In the past couple of days, the mainnet launch of the Aptos blockchain and the accompanying crypto airdrop made big waves in the crypto space. While the long-unknown tokenomics and token distribution have sparked a lot of controversy, this crypto airdrop beneficiaries have been able to enjoy free crypto.

You missed the APT crypto airdrop from Aptos and are now upset about it? Don’t worry. There are some very promising upcoming crypto projects that could be doing an airdrop in the coming weeks and months.

We’ll tell you which projects these are and what you should do to possibly be eligible for the airdrop.

upcoming crypto projects 2023

What are Crypto Airdrops?

A crypto airdrop for any cryptocurrency user is a unique way to earn tokens for free; and for the projects, it is a great way to build hype and get a lot of users to interact with your blockchain/dApp. Crypto airdrops as a marketing strategy have been used by a lot of major crypto projects like Uniswap, Dfinity, Aptos blockchain and many more.

The tokens are either given for free for interacting with the blockchain mainnet or testnet or the dapp. It is an unique way to reward the early users.

Sometimes tokens are also airdropped in return for completing small tasks like retweeting a post, sharing on social media, writing a blog post, developing dApps on the platform etc.

Upcoming Crypto Airdrops (Possible) 2023

These are some of the Upcoming Crypto Airdrop to look out for:


zkSync is another candidate for the upcoming potential crypto airdrop. zKsync testnet is live and the best bet for the airdrop might be to interact with zkSync dapps on the testnet.

Before we talk about zKsync potential airdrop, let us first understand what ZkSync is?

zkSync is a scaling solution for Ethereum without compromising with the security. Instead of validators, zKsync relies on pure mathematics. Here, the storage and computation are done off-chain while funds are held on the mainchain with the help of smart contract.

It aims to provide low gas fee for all transfers of Ethereum and other ERC 20 based coins, atomic swaps, limit orders.

Numerous examples for interacting with the zkSync testnet and its dApps have been compiled by an anonymous Twitter user in the following thread.

Layer Zero Crypto Airdrop

So far, we have known about layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain solutions. However, we also have a new blockchain protocol, which is going to launch their mainnet soon: And this third protocol is Layer ZERO.

Layer Zero is an omnichain interoperable blockchain protocol that adds a new dimension to blockchain bridging. 

This new upcoming blockchain aims to connect all the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains, bring together all liquidity pools.

Layer Zero uses Oracle & the Relayer to process lightweight messages between these two onchain endpoints.

Till date, LayerZero labs has raised $135M in funding from some of the industry top VCs like Sequoia Lead, A16z, FTX and Binance and is expected to be listed by top crypto exchanges on Day 1.

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StarkNet Airdrop

StarkNet is a decentralized, permissionless, Validity-Rollup blockchain that uses Cairo as their programming language. Starknet mainnet is now live.

Like other layer 2 blockchain solutions, Starknet also operates on top of Ethereum blockchain. This new blockchain is secure and composed, and aims to provide the developers a better and secure platform to build their dApps, and users a faster transaction speed.

StarkNet is so far tokenless, however, StarkNet has confirmed launching their own token. 9% of their supply is allocated to developers and end users who are building dApps using StarkNet.

Some of the existing StarkNet dApps are ImmutableX, dydx, DeversiFi, Argent, Celer, and more.

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Quai Network Crypto Airdrop

Quai network is a EVM compatible blockchain network of merge-mined chains that aims to provide a faster experience for its users. Quai blockchain Network is modular, which means it can scale horizontally, as more dApps are built and the ecosystem grows, keeping the cost minimum. This new blockchain uses sharding and Proof-of-Work 2.0 consensus mechanism.

Unlike other existing blockchains, Quai Network aims to provide a new design to the developers to create dApps on more efficient smart contract platform.

Blur Airdrop 3

Blur is one of the most well-known NFT market places and aggregators in the market. On the 30th of December 2022, they announced the launch of the Airdrop 3 by the end of January. The second Blur Airdrop happened on December 5, 2022. Beginning in October, Blur started giving out $BLUR care packages to users who promote NFTs on its platform.

These care packages came in the form of crates containing an undisclosed amount of the $BLUR coin. However, users can only access the contents of the crates once the token and governance are launched in January 2023. According to the platform, “Airdrop 3 is for traders who place bids on Blur and will be the largest Blur airdrop (around 1-2x the size of Airdrop 2).”

