in recent years, requiring a significant initial investment, which is why people really aren’t fascinated in this strategy.


Anyone can make money blogging as well as writing on platforms that pay you in cryptocurrency if your article is popular. Also, unless you already understand your material is valuable, you may directly monetise it for cryptocurrency, allowing the reader complete access to the information.

How should Beginners in Cryptocurrency think of Making money?

Beginners who want to get their feet wet in the cryptocurrency industry can do it in a variety of ways. Here’s some of the simplest ways for crypto investors to generate revenue — ways that ordinary retail investors or beginners can apply with less risk than more intricate, less accessible methods.

Buying BTC

The greatest strategy to make money from cryptocurrencies is to buy as well as hold it. This method is excellent for beginners who have lengthy investment horizons.  This would entail purchasing a cryptocurrency asset of choice from just a crypto exchange but then just purchasing more when the opportunity arises or when prices fall – a strategy known as ‘buying the dip.’ Through months or years of HODLing, the asset might well be sold for a considerable profit above the original purchase price. Long-established cryptocurrency coins, including such Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, fluctuate in value on a daily basis, but have a long-term rising tendency.

Staying Away from FOMO and FUD

While keeping up with the newest news and developments in the crypto field is critical, having too much data can be detrimental. This really is particularly true during market downturns, when it’s all too simple to let your emotions get the best from you and make several poorly timed trades.

Fear of missing out (FOMO) as well as FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) are familiar terms in the crypto world, and they can have a bigger impact on our buying and selling decisions than most of us would want to realize.

FUD is a term used to describe a bad market mood produced by a rumour, an unfavourable news report, or a notable figure raising concerns about a specific market or asset. As traders sell their shares in anticipation of additional price declines, this might have a negative impact on the price. FOMO is for “fear of missing out,” and refers to a trader’s inclination to get swept away with magical thinking upon seeing favourable market movement or news, sometimes neglecting fundamental indications in their eagerness to catch the next spaceship to the moon.

None of us can foretell the future, and nobody’s counsel is more valuable than conducting your own study as well as drawing your own conclusions. Influencers and publications may have a vested interest in making FUD or FOMO in order to influence markets in a particular direction. Always seek confirmation from numerous sources while hearing about the most recent developments in the Bitcoin markets.

Not investing too much that would take your sleep away

The Bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency sectors have undergone multiple cycles of rise as well as decrease since their beginning in 2009, even within the broader latest trend defined as bullish and bearish markets. Whereas each market fall has indeed been accompanied by a comeback and strong increase so far, moments of decline may be hard and exhausting to navigate for both experienced traders and new investors. One must never invest greater than you could ever afford to lose, regardless of how sure you are in a certain item.

Cryptocurrency, it’s been said, never sleeps. Cryptocurrency markets are notorious for their volatility, therefore beginners should plan ahead and identify their trading methods, if possible.

Keep DCAing BTC

After crunching the statistics, it’s evident that dollar-cost averaging into Bitcoin is a very rewarding approach over time!

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is the practice of buying Bitcoin at regular intervals despite the price, and it has shown to be among the most efficient and comprehensive methods of acquiring Bitcoin. It enables an individual to protect themselves from Bitcoin’s wild fluctuation and also have confidence in their savings approach.

DCA is beneficial not only to your financial worth, but also to Bitcoin. If more and more individuals do auto-DCA, the overall Bitcoin supply is casually eaten away at, which improves Bitcoin’s price.

You should be able to make a lot of money if you DCA over a long enough time frame, especially after every half, which sees the daily amount of Bitcoin created reduced in half each 4 years. During each half, Bitcoin’s price has always experienced a spectacular climb as well as a fresh all-time high throughout the year.

How can Pro Traders Make money with Crypto?

You could try future trading using crypto when you’re a skilled trader. High leverages should be avoided. If you trade Bitcoin futures at a rate of 2x-5x, then you could make a lot of money. Try not to do this with altcoins. Altcoins are extremely volatile, so we do not suggest using leverage to trade them. Trading futures with a bigger leverage is exceedingly dangerous. Start with little quantities. Only once you’ve gained confidence can you probably trade with a bigger volume.

To vary the portfolio, most wise investors may choose to hold a variety of assets over time, ranging from alternative cryptocurrencies to stock market index funds. Trading success is challenging, and efficient and profitable traders have a few things in common. Most traders never achieve greatness, eventually selling out and turning to much more traditional sources of income. Following the basic guidelines to become a pro trader by keeping a razor-sharp emphasis on profitability.

Investing in new altcoins before they are listed

The term “altcoin” is a combination of the words “alternative” as well as “coin,” and it refers to all Bitcoin alternatives. Bitcoin as well as altcoins have a similar underlying architecture. As a result, they share code as well as operate similarly to peer-to-peer systems or as a massive system capable of simultaneously processing vast volumes of data as well as transactions.

After you’ve gained some experience, you can consider private investing or seed investing. You may buy the coins at a lower price here and perhaps make lots of money if the project you’re investing in has a lot of promise. Keep in mind that there’s a chance the project will never be listed. As a result, only invest after conducting thorough research.

The altcoin market is still in its infancy. It’s an uneven match. In the last decade, the quantity of altcoins listed on cryptocurrency exchanges has dramatically increased, attracting swarms of ordinary investors eager to profit from their price movements.

Be a NFT investor and make money

There is no better method to generate money with cryptocurrencies than it is to engage in the cryptocurrency sector. As a result, you’ll gain a better understanding of how the industry operates, what tactics you may use to make money, how you might decrease your risks, and so forth. You can become a NFT investor and make a lot of money

Blockchain enables any type of value to be represented as a digital (or crypto) asset. Stablecoins, for example, can be used to represent real-world currencies, while non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, can be used to reflect actual assets such as art, games, as well as collectibles. And the market for NFTs is exploding at breakneck speed. You can provide NFTs to a project while earning passive revenue in the form of prizes or fees for putting the asset on the blockchain. The majority of NFT staking chances are currently available on play-to-earn gaming platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox, as well as Axie Infinity, among many others.

Buying Land in Metaverse

In India, land has traditionally been a popular investment option. Its popularity has not decreased despite the availability of many financial products such as mutual funds and equity shares. However, you should be informed of all of the benefits and drawbacks of land investment. The amount of money required to purchase land is substantial. Those with inadequate financial resources are unable to invest in land. If you own a small, medium, or big plot of land in the Metaverse like Decentraland, you can rent it to creators, builders, or game developers who can’t purchase the land but can conduct their companies on your plot, allowing you to earn money. This would result in more money coming in.

Be a NFT Artist and Designer

Digital art, music, games, as well as marketing have all been turned upside down as a result of NFTs. The copyright stays with the creators, despite the fact that NFTs represent ownership. Whereas the works can be replicated indefinitely, the NFT’s owner owns something that would be, at least in theory, unique. Designers and artists who work on NFTs don’t necessarily create NFTs. They make digital artworks in the same way that they did well before blockchain. Afterwards they mint as well as sell NFTs tied to those works of art, which operate as a digital record of ownership. You could indeed list your Jpegs as well as videos on Opensea as well as market them as NFT if you’re great at digital painting or photography. Build some significant contacts, join some good Discord channels, and rise to stardom.


Thus, these are the effective ways to make money with cryptocurrencies. There are numerous frauds as well as illegal MLMs out there which promise enormous profits. My advice is to avoid participating in these scams since they are not worth your time if you want to gain legitimately. The Bitconnect MLM scheme, which collapsed in one day, is one such example.

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