Everything about Charged Punks need to KnowStakeable NFTs are really a unique method to generate additional income. Charged punks is the next generation of revolutionary NFTs influenced by CyberKongz in the world of NFT. Prominent NFTs with ERC-20 tokens, such as CyberKongz, have seen their prices increase by up to 10000 percent since their release, as well as Charged Punks will be one of these in the coming future. 

This new way of generating additional income but it is still very much in infancy, resembling bitcoin which was released in 2013. At present time, there are really only very few NFTs which can create additional income, and Charged Punks intends to be among them. Read more about Charged Punks.

About Charged Punks

Charged punks is a derivate of Punks NFT. They are really a collection of 9999 stakeable NFTs which generates $CHARGE (ERC-20 token) each and every 24 hours. Also they are living on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The owners could redeem for WRAPPED ETH or even any other ERC-20 token on a DEX exchange platform such as Sushiswap at anywhere and at any time.

One of the main justifications to go and get charged punks would be to get into something like a new type of additional income while it is still in its infancy. The $CHARGE tokens, a type of an ERC-20 token with many functionalities, would be created by Charged Punks. A DEX Exchange platform which includes SushiSwap could be used to buy as well as sell this ERC 20 token.

Strongblock is an online platform that offers “NODE AS A SERVICE.” To obtain a NODE, the users need to purchase ten STRONG Tokens and thereafter run the NODE on their official website, which will generate 0.1 STRONG per day. Currently, 1 STRONG is worth between 450 and 500 dollars. 100 STRONGBLOCK NODES would support this CHARGE token. As a result, the $CHARGE token will have a huge deflationary value.

Minters as well as first owners would benefit greatly from the initial liquidity offered. Additionally, the Royalty (5-7.5%) gained from the secondary market sale, as well as the STRONG produced from 100 STRONGBLOCK NODES, would be used to buy it back the $CHARGES with ETH added to liquidity, thereby balancing as well as stabilising the token.

Holders would also be allowed to enter a weekly Raffle for which they would possess a specific quantity of $CHARGE, which would then be determined in the Community DAO.

In the previous seven days, 16 Charged Punks NFTs have been sold. Charged Punks had a total sales volume of $7.85k. One Charged Punks NFT has an average price of $490.6. Here is the price chart given below:

Charged punks

Currently, the minting is live with a public mint price of 0.1 ETH. You can mint by visiting their official website.

Charged Punks Art: Did I like it?

The art is cool. However, I could not find anything fancy. This is another Profile pic based NFT collections. The Charged Punks are very stylish though.

Roadmap of Charged Punks

Let’s Get Started

Following the successful launch of Charged Punks, the team completed the development of $CHARGE token, a multifunctional ERC 20 token with such a 24-hour withdrawal period for owners. 

Power It Up

Right after the creation of $CHARGE, liquidity will be added to it in SUSHISWAP. 

Community Led Governance

Community-led DAO driven by the NFT holders which will then be created on snapshot.org

Implementation of 3,3 System

Implementation of $CHARGE POOL, in which multiple users could stake their NFT and then all the $CHARGE generated would be sent to one 3 random holders who have staked in the pool.

Unique Characters Collection

Legendary Punks

Characters as well as specialisations are few. The Charged  Punks aren’t merely autostaked NFTs. Legendary punks are a select group of 25 punks who are worth the fight for. Keep an eye out for their Character NFTs, which are unique collectibles with a variety of special abilities (such as a monthly $CHARGE AIRDROP). Obtaining the Special Punks would provide the users with a variety of unique benefits and duties.

Their collection contains punks which, depending on the type of punk they’ve gotten, could create 5–20 $CHARGES every 24 hours for each holder.

Cool punks = 5 $CHARGE

Special punks = 10 $CHARGE

Legendary punks = 20 $CHARGE

Team behind Charged Punks

The team includes a group of artists, entrepreneurs, architects, as well as marketing specialists who adore crypto and therefore are wealthy holders. The team members are:

  • @ELMUSKO : Co-Founder and Blockchain Expert
  • @MacAndCheese: Co-Founder
  • @The_Alchemist: Artist
  • @MuskMelon: Content Writer

Being inspired from Cyberkongz, I believe this project will also be a tremendous success is it reaches out to a larger audience. 

For more information, you can visit the below links:

Final Verdict on Charged Punks NFT Collection

It could be a quick bet for flipping and making some money. However, I am not sure if it is a long term hold. The community is very new. I would be eager to see how they progress one month after the sale out to decide whether I should buy Charged Punks NFT collection for long term.