BNB is a native token of Binance crypto exchange, and was launched in 2017. In this article, we are going to discuss what is BNB, and if BNB is a good investment to make in 2024? We will also talk about BNB price prediction for 2024 to 2030. So let’s begin.

Binance has given great returns since it started trading since its ICO. Binance as a platform has grown to be the best crypto exchange one can trust, despite many lending platforms and exchanges shutting down recently. Specially last year, Binance saw a NON-STOP growth from 20-30 USD to reaching above 600 USD in less than 6 months’ time.

As of 18th March 2024, the BNB token is now trading at around 569.17 USD.

What is a BNB coin?

BNB is a utility coin of the Binance crypto exchange as well as the Binance smart chain. It may be used for trading and making commission payments on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. As said, it fuels the Binance Chain, a network of smart contracts established by Binance and home to a number of initiatives. For every trade you make on Binance, if you pay the fee with BNB coin, you get a discount on your trading fee.

The value of BNB skyrocketed as Binance and its blockchain network gained more notoriety. By the end of the year, investors who purchased at the beginning of 2021 had earned profits of more than 1,200%. 

With the help of primarily Chinese investors, the team was successful in raising 15 million USD. Since other ventures gathered more money without having a functioning company or product, this figure is not particularly outstanding.


Binance Coin: BNB Details

Current Supply 149,538,388 BNB
Founder CZ
Release Date July 2017
Network BNB
Consensus Mechanism
Current Rank #5
Market cap $85,109,069,573

What distinguishes BNB from other Crypto Exchange tokens?

The fact that Binance and Binance US exchanges recognize BNB as their official cryptocurrency makes it unique. It is also the default token for Binance Smart Chain. 

It has played a crucial part in the development of the BNB Smart Chain.

On Binance Smart Chain, developers can create non-fungible tokens, make blockchain games, and produce decentralized apps, among other things and all of these use BNB as a token to pay for the gas fee

Did you know the growth of the ETH ecosystem created a lot of demand for BNB? Let me explain.

The biggest and the most decentralized smart contract blockchain of all time, Ethereum, was experiencing severe network congestion back in 2021. Transactions were delayed as a result of the congestion, and gas costs increased. For a simple SWAP, users had to pay 200 to 300USD in gas fees. Users had to move from the ETH network to some other network to reduce their gas fee, and one fine day CZ, founder of Binance announced the launch of the Binance Smart chain.

Transactions on the BNB Smart Chain process swiftly and with low gas costs. While Ethereum has continued to be widely used, many developers and consumers shifted to other platforms in order to reduce fees. Due to the necessity to expand upon and utilize BNB Smart Chain, this raised demand for BNB.

The adoption of technology of Binance Coin

The main reason Binance is so well-known is the fact that it conducts 1 billion trades every day, round-the-clock. There are many more reasons as well. So there is no issue with liquidity on Binance for most of the coins listed, especially the top ones.

For all this volume of trade, BNB is burnt in an orderly, phase-by-phase manner to bring stability while preventing abrupt market movements.

BNB’s initial coin offering of 100 million coins, which was launched in July 2017 and was a rousing success, raised $15 million as the company soared to its full potential. With a substantial portion going toward marketing initiatives, the monies obtained were used to strengthen the ecosystem even further. The benefit of inter-tradability for other virtual currencies is another characteristic that distinguishes BNB and makes it a target for widespread adoption. BNB can be used to pay Binance’s 0.1% per trade cost in contrast to the assessed withdrawal charge when cryptocurrency owners transfer their funds out of an exchange and into a personal wallet.

The Binance model is made in such a way that it does not enable smart contracts and instead makes use of the Tendermint byzantine-fault-tolerant consensus mechanism. The ability to utilize Binance Coins in other particular ICO investments through Binance’s Launchpad program is another key advantage of the cryptocurrency. Other virtual coins can be traded within the flawlessly opportunistic framework that Binance has created. The Binance platform, and digital currency all support a wide range of credit and debit cards.

Okay, we have learned a lot about Binance, BNB, and their history. Now, let us have a look at the price history of BNB since 2017.

BNB Price History 2017

BNB was introduced through an ICO that spanned from June 26 to July 3, 2017, by the Binance development team, which includes its founder Changpeng Zhao. 200 million BNB tokens, worth around $0.15 a piece, were the initial available supply. Out of that sum, 100 million dollars were sold at a public auction, 20 million dollars were given to angel investors, and 80 million dollars went to the founding team. The coin once launched traded below its ICO price for quite some time @ 0.11 USD. From there, in the next 3 months, BNB touched more than 10 USD.

BNB Price History 2018

BNB started to trade in 2018 from 8.11 USD and from there, it reached $22.32 on January 12, 2018. And then came the bear market.

The coin’s value then dropped by 50%, remained stable until the third quarter, and then started to decline once more falling below 5 USD and closing the year just above 6 USD.

BNB Price History 2019

For BNB, 2019 was a year of incredible success. Despite a slight slowdown in the coin’s performance throughout the second part of the prior year, the IEO it introduced gave it a big boost, and it ended the year 2019 with gains of more than 150%. On June 12, 2019, the coin reached a new all-time high, or ATH, of $34.69 in 2019. To finish the year at $13.95, it dropped once more.

