Everything about Kasta need to KnowWhen Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, it guaranteed a payment revolution which would eliminate the need for intermediaries such as banks, government and other financial institutions.  Satoshi Nakamoto, one of Bitcoin’s creators, imagined a future in which Bitcoin owners might also trade virtual money practically instantly, with no transfer fees or transaction waits.

Kasta, a cryptocurrency platform which makes payments quick, easy, as well as free, is an instance of this project. Payment with cash as well as cryptocurrencies has never ever been simpler than with Kasta, kudos to its simple swap engine as well as personalised debit card. 

Even though the platform is still very much in early stages, it has the ability of becoming a well-known payment system. Keep reading to learn everything that you need to know about Kasta as well as KASTA coins before you invest.

About Kasta Platform

Kasta is a cryptocurrency payment platform which promises to revolutionise the way people pay for things online. It accomplishes this just by facilitating peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency transactions that are instantaneous as well as borderless. Kasta’s platform, built on a foundation of integrity, technology, as well as convenience, aims to guide the globe toward global cryptocurrency acceptance as well as a crypto-based ecosystem.

If you’re just a cryptocurrency investor, you’ll understand that mainstream adoption is the largest roadblock to any lesser-known altcoin’s growth. Because some projects take an ecosystem-based approach, they often build barriers of entry, making it even harder for novices to participate. This is especially important in Kasta’s situation, as it is seeking to assist the globe in transitioning from a fiat-based to a crypto-based ecosystem.

While those new with crypto may be apprehensive at first, Kasta solves many of the problems associated with outdated currency payment services. These issues, which range from high transaction costs to long international transfer periods, might create a barrier to the users seeking quickness while transferring their funds.

While users may experience less troubles when using cryptocurrency payment solutions, major projects face challenges such as clumsy currency exchange processes as well as dealing with long crypto wallet addresses.

Kasta simplifies peer-to-peer payments by standardising many of the functionality found in useful applications including PayPal as well as Venmo. Kasta’s quick swap engine, for example, allows for seamless currency swaps whether to use fiat or cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Team Behind Kasta

Mr. Roegind has more than ten years of expertise in the startup world. He has a background in finance and game technology. He counsels businesses on how to communicate effectively with their customers. Carl Runefelt, co-founder as well as CMO. Mr. Bitcoin does have a million followers on Twitter.

Hans-Herko Lusmagi was employed as a lead designer for a prominent GameTech firm in Europe before becoming the CPO of Kasta. Sven-Erik Appelberg, Kasta’s CTO as well as co-founder, had collaborated with various B2B sports companies. These executives have a lot of industry experience and hence add a lot of value to Kasta.

Features of Kasta

Send Cryptocurrencies to your Mates

Kasta allows you to send as well as receive cryptocurrency instantaneously. Every transfer is simple and straightforward. Enter your friend’s mobile number or scan their QR code to transfer crypto.

Safe & Handy

This extensive system enables a consumer with no prior understanding of cryptocurrency to store, transfer, as well as receive cryptocurrency in even the most secure manner imaginable.

About KASTA Token

The ERC20 tokens KASTA, which are native to the Kasta platform, can be obtained on the Polygon network. KASTA tokens have a variety of applications as well as benefits inside the Kasta ecosystem, including fee reduction to staking bonuses. KASTA tokens would be critical to the platform’s overall success since they promote Kasta’s aim of guiding the world toward global cryptocurrency acceptance.

Here is the price chart shown below for the KASTA:

Everything about Kasta need to Know

What is the Purpose of it?

Perhaps you’ll be capable of paying with KASTA, but you will also be able to use it as a currency. Reduced exchange fees, increased yield rates, as well as additional incentives such as cashback as well as limited-design debit cards are also available to KASTA investors. KASTA tokens can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Debit cards with personalization
  2. Shared staking pools participation
  3. Cashback bonuses have been increased.
  4. Right to vote on future Kasta cashback brands
  5. Better benefits for referrals
  6. Lowered interest rates and exchange rates for “buy now, pay later” purchases


The maximum supply of KASTA tokens is 1.5 billion, with such a circulating supply which is set at 37.5 million. This concept isn’t a reason for concern because Kasta has purposefully implemented a five-year vesting period that locks in KASTA tokens. This successfully helps the platform to continue growing while minimising overall selling pressure for short-term traders. This demonstrates the team’s commitment to organically developing Kasta as well as rewarding investors to hold for the lengthy period.

