StepN is a move to earn crypto project that a lot of users are earning daily rewards walking, or running. We also have a whole guide on how you can make money with STEPN?

Okay, this Solana based M2E project reminds me of the game Subway Surfer every time I try to compare their features. One of the comparable features is the choice of boots. Do you remember how the sticky boots used to give you better elevation while running, allowing you to gallop? Do you remember the boots when they were able to give you 2×, 5×, or 10× speed on the way? Yeah? So all these were game features. But in StepN, stuff like these are unique to boots and it is these boots that are keys to your earning in this move-to-earn application.

But before going straight to the concept of sneakers in StepN we shall share some facts about the project.

If you are still waiting for a STEPN code, read this guide to get a STEPN activation code.

What Is StepN?

StepN is a web 3.0-based move-to-earn game. It is built on the Solana blockchain and thus only allows users with SOL in their wallets to make purchases and participate in the game.

The basic concept of the game is that you run, walk, jog- or move, and you earn some Tokens. The native token that can be earned on the game is the Green Satoshi Token and the Green Metaverse Tokens.

What Are Sneakers on StepN?

To move to earn, you as a player are required to purchase the appropriate sneaker for yourself. Now, these sneakers are basically NFTs that are unique in their base attribute ratings.

How to choose your first pair of STEPN Sneaker?

You need to look into various factors before selecting your first pair of Sneaker.

  1. Type of Runner you are
  2. Rarity
  3. Attributes
  4. Reason for buying the Sneaker
  5. Sneaker Level
  6. Cost of The Sneaker
  7. Objective

How to choose the Right Attributes for STEPN Sneakers?

Here you need to look into 4 things mainly – efficiency, resilience, luck and comfortability. Luck and comfort are not the main factors, but efficiency and resilience are. Let me explain.

The base attributes that the sneakers exhibit come for free. They are there in default with the sneaker you purchase. These attributes include:

  • Efficiency: The shoe with more efficiency is bound to give you better token returns when you move.
  • Resilience: This attribute shows the rate at which your sneaker loses its durability. The higher the resilience, the more likely your sneaker would retain its qualities.
  • Luck: The more points of luck you have, there is more chance for you to receive mystery boxes (again Subway Surfer reference? I know, right!).
  • Comfortability: This attribute has the potential of enhancing your game stats. It is capable of providing you with that extra edge over other players, be it in say less cost of minting shoes or maybe easier ways of loaning out sneakers!

You can check these attributes while purchasing the Sneaker.

Pro Tip: Choose the Sneaker which has higher Efficiency and higher resilience. You can ignore luck and comfort in the beginning of your STEPN journeyy.

How to choose the Right Level for STEPN Sneakers?

Apart from these base attributes, each sneaker is allocated 30 level-ups. Now, these upgrades you can make as you want. For each level up depending on the quality of your shoe, you earn some attribute points that you can distribute among your sneaker attributes as you want.

For instance, you have a sneaker with a base efficiency of 1.7 and a base resilience of 1.3. Now if you want to upgrade this you could either use all points of upgrade in increasing your efficiency level and keeping the resilience at 1.3 only. Or you could use some points for efficiency while using the other points to upgrade the resilience from 1.3. This upgrading tactic and strategy should be done by taking into account all the data available. We shall talk about it later in the article.

How to choose the Right Type of STEPN Sneakers Based on Fitness?

While these attributes are there for all sneakers, there are four different types of sneakers.

STEPN sneaker type

  • Walkers: If you opt for Walkers, you need to walk at a speed of 1 to 6 Km per hour. For every 1 energy spent, you earn 4 GST
  • Joggers: Joggers are for those, who can move at a speed of 4 to 10 km per hour. You will need to maintain intense high speed walk or jog in order to maintain the speed. Here, you can earn upto 5 GST per energy spent. I have chose Joggers because I feel I can move faster than walkers, and can maintain the required speed easily.
  • Runners: Those who will opt for runners sneakers will need to maintain a 8-20 km per hour speed, and for every energy spent, he/she would be earning upto 6 GST. Remember, not able to maintain the required speed will result in low earnings. Runners NFTs are available at a much lesser price that Joggers.
  • Trainers: Trainers are not meant for everyone. You can opt for these shoes only if you think you have the stamina to walk at a speed of 1 to 20 km per hour. The earnings in GST would vary and ranges from 4 to 6 GST per energy spent.

Please note, you do not need to walk for an hour to be eligible for rewards.

How to choose the Right Type of STEPN Sneakers Based on Rarity?

There are also five different qualities of sneakers based on their rarity.

They are Common sneakers, Uncommon sneakers, Rare Sneakers, Epic Sneakers, and Legendary Sneakers.