BNB Price History 2020

The pandemic, a problem that initially surfaced at the start of last year and lingered for a substantial amount of time, is the only factor contributing to the value of Binance Coin continuing to fall. 2020 saw a gradual increase in the price of the Binance coin, which eventually reached the $40 price point.

BNB Price History 2021

After that, beginning in 2021, Binance Coin experienced a rapid rise and climbed to a new record high of $690. But despite experiencing a small drop after reaching an ATH, the BNB currency kept moving in a bullish direction.

BNB Price History 2022

As the markets dropped in April, it continued its downward pattern that had begun the year. On June 19, the cost decreased to $214.92. For some while it was constant. BNB was trading at 246.33USD, on 31st of December 2022.

BNB Price History 2023

In 2023, the all-time high (ATH) of BNB was 339.04 USD, and the all-time low (ATL) was 205.75 USD.

How to buy BNB?

Now that you have understood BNB, its relation with Binance, BNB’s price history, and the factors that led to the growth of BNB coin, let us discuss how you can buy BNB in India as well as internationally.

Where to buy BNB with BTC, USDT on international crypto exchanges?

Buy BNB Register here
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Which are the Indian crypto exchanges where I can buy BNB?

You can buy BNB from almost all Indian crypto exchanges against INR.

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BNB Price Prediction for Today and Tomorrow

BNB is trading almost near ATH, in terms of the BNB-BTC chart. BNB Price Forecast suggests BNB could trade in GREEN for today and tomorrow, in terms of USD.

BNB Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
March 2024 $592.800 $370.500
April 2024 $652.080 $434.720
May 2024 $697.726 $581.438
June 2024 $711.680 $593.067
July 2024 $782.848 $652.373
August 2024 $861.133 $717.611
September 2024 $947.246 $789.372
October 2024 $994.609 $828.840
November 2024 $1,084.123 $903.436
December 2024 $1,127.488 $939.574

Throughout 2024, the trajectory of BNB appears to be one of fluctuating fortunes, with each month presenting unique opportunities and challenges for investors. In March, BNB is poised to reach a maximum price of $592.800, potentially signaling a bullish trend, while also facing the possibility of a minimum price of $370.500, suggesting inherent volatility within the market. As April unfolds, optimism may prevail with expectations of BNB’s maximum price climbing to $652.080, offering promise for those seeking growth, albeit amidst the backdrop of a minimum price projection of $434.720, highlighting the need for caution. May sees further potential gains with a maximum price forecasted at $697.726, yet tempered by a minimum price estimate of $581.438, indicating the importance of strategic decision-making amid market fluctuations. However, it’s December that stands out as a potential pinnacle for BNB, as projections indicate a maximum price surge to $1,127.488, representing a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency, while a minimum price of $939.574 underscores the necessity of vigilance and adaptability in navigating the dynamic landscape of digital assets throughout the year.

BNB Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $1,240.237 $1,000.191
February 2025 $1,305.513 $932.509
March 2025 $1,436.064 $1,158.116
April 2025 $1,148.851 $820.608
May 2025 $1,248.751 $1,007.057
June 2025 $1,498.502 $1,070.358
July 2025 $1,469.119 $1,184.774
August 2025 $1,762.943 $1,259.245
September 2025 $1,939.237 $1,563.901
October 2025 $1,762.943 $1,259.245
November 2025 $1,798.202 $1,450.163
December 2025 $1,978.022 $1,412.873

In January 2025, BNB is anticipated to hit a maximum price of $1,240.237, signaling ongoing bullish momentum, while the minimum price is projected to stabilize at $1,000.191. As February approaches, BNB’s maximum price is expected to climb to $1,305.513, enticing investors for further gains, although the minimum price is forecasted at $932.509, suggesting potential volatility requiring cautious strategies. March 2025 is poised to witness BNB reaching its peak at $1,436.064, demonstrating significant growth potential, with the minimum price projected to hold steady at $1,158.116. As the year progresses, December 2025 is anticipated to mark another milestone for BNB, with a maximum price surge to $1,978.022, highlighting its continued upward trajectory, while the minimum price is expected to remain resilient at $1,412.873, emphasizing the need for strategic decision-making amid market fluctuations.

BNB Price Target 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $2,373.626 $1,914.215
February 2026 $1,898.901 $1,356.358
March 2026 $1,460.693 $1,177.978
April 2026 $1,314.624 $939.017
May 2026 $1,183.161 $954.162
June 2026 $910.124 $650.089
July 2026 $752.169 $606.588
August 2026 $583.077 $416.483
September 2026 $728.846 $587.779
October 2026 $911.057 $650.755
November 2026 $1,002.163 $808.196
December 2026 $1,122.422 $801.730

BNB Price Target 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $1,346.907 $1,086.215
February 2027 $1,077.526 $769.661
March 2027 $979.569 $789.975
April 2027 $832.633 $594.738
May 2027 $699.412 $564.042
June 2027 $538.009 $384.292
July 2027 $430.407 $347.103
August 2027 $333.649 $238.321
September 2027 $417.061 $336.340
October 2027 $521.327 $372.376
November 2027 $573.459 $462.467
December 2027 $642.275 $458.768

