DeRace is a virtual NFT horse racing universe built on the blockchain system and powered by DERC. If you are someone who loves gambling, NFT’s and moonshot tokens, DeRace is the right platform for you. DeRace is a platform that imitates real-life horse gaming and provides the gamers with supreme horse racing experience. 

The concept of gaming is no longer limited to indoor and outdoor. It has expanded itself and changed drastically over the decades. The blockchain based NFT games have entered the gaming sphere with varying levels of complexity and success. The current year is a witness to the advent growth of crypto gaming in the form of NFT games. The NFT games are focussed on using the native cryptocurrency for generating and collecting special NFT’s that are useful for in-game adventures. 

What is DeRace?

DeRace : NFT Horse Racing Game 

DeRace is the first decentralised blockchain-based racehorse platform. It is a complete NFT horseracing ecosystem where the users participate in horse races, procreate their NFT horses with upgraded characteristics, and build their own NFT, gamble on the horses and earn while doing all this. DeRace has emerged as a combination of 3 noteworthy growing multi-billionaire markets which include video gaming, gambling and horse racing. 

DeRace allows its users to interact with their DNA enriched NFT horses and also have control over their hippodromes. The NFT horses have distinct characteristics including their appearance, cool-down time, stamina and speed. The blockchain technology used in DeRace allows transparent outcomes of the horse racing which makes the platform safe and reliable. DeRace also claims to be provable, community focused, and purposeful. 

DERC: DeRace Coin 

DeRace : NFT Horse Racing Game 

The DeRace platform has its own native token, DeRace Coin (DERC) which is responsible for carrying out all transactions including entry fees, prizes, NFT sales, Users rewards, etc. DERC is an ERC-20 token and is secured by the Ethereum blockchain. The project launched its initial IDO on 26th July, 2021 on DAO Maker. 

DeRace permits its users to earn DERC tokens which can be traded on various exchanges. The users can earn this token by participating in horse races, breeding NFT horses or hosting races in their NFT hippodrome. 

DERC: Token Details 



Coin Name DeRace Coin
Short Name DERC
Circulating Supply
Initial token supply
Mobile app Not available
Token Explorer click here
Twitter visit here
Whitepaper click here
Project valuation
Market Rank #2646
Current price $3.30
Initial market cap $873,000
Blockchain network Ethereum
Private round Fundraise $1,680,000
Seed Round Fundraise $360,000

What can we do on DeRace?

DeRace simulates real-life horsing and offers the users an authentic horse racing experience. The gameplay of DeRace is created to be complex as well as simple. The player can participate as a Horse owner, Bookmaker or a Bettor. The player can have different engagement including both active and passive gameplay. Their participation would determine the profit earned by the player. 

The platform contains different parts of the same industry. It is not just about horse racing. The horse owners can own, breed or trade horses and can even participate in the Horse races. The Hippodromes are people who host races, compete against each other to attract other players and Bettors. The Bettors can place their bets on the respective horses. 

Components of DeRace NFT Game

A platform which encourages video gaming, gambling as well as horse racing is made up of different gaming zones and components. Let’s have a project dive and look what’s underneath this virtual game :

NFT Horses

DeRace : NFT Horse Racing Game 

DeRace horses are very similar to authentic horses and have distinctive characteristics to define their worth. They are differentiated based on their performance, rarity, cool-down time and value. The NFT horses have visible characteristics like sex, color, shape, breed, breeding and cool-down time. The hidden characteristics include speed and stamina. 

The NFT technology is used to create different horses and these horses are stored as NFT tokens. The horses can be bought in the NFT marketplace. Or created through breeding. The user can always increase the level or skills of a horse by increasing their participation and activity on the platform. 

Horse Breeding

DeRace : NFT Horse Racing Game 

DeRace allows you to breed your horses, i.e., create your own horses. Two NFT tokens combined together form a third NFT token. The user has to select a male horse and a female horse with a breeding cool-down at 0 in order to create or breed a new horse.

Both NFT horse tokens are sent to GA (Genetic Algorithm) through Ethereum smart contract. The Genetic Algorithm generates a third NFT horse, combining the genes of the parent horses with a +- 5% deviation (RNG factor is applied) . This new horse and the parent horses are sent back to the player’s wallet through smart contract. The users can also earn profit by breeding horses. 

Horse Racing

DeRace : NFT Horse Racing Game 

The basic function of the DeRace platform is Horse Racing. It allows the users to make an income when their respective horses participate in the race. Each race consists of a set amount of horses. The owner of the horse can participate in the hippodrome race by paying a certain amount of fee. The horse that wins gets all the participant fees and also a % of the bettor’s amount. 

RNG technology is used to organise horse racing. The probability of winning is absolutely random. The speed and the stamina of the horse might influence the chances of a horse winning but it never determines the win. The players can choose the races to participate in from the “upcoming races”. The winner gets DeRace coins automatically transferred to their account 


DeRace : NFT Horse Racing Game 

All the races take place in the Hippodrome. 1 hippodrome contains 10,000 NFT tokens. The user can own a part of the hippodrome, and any player with more than 50% of the hippodrome gets the right to administrate races. The administrators of the HIppodrome race are called Bookmakers. The bookmakers decide how and when to conduct the races. 

Level systems for hippodromes are applied which depends on the number of races, and overall activity. The horse owner, the bettor and the bookmaker automatically get their payout after the winning. The payouts are auto-calculated and have no scope for any manipulation. The owners of hippodromes can also play without being online. 

Race Betting

The players can either choose to participate in the horse race or bet on a horse they think will win in order to earn money. A dashboard displays all the upcoming races which helps the players to filter the race they want to join or the one they want to bet on. The bettors can bet on the winning horse, top 5 horses or the horses that finish the race. 

The betting calculations, coefficient and the payouts are auto-calculated. The betting is an algorithm based component. The coefficients will be recalculated and fixed before each match. The payout will be immediately transferred to the bettor’s account as soon as the match ends. It will be given out in the form of DERC. 

Conclusion: Is DeRace a Good Game?

DeRace claims to electrify the current market. It combines three exponentially booming industries including video gaming, gambling and horse racing. The demand for gaming and gambling is huge in the crypto market and this can be beneficial for the DeRace platform. Crypto analysts see DeRace becoming the leader of the Horse racing and betting market. 

This platform also has chances for potential growth due to the blockchain based games and the NFT token. The decentralized market has witnessed unstoppable growth in the past 6 months and DeRace decentralized solutions guarantee transparency, Fairness, privacy and safety. With the latest technology, cheap transactions and play-to-earn mechanism, the game is soon to become the next best thing in the DeGaming market.