Quality Attribute Point/ Level Up
Common 4
Uncommon 6
Rare 8
Epic 10
Legendary 12

Common StepN sneakers are less costly. The floor price is close to 22 SOL. The earnings are less compared to Uncommon and Rare Sneakers. You would need 2 STEPN Sneakers in order to min 1 new STEPN shoebox.

Uncommon StepN sneakers are comparatively costlier. Floor price of uncommon STEPN sneaker is above 50 SOL. You only need one Uncommon Sneaker and 1 Energy in order to breed a new STEPN Sneaker. The attributes are higher as well.

Rare StepN sneakers are most costly.

Source: StepN Whitepaper

What is the Level Up of Sneakers in StepN?

Level up or upgrading if Sneakers in StepN is the process by which you can upgrade a lower level sneaker into a higher level. Each level-up rewards you with additional attribute points for your shoes depending on the quality of your shoe. With each level up you burn GST.

Depending on the level, the GST is charged. And as the level increases the GST required as well as the time required also increases.

What type of STEPN Sneakers should I buy if my goal is to MINT new Sneakers?

If your  goal is to mint new Sneakers, choose the pair with atleast 5 LEVEL, if you do not want to wait playing the game and upgrading your level.

If your SNEAKER level is below 5, then it will not be eligible for Breeding.

How To Choose Money Making STEPN Sneakers for Me (In Short)

Here are some ways you can employ in selecting the best sneakers for yourself. By best here, I mean sneakers that would be giving you better token returns.

The very first thing that you as a new user needs to do is have a look over the inventory of the sneakers available to you. Now while doing so, you need to be on the lookout for the base stats of shoes. Go with the Sneaker with higher efficiency and resilience. This is already mentioned above. You need to also keep one more thing in mind. That you should compare with Base stats, and not the current attributed.

For instance, if you see a sneaker with 5.9 efficiencies and resilience of 5.2 and another sneaker of efficiency 7.5 and resilience of 5.5, you cannot automatically go for the second option. The reason is you have to be sure that both the shoes are showing their base stats. Now if the second shoe has already been upgraded by many points and the first shoe is not, then obviously the first one has better chances because it can be upgraded. Here, you have to decide between time and money.

Choose a Jogger, if you think you can maintain the speed. Else, start with Walker. I would not recommend Runner or Trainer to anyone who is getting started with STEPN or his fitness journey.

Here also you need to keep one thing in mind the upgrade points differ with the quality of your sneakers. So while a common sneaker can fetch you only 4 attribute points per level up, the legendary sneaker can fetch you 12 attribute points per level up.

A tricky thing in choosing the best level of sneaker for yourself is if you want to keep your options open for upgrading shoes, an issue arises of being unable to mint shoes. Yes, you can only mint new sneakers if you have level 5 sneakers.

Note: If you choose lower-level Sneakers, then you have to Level them up by yourself which will take time and also cost you GST.

Milestone Triggered Event
Level 5 Unlocks socket 1
Level 5 Unlocks shoe minting
Level 10 Unlocks sneaker lease function
level 10 Unlocks socket 2
level 15 Unlocks socket 3
level 20 Unlocks socket 4
level 30 Unlocks GMT earning

Source: StepN Whitepaper

After having a look at the base stats you should also have a look at the type of sneaker you require. See, all the types of sneakers have recommended levels of speed. And if you fail to adhere to those speed bars, then of course the GST returns would drop and you would be fine through a loss.

But you also have to understand your body and what it can take. The thing is it is not about one day or a few days, to create an income out of a move-to-earn platform you are required to be fully committed. And that means you have to think about the long term. So before choosing the sneaker, ask yourself, are you capable of running every day? Are you a runner in that sense? If not, then there is no point for you to choose Runners.

To you, walkers too might sound too tame and you might not like the returns much. In that case, you can definitely opt for the joggers. Since the speed recommended by joggers allows you to run as well as walk rapidly, in a way you have more options and you will not need to tax and force yourself every day to run if you don’t feel like it.

While talking about everyday runs, also remember that the energy in your boots gets replenished to 100% every 24 hours at the rate of 25% per 6 hours. So if you do not fulfill the speed limit for one day, then you might very well be missing out on that energy!

How To Breed or Mint New Sneakers on StepN?

Vintage quality 1 Vintage quality 2 common shoebox % uncommon shoebox % rare shoebox % epic shoebox % legendary shoebox %
common common 100 0 0 0 0
common uncommon 50 49 1 0 0
common rare 50 0 49 1 0
common epic 50 0 0 49 1
common legendary 50 0 0 0 50
uncommon uncommon 0 98 2 0 0
uncommon rare 0 49 50 1 0
uncommon epic 0 49 1 49 1
uncommon legendary 0 49 1 0 50
rare rare 0 0 98 2 0
rare epic 0 0 49 50 1
rare legendary 0 0 49 1 50
epic epic 0 0 0 98 2
epic legendary 0 0 0 49 51
legendary legendary 0 0 0 0 100

Now, show minting is a process that is unique to the StepN application.