BNB Price Prediction 2028 to 2030 (in USD)

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $770.730 $621.556
February 2028 $616.584 $440.417
March 2028 $560.531 $452.041
April 2028 $476.451 $340.322
May 2028 $400.219 $322.757
June 2028 $363.835 $259.882
July 2028 $454.794 $366.769
August 2028 $586.684 $419.060
September 2028 $733.355 $591.416
October 2028 $916.694 $654.782
November 2028 $1,008.364 $813.197
December 2028 $1,129.367 $806.691
January 2029 $779.190 $628.379
February 2029 $916.694 $654.782
March 2029 $1,145.868 $924.087
April 2029 $1,364.129 $974.378
May 2029 $1,482.748 $1,195.765
June 2029 $1,779.298 $1,270.927
July 2029 $1,694.570 $1,366.588
August 2029 $1,412.141 $1,008.672
September 2029 $1,765.177 $1,423.530
October 2029 $2,206.471 $1,576.051
November 2029 $2,427.118 $1,957.353
December 2029 $2,718.372 $1,941.694
January 2030 $2,647.765 $2,135.294
February 2030 $3,177.318 $2,269.513
March 2030 $3,026.017 $2,440.336
April 2030 $2,521.681 $1,801.201
May 2030 $3,152.101 $2,542.017
June 2030 $3,940.126 $2,814.376
July 2030 $4,334.139 $3,495.274
August 2030 $4,854.236 $3,467.311
September 2030 $4,728.152 $3,813.026
October 2030 $5,673.782 $4,052.702
November 2030 $5,403.602 $4,357.744
December 2030 $4,503.002 $3,216.430

BNB Price Prediction (in INR): 2024 to 2030

(in INR)
Maximum Price Minimum Price
2024 ₹93,448.46 ₹30,707.78
2025 ₹1,63,942.42 ₹68,019.38
2026 ₹1,96,730.87 ₹34,518.94
2027 ₹1,11,634.35 ₹19,752.52
2028 ₹93,604.20 ₹21,539.54
2029 ₹1,82,876.73 ₹52,080.68
2030 ₹4,70,298.09 ₹1,49,288.58

In the coming years, there is a projected trend of fluctuating prices for the specified commodity. Looking ahead to 2024, the maximum price is estimated to reach ₹93,448.46, while the minimum is anticipated to stand at ₹30,707.78. Progressing into 2025, both the maximum and minimum prices are expected to see significant increases, reaching ₹1,63,942.42 and ₹68,019.38, respectively. The upward trajectory continues into 2026, with the maximum price projected to rise to ₹1,96,730.87 and the minimum to ₹34,518.94. However, a slight dip is foreseen in 2027, with the maximum price estimated at ₹1,11,634.35 and the minimum at ₹19,752.52. By 2028, the maximum price is anticipated to be ₹93,604.20, with the minimum expected to climb to ₹21,539.54. Subsequently, in 2029, both maximum and minimum prices are forecasted to increase, reaching ₹1,82,876.73 and ₹52,080.68, respectively. Finally, in 2030, there is a significant surge expected, with the maximum price projected to soar to ₹4,70,298.09 and the minimum to rise to ₹1,49,288.58. This forecast indicates a dynamic market with notable fluctuations in prices over the coming years.


Is investing in BNB wise?

One of the cryptocurrencies that expanded quickly is Binance Coin, therefore the coin has a lot of support from market aficionados. On top of that, it serves as the host coin for Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

What is the BNB price prediction 2025?

The maximum price prediction for BNB in 2025 is $1,978.022 and the minimum price prediction is $932.509.

What will be the value of BNB in 2030?

BNB Expect to reach $5,673.782 by the end of 2030.

Will BNB reach 1000 USD?

Binance ATH is $686.31, which happened on May 10, 2021, and is now currently trading at 569.17 USD as of 18th March 2024. According to our analysis, BNB could touch 1000 USD by this year.

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Is BNB a Good Investment in 2024?

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by trading volume. It will be interesting to watch if Binance maintains its position as the leading cryptocurrency exchange company over the next five years, according to price forecasts.

The IEO model and the most recent projects are mostly responsible for the treasured token’s ascent to prominence.

Once the bull market is back, the trading volume will be increasing. Binance may come with new products. The trust that the exchange has built over the years, will help them onboard more number of users.

And I think Binance and BNB, both have great futures. BNB is definitely a good investment to make in 2024.

For anyone wanting great returns from their cryptocurrency portfolio, BNB is a good coin to invest in for the long term.

The next two months could be bullish for BNB. For the short term, we may see a correction, and for those who are thinking of investing, that could be a good time to jump in.

Disclosure: We hold BNB in our portfolio. But this does not make this any investment advice. The price forecasted in this article – BNB Price Prediction 2024 to 2030 is generated using AI and does not guarantee that BNB will follow what’s predicted. Please DYOR before investing.

Also, do not forget to comment below your price prediction for BNB by the end of 2025.

Last updated: 18th March 2024