$MEME token, is a unique digital asset from Memeland, a project initiated by the popular meme platform 9GAG. Despite lacking utility, a roadmap, or promises of future development, $MEME has gained attention with a remarkable 24.9x ROI on its first day, reaching a $219 million market cap and a $1.72 billion Fully Diluted Market Cap. As of 15th March 2024, the price of MEME stands at $0.04774. The current market cap is $555,064,380.

Originating from the creative minds behind 9GAG, Memecoin stands out with its unique approach, embracing the ethos of pure meme culture. $MEME introduces a distinctive digital asset dedicated solely to memes. With a fixed supply of 69 billion tokens distributed across various pools, each unlocking over specified schedules, MEME showcases a commitment to both fairness and long-term sustainability. However, the current supply is just 16.85% of the total supply.

In this post, we are going to learn more about $MEME token, about MEMELAND project, and its price prediction from 2024 to 2030.

About MEME

Name Memecoin
Token MEME
Price (as of 15th March 2024) $0.04774
Circulating Supply 11,625,206,596 MEME
Total Supply 69,000,000,000 MEME
market cap
Fully diluted
market cap
Website Click here
Whitepaper Click here
ATH $0.05548
ATL $0.01706


Deployed as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, the MEMECOIN defies typical expectations—there’s no utility, no roadmap, no promises, and no anticipation of financial returns. The 69 billion MEME tokens are allocated for diverse purposes, including ecosystem development, airdrops, contributors, private sales, community presales, advisory purposes, and Binance Launchpool liquidity.

Security audits by third-party firms like Slowmist attest to the integrity of Memecoin’s smart contracts. Additionally, a bug bounty program encourages the community to contribute to the platform’s security.

MEMECOIN’s essence lies in the belief that meme culture needs just one representative coin, aptly named the MEME, fostering a space where community participation and creativity take precedence over conventional expectations.

What is Memeland? 

Memeland, a venture studio emerging from the creators of 9GAG, embarks on a web3-focused journey to connect creators and communities through the realms of creativity, MEME, and NFTs. Born in 2008, the team’s evolution from obscurity to a global 200 million audience across diverse social platforms, notably through 9GAG, epitomizes their commitment to continuous innovation.

Memeland’s collections, including mythical trophies and unique groups like The Potatoz and The Captainz, form the cornerstone of their creative endeavors. As they venture into web3, Memeland introduces MEMECOIN (MEME), a distinctive digital asset purely dedicated to memes. Straying from conventional expectations, MEME carries no utility, roadmap, promises, or financial return expectations. Memeland’s future projects, such as Holders.com, GMGM.com, Stakeland, and Petsland, underscore their commitment to building a diverse, community-driven space.

With blockchain technology at its core, Memeland invites participants to join them in this uncharted territory, promising to give their best while refraining from setting predefined limits on the project’s potential.

Tokenomics of MEME

MEME operates with a total token supply fixed at 69 billion, strategically distributed across seven key categories, each adhering to a specified unlocking timeline. This approach is meticulously designed to ensure the project’s long-term sustainability while injecting sufficient initial liquidity during its early stages to maintain an active momentum.

MEME’s available supply over time is contingent on factors such as the MEME claim rate. The underlying smart contracts governing MEME are executed on the Ethereum blockchain, utilizing the ERC-20 standard. Key contracts include Memecoin (token contract) and Memecoin Fire Sale (for ETH deposits during the fire sale).

The claimable MEME is locked up for airdrop and presale participants through Memecoin Claim contracts, each tailored to different allocation types. Additionally, Memecoin MultiClaim facilitates the mass claiming of MEME from Fire Sale and Airdrop in a single transaction, optimizing user experience and reducing gas fees.

Security audits by third-party firms, exemplified by the Slowmist report, validate the integrity of MEME’s smart contracts. A bug bounty program encourages the community to report any anomalies on the MEMECOIN website or dashboards.

Benefits of Trading on MEME

Diverse Allocation for Stability: MEME’s allocation strategy spans various categories, ensuring stability and sustained project growth.

Innovative Tokenomics: With a fixed supply of 69 billion and distinct unlocking schedules, MEME presents a unique tokenomics model, fostering long-term sustainability.

ERC-20 Standard on Ethereum: MEME operates as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, providing a familiar and widely supported infrastructure for traders.

Security Assurance: Rigorous security audits by third-party firms, including Slowmist, affirm the integrity of MEME’s smart contracts, instilling confidence among traders.

Community-Centric Approach: MEME emphasizes community involvement, with benefits for contributors, airdrop recipients, and participants in various phases of the project.