  • KASTA Initial Circulating Supply: 37.5M
  • Initial Market Cap: $1.5M
  • Estimated Listing: Q1 2022
  • Token Type: ERC20(Polygon)
  • TGE Token Price: $0.040
  • Hard Cap: $6.5M
  • Total Supply: 1.5 BILLION

Token Allocation

Allocation and Vesting Period

  1. Seed: Vests daily over 22 months, beginning day 61 after listing (approx. 5% per month)
  2. Private: Vests daily over 17 months, beginning day 31 after listing (approx. 6% per month)
  3. TGE: 100% unlocked at listing
  4. Advisors: Vests daily over 60 months, beginning day 91 after listing (approx. 2% per month)
  5. Team: Vests daily over 50 months, beginning day 181 after listing (approx. 2% per month)
  6. Ecosystem & Referrals: Vests daily over 57 months, beginning day 91 after listing (approx. 2% per month)
  7. Development: Vests daily over 59 months, beginning day 31 after listing (approx. 2% per month)
  8. Marketing: Vests daily over 50 months, beginning day 31 after listing (approx. 2% per month)
  9. Operations: Vests daily over 24 months, beginning day 1 after listing (approx. 4% per month)
  10. Exchanges & Market making: 100% unlocked at listing
  11. Rewards: Variable emissions driven by user adoption
  12. General reserve: Vests daily over 59 months, beginning day 31 after listing (approx. 2% per month)

Is it a Good Idea to Invest in KASTA Tokens?

While comparing Kasta to opponents, there are a number of noteworthy advantages to discuss. The Kasta team clearly has their consumers’ best interests in mind, resolving both safety as well as cost concerns by partnering with BitGo  and therefore not imposing any P2P transaction fees.

Kasta wants to bring out debit cards, an affiliate programme, gamification, and a payment gateway which decreases exchange fees as part of their road map to entice even more consumers to switch to Kasta. In terms of Kasta’s engagement, purchasing KASTA tokens entitles users to lower exchange fees and higher staking yield rates.

KASTA lists on Bybit Exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has listed KASTA, a peer-to-peer payments platform. This is really a massive milestone for the initiative as it continues to focus on extending crypto-asset availability, including over 3 million users as well as a daily volume of much more than $7 billion. On January 5, 2022, at 12 p.m. UTC, the token was officially launched on the Bybit platform.

With such a good track record of ICO operations, Bybit is among the most potential cryptocurrency exchanges. They have a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and thus are eager to promote the best services accessible.

Upcoming Releases

Kasta Debit Card

They will introduce their own debit card, allowing clients to spend their money wherever.

Purchase Now, Pay Later

They’ll have a payment-focused system in which you can buy anything from an online retailer as well as decide when and how you want to pay for it later.

Earn Additional Income

Let’s not let the cryptocurrency sit in your wallet for too long. Instead, encourage it to develop. Their technology will identify the best profit with the least amount of risk.

Simple Engine Swap

Users will be able to choose whatever currency they want to receive payments in due to Kasta’s simple swap engine. As an example. BTC is sent, and EUR is received.


You can refer to the roadmap of Kasta by clicking to the link below:



Advisors and Partners

How to buy Kasta Token?

Kasta is a ERC20 Polygon based token. Kasta is available on Quickswap, ByBit, MEXC, Uniswap (Polygon). You can buy Kasta token from any of the above exchanges.


Kasta has already been trying to make a statement with its interesting structures as cryptocurrencies take shape in the financial world. In a sense, it is influencing the trend of cryptocurrencies. The business is driven by Kasta’s audience, which truly wants to take part in crypto. Katsa is shutting off any Western union as well as monetary scams by bringing consumers the newest technology.

When you deal with them, you won’t have to worry about making last-minute or urgent calls to send the money to your friends and family because they’ll come quickly and with fewer steps. Employees often like the ease of receiving payment early. You should also look forward to Katsa’s mind-blowing releases in 2022. You can learn more about them by visiting their website.