Orbiter Finance Airdrop

Orbiter Finance is a decentralized platform that allows for cross-rollup bridging with smart contracts solely on the receiving end. It is viewed as a potential future infrastructure for Ethereum’s multi-rollup capabilities. Currently, Orbiter Finance does not have a token of its own, but it is possible that it may issue one in the future. If this occurs, utilizing the bridge to transfer assets between chains could make you eligible for receiving the airdrop.


Aptos is an extraordinary Layer 1 blockchain platform that truly sets itself apart. What makes Aptos so special is its innovative and distinctive strategy in addressing the common obstacles encountered in the industry. One standout aspect of Aptos is its utilization of the Move programming language, which provides a solid foundation. Moreover, Aptos is on the verge of launching its very own airdrop, adding yet another exciting feature to its repertoire

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Venom Foundation is a platform that’s poised to revolutionize the global economy by harnessing the power of blockchain and introducing ingenious monetary strategies. Their aim is to create a decentralized multinational economy that thrives on innovation. With a focus on real-world assets (RWA), Venom offers users a unique combination of traditional products and the transparency of blockchain technology. What sets Venom apart is its unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance, as it has obtained full approval from financial regulatory authorities in Abu Dhabi. This endorsement solidifies Venom’s credibility and highlights its immense potential. Clearly, Venom is leaving no stone unturned in establishing a dominant presence in the rapidly expanding Web3 industry. Don’t miss out on their airdrop, which presents a fantastic opportunity to earn money with minimal investment.

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Arbitrum Nova

Let’s talk about Arbitrum Nova, a relatively fresh addition to the Layer 2 Scaling Solution family, with a specific focus on Ethereum. This platform operates as an intermediary layer, aiming to enhance the speed, power, and overall efficiency of transfers that occur on the Ethereum blockchain. Its primary objective is to significantly increase transaction speed and effectiveness within the Ethereum network. Arbitrum Nova apart is dedicated  to maintaining ultra-low transaction costs while ensuring robust security and privacy for its users. This is achieved through the implementation of an efficient Data Availability Committee (DAC) model. In recent news, we’ve learned that both Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova have transitioned to decentralized governance, allowing $ARB delegates and holders to collectively govern both platforms. This exciting development raises the possibility of a potential $NOVA token airdrop in the near future.

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Mantle Network

Mantle, a layer 2 protocol with a specific focus on Ethereum, operates on a highly adaptable modular architecture. The credit for developing this innovative protocol goes to BitDAO, an impressive decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that has not only partnered with Bybit but also holds a prominent position on a global scale. Jacobc.eth, the head of product for BitDAO’s Windranger Labs, shared his insights on the platform, stating, “The BitDAO community is revolutionizing layer-2 blockchains by employing a cutting-edge modular chain approach.” Currently, the Mantle Network exclusively employs the $BIT token, which serves as the governance token for BitDAO. Due to their partnership with Bybit, $BIT continues to be used as their “unofficial official” token.

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How Do I Find Crypto Airdrops?

Twitter is the best place to learn about crypto airdrops. Look for new projects that have raised funding, and have announced testnet. You can follow their MEDIUM posts, join then on Discord to learn about upcoming airdrop opportunities. You can also follow us on where we would discuss every opportunity beforehand.

Can you really make money From Crypto Airdrops?

While some of the crypto airdrops can be a scam, some crypto airdrops can really make you rich. For example, Uniswap gave 400 tokens for free to all users who interacted with the dex in its early days. For anyone with 10 accounts, they received 4000 tokens. Uniswap. At its peak, UNI touched 42USD, which means close to 17000USD per account.

Similarly, APTOS recently airdropped 150 tokens. At 10USD, APT free tokens were worth 1500USD.

So, to answer your question, crypto airdrops can really make you some good money.

Are Crypto Airdrops Scams?

There may be some projects that take the help of crypto airdrops to scam victims. You need to be on the top of everything to not get scammed by the scammers. It is best to verify all links from the official sites, double check everytime before going ahead with the airdrop. Do not rush. Take all your time and the proceed with an account where you do not have a lot of crypto stored so that even if you get hacked, you do not end up losing a lot of money.

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