Use Cases of MEME

  • Ecosystem Development (30%): Allocated to nurture the community and build the MEME ecosystem, fostering sustained growth.
  • Airdrops (25%): Expressing gratitude to the community, MEME allocates 25% for multiple airdrops, enhancing user engagement.
  • Contributors (17%): Partners and contributors receive 17%, recognizing their role in building the MEME platform.
  • Private Sale (12%): External investors and super crew holders benefit from a 12% allocation through a private presale.
  • Community Presale (11%): The greater Memeland community gains 11% through a fire sale, promoting inclusivity.
  • Advisory (3%): Allocated for seeking guidance and expertise, emphasizing the importance of strategic counsel.
  • Binance Launchpool (2%): Initial liquidity on exchanges is facilitated through a 2% allocation, enhancing market accessibility.

Where to Purchase MEME?

You can purchase Memecoin (MEME) on popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken. Create an account, complete verification, and deposit funds.

Search for MEME on the platform, place a buy order, and stay informed about market trends. Consider decentralized exchanges like Uniswap for a decentralized trading experience. Always use secure wallets and follow best practices for managing your crypto assets.

Check multiple exchanges for the most convenient and cost-effective options based on your location.

MEME Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
March 2024 $0.062 $0.039
April 2024 $0.081 $0.054
May 2024 $0.089 $0.074
June 2024 $0.091 $0.076
July 2024 $0.109 $0.091
August 2024 $0.122 $0.102
September 2024 $0.125 $0.104
October 2024 $0.131 $0.109
November 2024 $0.144 $0.120
December 2024 $0.173 $0.144

In March 2024, the maximum price is expected to reach $0.062, while the minimum price is anticipated to be around $0.039. As April arrives, the market is forecasted to witness a rise in prices, with a maximum potential of $0.081 and a minimum of $0.054. Moving into May, prices are projected to surge further, reaching a maximum of $0.089 and a minimum of $0.074. By December 2024, memes circulating around the market may reflect the substantial growth, with prices soaring to a maximum of $0.173 and a minimum of $0.144.

MEME Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $0.190 $0.153
February 2025 $0.200 $0.143
March 2025 $0.220 $0.177
April 2025 $0.176 $0.126
May 2025 $0.191 $0.154
June 2025 $0.229 $0.164
July 2025 $0.225 $0.181
August 2025 $0.270 $0.193
September 2025 $0.297 $0.239
October 2025 $0.270 $0.193
November 2025 $0.275 $0.222
December 2025 $0.303 $0.216

Throughout 2025, the price trends are expected to fluctuate. Starting in January, prices are likely to rise, with a high of $0.190 and a low of $0.153. February might bring even higher peaks, potentially reaching $0.200, while the lowest could stabilize around $0.143. March could see a significant jump to around $0.220 at its peak and $0.177 at its lowest. The summer months, like August and September, are anticipated to bring the biggest surprises, with prices soaring to $0.270 and $0.297 respectively for the highs, and the lows not dropping below $0.193 and $0.239. However, by December 2025, brace yourselves for some serious meme-worthy moments, as prices are projected to skyrocket to a maximum of $0.303 while maintaining a minimum of $0.216.

MEME Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $0.363 $0.293
February 2026 $0.291 $0.208
March 2026 $0.224 $0.180
April 2026 $0.201 $0.144
May 2026 $0.181 $0.146
June 2026 $0.139 $0.100
July 2026 $0.115 $0.093
August 2026 $0.089 $0.064
September 2026 $0.112 $0.090
October 2026 $0.139 $0.100
November 2026 $0.153 $0.124
December 2026 $0.172 $0.123

MEME Price Prediction 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $0.206 $0.166
February 2027 $0.165 $0.118
March 2027 $0.150 $0.121
April 2027 $0.127 $0.091
May 2027 $0.107 $0.086
June 2027 $0.082 $0.059
July 2027 $0.066 $0.053
August 2027 $0.051 $0.036
September 2027 $0.064 $0.051
October 2027 $0.080 $0.057
November 2027 $0.088 $0.071
December 2027 $0.098 $0.070

