What is ZkSync? ZKSync is an Ethereum second-layer blockchain that leverages zk-rollups for scalability. Proactive cryptographic security is included in zero-knowledge-proof systems. ZkSync’s objective is to offer Ethereum with 1000 TPS (transactions per second) while retaining a good degree of censorship resistance as well as keeping money as secure as in the base L1 accounts. The protocol’s extremely low latency is another crucial component.

ZkSync mainnet

The mainnet, also called as ZkSync Era, was launched recently on 23rd of March, 2023. And after Arbitrum airdrop, zKsync is gaining traction, and investors are trying their best to get the next zkSYNC airdrop. In this post, we are going to discuss what all, as a crypto airdrop hunter, you can do to keep yourself ahead of others and how you can maximise your chances of getting maximum zKsync airdrop, when (and if) that happens.

Please note: There has not been any official airdrop announcement from zKsync team, and everything you would be doing is based on speculation. The steps mentioned in this guide involves financial risk, and monetory involvement. A minimum of 175USD is recommended.

ZkSync Token  and Airdrop

Recently ZkSync in an official announcement said they do not have any plan to launch any token immediately, however, launching token is on the cards and it may take atleast a year. ZkSync blockchain remains centralised for now, and in future, when they plan to decentralise it, they will launch a token.

ZKSync token confirmed

So, for those who are interested in ZkSync airdrop, you have plenty of time to interact with the dApps, and all that steps, we will be mentioning in this detailed ZkSync airdrop guide.

Projects usually do not mention about airdrop in future, but it is a great way to grow the ecosystem by distributing rewards to more and more web 3.0 users, and this is why we strongly think there is going to be an airdrop at the time of token launch.

ZkSync Airdrop Prerequisities: Things you Need to Download or Install or Configure

  1. Download Metamask and configure it for ZkSync Era network. You can do so with just one click by visiting Chainlist.
  2. Download Argent wallet
  3. You need some funds in the form of ETH in your ETH mainnet. I recommend atleast 0.1ETH

How to get ZkSync airdrop?: Step by Step guide

Step 1: Interaction with ZkSync lite (ZkSync v1 – pre-mainnet launch)

Interaction with zkSync lite may have earned you some additional points. You could bridge tokens, and also upload an NFT. After the launch of ZkSync era (mainnet), this step is no more possible. However, fret not. Follow the other steps and you may still be eligible for the upcoming zkSync airdrop.

Step 2: Interaction with ZkSync era (ZkSync V2 – mainnet)

Here is a detailed user guide for you on how to interact with ZkSync mainnet:

zksync wallet

Bridging assets to ZkSync Era Mainnet

Go to this website: zkSync wallet and bridge some funds to the ZkSync era. You can use different bridges for this but I recommend you to use the official bridge for atleast once. Remember, since you would be bridging from Ethereum mainnet to a layer 2 ( here – ZkSync era), it will cost you a good amount gas fee (approx 5-6USD, but it could vary depending upon the network congestion).

Zksync bridge

Once bridged, the funds should appear in 2-10 minutes depending upon the network congestion.

Once done, if you need more funds, you can later move funds from other networks like Polygon, BSC, Arbitrum etc using other bridges. I recommend using Orbiter.Finance and Rhino.fi. These are the two bridges I have used to complete this step.


a. Zigzag exchange: One such platform where you can trade on ZkSync is ZigZag Exchange.

Once your funds are already on ZkSync, it is time to make some trades, and to do that we will use a decentralised crypto exchange: ZigZag.

Connect your wallet, and do some swap. It is recommended to use ZigZag on regular basis. Since the $ZKS token will come after one year, monthly 4-5 swaps will help. The more the trading volume the better it is.

Note: Zigzag already has a token. So doing swaps on Zigzag will not get you Zigzag tokens. However, there are tokenless protocols that you can swap which is discussed below.

b. SpaceFi exchange: 

Go to Spacefi, and swap some tokens on SpaceFi exchange. You can swap 50%ETH to USDC.

You can then add liquidity on SpaceFi: Add USDC and ETH in 50-50 proportion.

Once done, you can either let the liquidity stay to earn you rewards based on the swaps that take place on the exchange or remove liquidity and then swap USDC back to ETH.

Note: Spacefi already has their own token.

c. Syncswap exchange

Syncswap is another exchange where you can swap ETH for USDC and then USDC back to ETH. Like SpaceFi, you can use use Syncswap for adding liquidity too. If you have funds, it is better to let them stay for sometime that will help you earn some rewards.

d. Mute.switch

Mute is another decentralised exchange on ZkSync that you can to trade on. Additionally, you can also add liquidity. Mute already has token, and hence you may not be eligible for any airdrop on Mute.

Minting NFT on Mintsquare

You can visit Mintsquare and mint an NFT on ZkSync mainnet. To mint, add an image, name your NFT, add description and click on Mint. Additionally, if you like any NFT collection on ZkSync, you could also buy one. However, please know that there would be very less liquidity and your entire investment may go for a toss. I would not be buying any NFT on Mintsquare unless I see good liquidity and traction.

Other Activities on zkSync Mainnet

There are some other functions you can perform on the zkSync Mainnet that will help increase your chances of getting $ZKS airdrop.

Use Orbiter.Finance

You can bridge certain ETH funds through the ZkSync native Bridge and also put Orbiter Finance to use. Orbiter Finance do not have token as well and may launch token in the future. Using Orbiter finance may make you eligible for the future Orbiter Finance airdrop. I already have created a guide on how to use Orbiter finance for $ORB airdrop.

Active Testnet Activities on zkSync

You must join Tevaera testnet which is the very first game built on zkSync. By playing this game you can mint NFT on zkSync Testnet, Mint Citizen ID & Earn Karma Points.

For more information on airdrops:

Risks Involved in Hunting $ZKS ZkSync Airdrop

Please know these dApps mentioned in this article are new, and are prone to hacks. If the platform gets hack, there are chances you may lose your investment. It is better to use a separate wallet for ZkSync airdrop and keep very less funds on the wallet and revoke access once you are done accessing the dApps.

Before interacting with any dApp, please go through their socials, website, DYOR before using it. If you know how to read smart contracts, you may also want to go through their smart contract.

Future potential & Additional Advice for $ZKS airdrop

ZkSync presently does not have a native token but the mainnet is already launched. However, the company explicitly states on their website that a ZkSync native token would be there in one year time, which would be used for staking and becoming a validator in the zkSync network. Users of the zkSync network may get a token distribution, similar to the Optimism airdrop.

It is very early for ZkSync airdrop. The goal should not be to just get free $ZKS token when the launch through airdrop. The ultimate goal should be to use ZkSync era for everything crypto: from trading to bridging.

Keep yourself in loop, use zkSync dapps on regular basis till ZKS token in launched. If you are planning to farm for $ZKS airdrop, do not link wallets with each other.

That’s all for now. Make sure to join our telegram group, subscribe to our newsletter and bookmark this page. We will keep updating this ZkSync airdrop guide.