How Cost of STEPN Sneaker Affects Your GST token Earnings?

Common StepN Sneakers with minimum attributes are now available for 13 SOL. However Uncommon StepN Sneakers are available from 50 SOL. There is a huge difference in pricing. The higher you go, the price keeps on increasing. If you are just getting started, I would suggest you to go with Common Sneaker, with 5 level or higher. But, if you can afford having an uncommon STEP Sneaker, you can go for it.

FAQs About Shoe minting

What is Shoe Minting in StepN?

In the move to earn game StepN, Shoe minting is the process by which you can combine two sneakers from your portfolio to breed a new sneaker. The old sneakers are called Vintage or Parent sneakers.

When can I mint new shoes in StepN?

You can mint new shoes out of old shoes on StepN only when your old shoes have reached level 5. You also need to ensure that the vintage sneakers have full durability.

Can I use any sneaker under lease to mint on StepN?

No. You cannot use a sneaker for minting a new sneaker if that is under the lease. You have to be in complete possession of the Vintage sneakers.

How can I mint a sneaker on StepN?

Minting sneaker is a pretty easy and hassle-free process.

  • Step 1: Click on the mint tab
  • Step 2: Select the Vintage sneaker and the sneaker you want to breed with
  • Step 3: Proceed with the mint option.

With this, you will immediately receive a shoebox with a new sneaker that you can open also, instantly.

How many times can I use one sneaker for minting on StepN?

StepN allows you to mint 7 times in a Vintage sneaker.

However after 2 mints, cost of Minting goes way higher, and it may not be profitable to mint shoes further.

How often can I mint a new sneaker on StepN?

You can mint a new sneaker from the same vintage sneakers every 48 hours. Though during this time the sneakers can be used for running purposes.

How much will it cost me to mint a new sneaker on StepN?

To mint, a new sneaker on StepN does not cost in the essence of the term. Rather you have to burn GST or GMT. This cost depends on the quality of the shoes and as mentioned in the chart below.

Note: The cost of the shoe minting is subject to change with respect to the supply of GST and GMT in the StepN market. 

Can the cost of shoe minting vary for the same shoe on StepN?

The cost of shoe minting can vary on the same shoe. This happens because the amount of GST required to burn per mint increases with the number of mints a particular shoe has already undergone.

Are there any perks to shoe minting on StepN?

Yes. Sometimes you might receive an additional shoebox along with the one with the minted shoe. As the mint count rises you might also receive multiple shoeboxes.

What will be the quality or type of my newly minted sneaker on StepN?

The quality and type of your newly minted sneaker in StepN will be dependent on the quality and type of the Vintage sneakers.

vintage 1 type vintage 2 type walker % jogger % runner % trainer %
walker walker 85 6 6 3
walker jogger 45 45 7 3
walker runner 45 7 45 3
walker trainer 80 6 6 8
jogger jogger 6 85 6 3
jogger runner 7 45 45 3
jogger trainer 6 80 6 8
runner runner 6 6 85 3
runner trainer 6 6 80 8
trainer trainer 25 25 25 25

Source: StepN Whitepaper

What attributes will my newly minted sneakers on StepN have?

Well, this does not have any proper answer. As of yet, the newly minted attributes of sneakers on StepN are decided in a fairly randomized manner.

Is Minting New STEPN Sneakers Still Profitable?

It costs more than 600 USD to mint one StepN NFT, at the current price. So it is not cheap. And the prices goes up from the 3rd Mint. So at this price, you can mint only 2 NFTs, which you can sell at 2x the minting cost. This is an approximate amount.

If you are looking to buy new STEPN sneakers with the sole purpose to make profit from minting, I would suggest you to wait before the SOL’s price stabilises. Since the Solana price is falling along with BTC, it makes complete sense to start with STEPN Sneaker minting later.

Final Words

In conclusion this article we would only like to point out that sneakers are keys to the StepN application.

These keys dictate your fate and how much you can and will earn on StepN.

No doubt your own capabilities and the market too play a huge role in deciding how much you earn, but the fact remains that if you are unable to use the right shoe in the application, then you shall not earn the maximum.

Even the process of shoe minting takes finesse and you need to make some well-informed choices regarding it.

In this article, we have attempted to answer all your probable questions regarding Sneakers in StepN and how to mint new sneakers. And we are sure that if you do make appropriate shoe choices then definitely you will be able to make StepN your fitness as well as a wealth-ness app in no time.

But again, the crypto market is volatile. So we as non-professionals cannot and will not tell you what to do. Before investing you should always ensure that your financial bases are secure enough, you should conduct your own diligent research and consult a professional financial advisor if possible.

We hope this article was able to provide you with some ideas regarding Sneakers in StepN!