MEME Price Prediction 2028-2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $0.118 $0.095
February 2028 $0.094 $0.067
March 2028 $0.086 $0.069
April 2028 $0.073 $0.052
May 2028 $0.061 $0.049
June 2028 $0.056 $0.040
July 2028 $0.070 $0.056
August 2028 $0.090 $0.064
September 2028 $0.112 $0.091
October 2028 $0.140 $0.100
November 2028 $0.154 $0.124
December 2028 $0.173 $0.123
January 2029 $0.119 $0.096
February 2029 $0.140 $0.100
March 2029 $0.175 $0.141
April 2029 $0.209 $0.149
May 2029 $0.227 $0.183
June 2029 $0.272 $0.195
July 2029 $0.259 $0.209
August 2029 $0.216 $0.154
September 2029 $0.270 $0.218
October 2029 $0.338 $0.241
November 2029 $0.371 $0.300
December 2029 $0.416 $0.297
January 2030 $0.405 $0.327
February 2030 $0.486 $0.347
March 2030 $0.463 $0.374
April 2030 $0.386 $0.276
May 2030 $0.482 $0.389
June 2030 $0.603 $0.431
July 2030 $0.663 $0.535
August 2030 $0.743 $0.531
September 2030 $0.724 $0.584
October 2030 $0.868 $0.620
November 2030 $0.827 $0.667
December 2030 $0.689 $0.492

As we look ahead to the years 2028, 2029, and 2030, it’s fascinating to see how the prices of cryptocurrencies are predicted to change. In 2028, experts think that the highest price will hit around $0.173 by December, while the lowest might dip to $0.040 in June. Moving on to 2029, there’s talk of prices reaching as high as $0.416 by December, but dipping back down to around $0.096 in January. And looking even further into 2030, there’s anticipation that prices could soar to $0.868 by October, with a low point of around $0.276 in April. These predictions show just how much the cryptocurrency market can fluctuate over time, affected by a range of factors like market trends, technological developments, and global events. It’s a reminder of the excitement and unpredictability that comes with investing in this ever-evolving space.

MEME Price Prediction Summary in INR 2028-2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 ₹30.11 ₹5.31
2027 ₹17.09 ₹2.99
2028 ₹14.35 ₹3.32
2029 ₹34.51 ₹8.30
2030 ₹72 ₹22.90

Looking ahead to the coming years, let’s explore the projected maximum and minimum prices for cryptocurrencies. In 2026, it’s estimated that the highest price could reach around ₹30.11, while the lowest might be around ₹5.31. As we move into 2027, experts suggest that prices could peak at ₹17.09, with a potential low of ₹2.99. In 2028, we might see the maximum price hitting ₹14.35, while the minimum could be around ₹3.32. Fast forward to 2029, and there’s talk of prices reaching as high as ₹34.51, but also dipping down to ₹8.30. Finally, in 2030, there’s anticipation that prices could soar to ₹72 at the top end, while possibly bottoming out around ₹22.90. These predictions remind us of the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, influenced by various factors like investor sentiment, technological advancements, and global economic trends. It’s a fascinating journey of ups and downs for those involved in this space.


What is the price prediction of MEME in 2025?

In the projected price trends for Memecoin, an upward trajectory is evident throughout 2025, with the token’s value steadily increasing. Starting at $0.190 in January 2025, the prices show a consistent climb, reaching a peak of $0.303 by December 2025.

What is the price prediction of MEME in 2030?

In 2030, $MEME’s anticipated price trajectory indicates a dynamic market, ranging between $0.276 and $0.868. The fluctuations suggest potential volatility with a notable percentage change, reflecting the market’s responsiveness to external factors and evolving trends.

How are MEME tokens distributed?

The 69 billion MEME tokens are distributed across seven main pools. These include allocations for the ecosystem, airdrops, contributors, private sales, community presale, advisory, and Binance Launchpool.

What is the purpose of Memeland as a venture studio?

Memeland, a web3-focused venture studio, aims to bring ownership to global communities through social products and NFTs. It connects creators and communities, leveraging blockchain technology for creative expression.

How can I report bugs or issues with Memecoin?

Users noticing issues with the Memecoin website or dashboards can submit a Dyno form detailing the bug, including their wallet address. The team reviews submissions and rewards the most helpful reports with MEME tokens.


Conclusion: Is MEME a Good Investment?

Memecoin (MEME) emerges not just as a digital asset but as a cultural phenomenon, born from the creators of 9GAG. Its team and the creators are its biggest assets. MEME’s uniqueness lies in its embrace of internet humor, aligning itself more with a cultural movement than a conventional crypto token.

Examining the projected price trends for Memecoin (MEME) until December 2030, a nuanced perspective emerges regarding its investment potential. In the short term, our $MEME token analysis suggests that the initial months of 2024 could project a downward trajectory.

However, a noteworthy shift occurs from mid-2024 onwards, indicating a potential uptrend. This trend continues into 2025, with consistent growth reflected in higher maximum prices.

Analyzing the broader landscape, MEME positions itself as a venture studio with projects like Holders.com, GMGM.com, Stakeland, and Petsland, contributing to a robust web3 ecosystem. This diversification suggests a commitment to creating a comprehensive digital space.