2022 has been shaky for cryptocurrency investors, and with Bitcoin’s price dropping from 69 thousand dollars to almost 30 thousand dollars and then up again to 42000 USD, investors are not able to decide what to do with the altcoins.  Ethereum also saw a significant drop, falling from 4800 USD to 3200 USD. While the top 10 altcoins have managed to stay above 50 percent from their ATH, some of the lower cap altcoins like Dogecoin and Shib saw more than 70 percent drop.

Top Altcoins for buying in Q2 2022

While the cryptocurrency prices have dropped, it also created a good time to add some of them to your portfolio. As Experts say, you should be buying when no body is taking about coins. Here, in this article we have mentioned some of the top altcoins Q2 2022 that could outperform the crypto market.

  1. Ethereum 
  2. Algorand
  3. SAND

Why Ethereum is a good buy for Q2 2022?

Let us now try to understand why Ethereum is a good buy for Q2 2022. Ethereum is the best layer 1 protocol cryptocurrency with the highest marketcap among all altcoins. Technically speaking, Ethereum has formed an excellent double bottom which to me is a bullish sign.


We have observed breakout from this pattern which means ETH could be heading towards 3647 USD. This is a short term target. I personally treat Ethereum as my long term investment. I see Ethereum reaching a 5 digit number soon by the end of this year.

Now let us move to our second altcoin recommendation for 2022 Q2.

Algorand: Why ALGO is a good buy today?

Like Ethereum, ALGO is also a layer 1 protocol. Currently it is priced at around 0.83 USD and almost has reach the bottom. Algo is currently at #30 position on Coingecko.

Buying now could give great return in the next 3 months.

There is a high chance of the chart forming an inverse Head and Shoulder.

When ALGO breakouts, we could be potentially looking at a price point of 1 USD, and then 1.8 and on further breakout, it could go above 3 USD.

Why SAND is a good buy for Q2 2022?

SAND is probably one of the best Metaverse projects out there. From a ATH price of more than 8 USD, it is currently trading at 3.3 USD. While you could wait to buy it in between 2.6 to 2.8 USD, which I think is a perfect buy zone, however, I have already started adding SAND to my portfolio.

My price target for SAND is a min 10 USD. In future, if the METAVERSE trend stays, it could easily touch 20 to 30 USD by the end of this year or next.

If you wish to add SAND to your portfolio, I would suggest you to wait a bit. Technically speaking, in short term, we could see a pullback.

Top 3 Altcoins to buy in March 2022 (Video in Hindi)

We have also made a video on the best altcoins to buy for Q2, 2022 in Hindi. You can watch it below.

I think adding these 3 altcoins to your portfolio in March 2022 could be a good idea, and we have already discussed why. Please understand,  whatever we have discussed is from an educational point of view.Kindly do your own research before buying. I personally stay Bitcoin heavy and add very less altcoins to my portfolio.