Layer Zero is one of the most promising blockchain protocol to come up in recent times. Layer Zero essentially works on omnichain interoperability principles and allows users to enjoy many features associated with the omnichain communication and an infrastructure that is decentralised.

The Layer Zero protocol is employed by users to pass messages that are lightweight in nature, across multiple networks. Their message delivery system is claimed to be not only extremely authentic but it is also supposed to work with a foundation of trustlessness.

The platform has recently announced the launch of its new token, which also hints that there might be a profitable airdrop coming soon. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about the Layerzero Airdrop and how you can be eligible for it.

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LayerZero Airdrop Guide

Layerzero Airdrop: Steps to do to be eligible for the $ZRO airdrop

When we look at the things you can do to be eligible for an upcoming Layerzero airdrop, there is a variety of things we can touch upon. However, it is essential to focus on the main aspects and most importantly remain active on the platform.

Engaging with Layerzero protocol is the best way possible to stand a chance of winning the rewards. Here are the various ways in which you can accomplish this and increase the probability of getting the layerzero airdrop.

  • Joining the discord server
  • Using the Testnet to Bridge USDC
  • Using the Stargate DAO
  • Employing the LiquidSwap platform
  • Working with the Aptos Bridge

Joining the LayerZero discord server

For many crypto projects, especially the ones that are relatively new in the market, community engagement is a top priority. By joining the discord server hosted by Layer Zero you can not only stay updated with the new developments on the protocol but also win some points for engagement. By staying active on it, you increase your visibility and can become a loyal user of the platform.

To become a part of the discord server first obviously make sure you have a discord account set up and then click on this link to join their server.

Using Stargate Finance: Bridge and Stake

The Stargate Finance is definitely one of the most popular products of Layer Zero since it is a native asset bridge which is completely composable and also created on the protocol. Often engaging with the most viable products of the protocol that is hosting the airdrop can help you get closer to getting the rewards. We will mainly perform two things on Stargate.

In order to interact with Stargate, follow the given steps:

  1. Using the Stargate.Finance bridge: Use the bridge created by Stargate Finance by visiting this link and transferring funds from one network to the other multiple times.
  2. Stake STG: It is also advisable to make use of the native token STG. You can buy some STG and also stake it on the platform using this link. Purchasing of STG can be done on exchanges that are both centralized as well as decentralised. I recommend you to buy atleast 50STG and stake it to gate a minimum of 25 Stargate Voting power (veSTG). If you buy more STG and you may not need to stake for a longer duration. I have staked till my 50 STG till 31st of October 2024 to get veSTH>25.stargate staking
  3. Vote of Stargate Proposal: Voting on Stargate is another very practical way of multiplying your chances. Just go to the Stargate DAO Proposals page using this link and use your voting power to vote on the multiple proposals present. Currently there is no open proposal, but do not fret. I will update you once there is an open proposal. To stay updated, join our telegram group @Cryptobullsclub and subscribe to our Telegram channel @Cryptobullsclubch.

Employing the LiquidSwap platform

LiquidSwap is the very first DEX built on the Pontem Network. It is a great Automated Market Maker that positions itself as the safest and most scalable L1 blockchain. LiquidSwap collaborated with LayerZero to build a Bridge using which you can easily transfer APT funds and other assets from one blockchain to the other.

You can bridge tokens from any Ethereum Virtual Machine chain to the Aptos network or the other way around too. Keep in mind that EVM to EVM transactions are not possible on the bridge. Visit the bridge by clicking here and start to perform your transactions. You can also refer to the tutorial officially published by the LiquidSwap team to get a better idea of how to perform these transfers.

Liquidswap bridge

Basically, with Liquidswap, you can bridge from APTOS to ETH, Arbitrum and Optimism chains and vice versa. For this, you need to simply connect your Metamask wallet and Aptos wallet with the platform, and bridge. I recommend you to bridge WETH between Arbitrum and Aptos, which will cost you lowest fee and fastest time. Moving funds from Optimism to Aptos may take upto 3 days. And we already know using bridging from ETH bridge will cost us highest gas fee.

Working with the Aptos Bridge

Just like LiquidSwap, even Aptos launched an Aptos Bridge that has been facilitated by the Layer Zero protocol. Using this bridge you can perform transfers from chains like Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Polygon and BSC to Aptos. The coins that you can send to Aptos are USDC, USDT, and ETH.

Aptos bridge

Please note moving funds from Aptos chain to Arbitrum will cost you 48 hours time as you can see in the image above. So plan accordingly.

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Using Testnet bridge

You can also use the Testnet bridge to buy some gETH. To interact with many testnets, you need gETH. While it was free earlier and you could have got in plenty, currently, the availability is low. With Goerli faucets, it takes a week to get gETH sufficient for using one testnet. So for those who can afford to buy gETH, use this bridge to buy some gETH. I used 0.0005 ETH I had in my Arbitrum chain to buy 9 gETH in my Goerli chain.

Since Testnet bridge is also build with Layerzero, it will count as one transaction.

Feel free to perform all these steps multiple times, on multiple days.

We will be updating the Layerzero Airdrop guide as we use more platforms that use LayerZero. For now, kindly find some time and complete all these steps. Also join our group @Cryptobullsclub to discuss more on $ZRO airdrop and more.

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To conclude

Currently, there is not a lot of official information available to the users about the upcoming Layerzero airdrop. However, LayerZero has dropped enough hints for the experts to suspect a huge airdrop on its way. Hence, as a vigilant user, you must always stay on your toes and be ready for such lucrative opportunities.

By doing the things mentioned in the article you can not only gain a lot from the benefits Layer Zero has to offer but also stand a chance to win big when the airdrop does arrive. As an early engager with the platform, you will stay a step ahead of the rest and enjoy several advantages without a lot of investment.

However, remember that this is just a guide on how you can improve your chances of achieving the Layerzero airdrop. In no way should it be taken as financial advice. Any investment and monetary decision should be solely yours and must be taken after thorough research and contemplation.