Bware Labs, a blockchain company based in Bucharest, announced on March 22 the general availability of its API infrastructure.

The infrastructure is named BLAST, which stands for Bware Labs API Service Terminal. It offers a refined user experience, along with a range of capabilities, such as the Projects feature that allows for separate user environments, visualization use, and a Playground for testing user-generated endpoints before integrating them into apps.

By launching the new platform, Bware Labs confirmed its commitment to being the leading API provider and providing support for the multitude of blockchains emerging today.

Bware Labs

BLAST to Make a Difference in the Blockchain Sphere 

BLAST is an API platform offering robust and high-geared access to blockchain for both businesses and individual developers. The multi-chain subscription-based platform will efficiently route any request to integrated networks, which is just one of the several features that are part of it.

Users benefit from the Projects capability because it allows them to create a multiple environment separation by supporting the libraries along the way. Customers have an option to generate an individual API endpoint for every blockchain network that is supported, which can be done with just one Project space. The total number of Projects customers can create will differ depending on the subscription plan they select.

BLAST also offers usage analytics in the form of various visualizations and charts. Users can consult them to monitor their overall usage, plan future actions, and adapt the infrastructure to meet the displayed app requirements. Moreover, customers have access to charts at different stages of aggregation, from simple endpoint visualizations to global statistics.

The Free subscription tier limits users to 12 million monthly requests and 25 RPS. Moreover, users of the free plan can get ten websocket connections for every endpoint. By selecting the Developer subscription, users will get up to 18 million monthly requests, 50 RPS, and 20 websocket connections. Finally, the Startup tier offers 45 million requests, 100 RPS, and 100 websocket connections. Customers can pick a subscription for any time length and extend or switch tiers whenever they want.

The platform also features a custom plan for Enterprise users. Enterprise businesses will get in touch with Bware Labs representatives to discuss how the company will be able to provide tailored infrastructure access requirements.

Subscription fees are billed with stablecoins, streamlining the integration of all customers into the crypto ecosystem and providing predictable costs for infrastructure. Customers will be required to use Metamask, a popular browser-based cryptocurrency wallet, to add funds to their accounts and authenticate accounts.

What’s Next for Bware Labs?

After the launch of BLAST, the company will focus on the onboarding node owners, who will be part of an incentivized testnet. This process has several phases, including testing and validating the decentralized API architecture. Members of the testnet will receive a portion of the revenue generated by the platform and will have the option of staking BWR tokens to earn additional income.