coinlist human token sale


  • Registration for HUMAN token on CoinList is now open
  • Deadline for the same is June 15, 7:30 IST
  • Sale will go live on June 17 at 10:30 p.m. IST

CoinList, a well known platform where one can get obtain significant new tokens prior to their listing on other exchanges, has recently announced a HUMAN token sale which is to take place on June 17 at 10:30 IST. CoinList is a safe, secure and compliant platform that gives you the chance to be an early bird and get a hold of the best tokens before they’re out on various exchanges. Over 20,000 investors have invested about $800M on this platform. It even provides the facility to safely store crypto-assets with it for no charge.

What is HUMAN Protocol?

HUMAN protocol is a technology designed to permit humans and machines to indulge in trading of all kinds of labour on a public automated market. It includes real human relations, and has:

  • Set in motion thousands of jobs
  • Billions of duties carried out
  • More than 1,00,000 tasks per job reinforced
  • Encompasses diversity from over 200+ countries

Out of the considerable amount of work that is conducted through the HUMAN protocol, only a few are the ones that make it on-chain, and even those are themselves enveloped into batches so as to avoid overloading on the blockchain. HUMAN protocol offers entry to an expansive data stamping capacity and provides high-quality, detailed data. This protocol ensures that there is more interaction between humans and machines so as to acquire better and factual machine intelligence. Its group of responders function in 247 countries, promoting diversification.

What is the HUMAN Token (HMT)?

HUMAN Token is a utility token for HUMAN-generated labor markets.

HMT is collected, produced, and transmitted throughout the network actors in this manner:

  • The Requester¬†of labor uses up HMT, and then prefunds the Smart Bounty created for the job which is then preserved in an escrow (a bond or deed held in trust) by smart contracts.
  • Workers¬†gain HMT by finishing the work. If the work is done according to the criteria set by the Requester, it is determined by the Reputation Oracle. In case of the contrary, the job is terminated.
  • The Reputation Oracle acquire HMT for authenticating the work.
  • The Exchanges collect HMT for the work being in the same league as the requested job.

What does HUMAN protocol have to offer?


Unlike banks or financial institutions that require you to trust them with your data and records, HUMAN protocol does not require you to invest your faith as HUMAN software implements the rules, and smart contracts make sure that the bounty is released only when the task is done according to the required standards.

Global micro-payments

HUMAN channels power million times a day in reference to micropayments.

Consistent markets and integration

To all intents and purposes, every characteristic of the exchange is self-moving for the user, as smart contracts authenticate the settlements.

HMT Token Sale Details on CoinList

Investors can choose from any of the below mentioned options:

  1. Price: 0.50 USD/HMT token. Min purchase: 100 USD. Max purchase: 2000 USD. Lockup – 12 months of linear release
  2. Price: 0.75 USD/HMT token. Min purchase: 100 USD. Max purchase: 1000 USD. Lockup= Around 10th August 2021.

HMT Coinlist Token Sale: Should You Invest in it?

From what I have seen is most of the Coinlist projects do well. HMT looks like a good token to purchase from Coinlist. There is a lot of hype around HMT. They have got some great partnerships and integrations.

If you do not have Coinlist account, please go and create in now:

Human Protocol Details: HMT tokens



Update: Human Protocol Token (HMT) to List on August 10

Human Protocol has announced that HMT will be trading on CoinList Pro,, and the CoinList mobile app on August 10, at 4.30 PM UTC. It would be interesting to see what kind of returns would HMT be giving on Day 1. Long term, I am bullish on HMT.

Should you BUY, SELL or HODL HMT?

HMT is a long term hold. However it is expected that it will see a hike in the price on Day 1 and slowly dump. Presale investors will book some profit. And eventually will rise in a month or two.

Last updated: 10th August 2021