$ARB airdrop tokens can be claimed starting 23rd of March, 2023. Arbitrum had recently informed its users of the launch of their new native governance token- the $ARB. The launch will be accompanied by a massive airdrop and will be received by eligible individuals.

Keeping in mind the huge potential this launch has, crypto users are actively looking for how they can claim the much hyped $ARB airdrop token.

$ARB token will be trading on popular crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase and Kucoin. There are speculations $ARB could touch 5USD tomorrow which is why a lot of $ARB airdrop winners want to claim the token and sell it before everyone else.

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In this article, we will take you through a step by step process on how you can claim $ARB airdrop token.

Arbitrum token airdrop claiming is now live.

Claim $ARB airdrop token

Arbitrum and $ARB token – A Brief Overview

Before we dive deep into how you can exactly claim the $ARB airdrop, let’s first get a brief understanding of the protocol, its token and the upcoming airdrop.

What is Arbitrum?

We are all aware that Arbitrum is a layer 2 based scaling technology that focuses on reducing the expense of transactions and the congestion on the Ethereum network. Arbitrum uses an Optimistic Rollup setup to achieve its vision.

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What is The ARB token?

The ARB token is being launched as a strictly native governance token for the Arbitrum ecosystem. It will facilitate the users who hold the coin with voting powers within the Arbitrum DAO. As a result, individuals will not only be able to take part in the decision making steps of the protocol but consequentially will also be able to contribute towards the evolution and direction of Arbitrum. The total supply of the Arbitrum token is currently set at 10 billion.

On 23 March 2023, The Arbitrum Ecosystem will initiate an airdrop of more than 1 billion $ARB tokens and the eligible users will be decided on the basis of the snapshot taken in February.

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How to claim $ARB Airdrop tokens?

Primarily we see two ways in which you can claim $ARB airdrop token, if you are eligible.

  1. Directly from the Arbitrum.Foundation website.
  2. Smart contract

How to claim $ARB Airdrop tokens from the website?

The first means to claim Arbitrum airdrop is by visiting the Arbtitrum foundation website.

Doing so might appear simple, but a major problem that rises is the large number of users would be trying to claim their rewards once the claim starts. There is a lot of hype around $ARB token launch and with the huge traffic on the website, the site could potentially crash.

As an alternative solution, you can claim the token directly from the $ARB smart contract. Let’s look at how you can get your reward through the contract.

How to claim $ARB airdrop directly from the smart contract?

If you choose to ask for your reward directly from the contract, then you can not only manage to get the tokens before others but you will also be able to send them on an exchange and then sell them at a better price.

Follow the given steps to do so (RISKY)

  1. Go to the Arbiscan website by clicking on this link (https://arbiscan.io/)
  2. In the search bar type “ARB” and then in the drop down option select the verified Arbitrum contract. This is actually the official Arbitrum token. You may see more than ARB tokens smart contract. Ensure you are choosing the right contract.
  3. Under the profile summary section, you will be able to view the contract address. The correct Arbitrum smart contract address is- “0x912ce59144191c1204e64559fe8253a0e49e6548”. Just copy this address and use it to import tokens.
  4. To do the importing simply open up your MetaMask wallet and go to “Assets”.
  5. Now click on “Import Tokens” and then under the token address bar paste the contract address you had copied.
  6. After this click on “Custom Import” and then import the tokens.
  7. Now go back to the ARB token section in Arbiscan. Go on “Holders” and then click on the fourth option which is “Arbitrum Foundation: Token Distributor”. This is the contract for the airdrop.
  8. Under the title “FILTERED BY TOKEN HOLDER (Arbitrum Foundation: Token Distributor)” you will see a contract address which is “0x912ce59144191c1204e64559fe8253a0e49e6548”. Click on it to view the address page.
  9. Now click on the “Contract” option. Then go to “Write Contract”.
  10. After this select “Connect a Web3” and then connect your meta mask wallet. Alternatively, you can also use WalletConnect instead of Meta Mask
  11. Click on “claim(0x…)“, then select “Write”. When you do this, you will see a meta mask pop up. Once the contracts are enabled you will be able to claim the tokens by clicking on “confirm”.

Please note that as gas fees you might have to give some cents and so make sure you have those funds in your wallet.

Please verify the smart contract address from Coingecko or Coinmarketcap

What to do after claiming the $ARB airdrop?

After claiming the $ARB tokens successfully, you can then send it to the crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase and Kucoin or sell it to on a decentralised exchange like Uniswap before other airdrop winners. Following the smart contract way will keep you ahead of others.

However, if you are not in a hurry and wish to hold the $ARB tokens, then claiming through the Arbitrum.Foundation website is advisable. Do not be in a hurry, as in the initial 30 minutes, there may be a gas war.

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Things to keep in Mind While Claiming your $ARB airdrop tokens

  1. You will have plenty of time to claim $ARB tokens.
  2. Do not fall for scam websites.
  3. Revoke permission to any other faulty or scam smart contract before claiming starts.
  4. You may end up paying high gas fee while claiming $ARB token directly from the smart contract.
  5. You may lose your tokens, if you make a mistake in the process.