Computer gaming industries are no more restricted to indoor games. With the growing technology and increasing users of the internet, Gaming has become so much more than just playing. It has evolved to a huge industry that encourages gamers to get out of their regular gaming bubble and explore the new world of Esports.


2crazy: Gaming made better

2crazy is a Gaming and NFT project started in 2020. It is an online gaming market, which gives you the chance to play with or against your favourite players. It is an Esports online platform with NFT properties.

The constantly changing world requires a new gaming platform, a common place for gamers to benefit from playing games. This not only benefits the gamers but also aims at revolutionizing the gaming industry.

2crazy intends on giving this opportunity to the gamers.

Crazy tokens

Crazy token is the native token of 2crazy platform. It is used across the gaming platform to access games, VIP content, 2crazy events and most importantly to have your own NFT.

Total tokens : 500,000,000

1 Crazy = $0.04

2crazy will launch its IDO on Ignition and Trustpad. The whitelist for participation started on June 7th 2021 and ended on June 10th. Both the IDOs will be take place on June 21st.

NFT by 2crazy

Most NFT’s give you digital bragging rights

2crazynft have come into the gaming Market. The NFT’s offered by 2crazy are all about benefits. It is made to enhance your gaming experience and incentivise you while you’re playing.

Holding a 2crazyNFT will also get you access to play online with or against your favorite player in big tournaments or games, that would be streamlined online for millions of followers to follow.

Post the competition, the NFT will get burned, and a new NFT would be generated for that player. Additionally, any player can create his own NFT and put them on sale.

How to get your NFT’s by 2crazy ? 

1. You must hold the crazy tokens in order to get a NFT.

2. 2crazy will announce the sale of “2crazy * NFT” on it’s own platform after its launched.

3. There will be an auction where you can buy or bid the prices for NFT.

4. If you win the bidding, the NFT tied to the player becomes yours.

After having your own NFT, you’ve gained the rights to play with or against your favourite player.

These tokens will be your entry pass to play with your favourite gamers. These NFT can be bought, traded, sold or exchanged on the same platform.

Benefits of Holding NFT by 2crazy

1. Each NFT contains a special package of advantages. They offer you numerous benefits gained by playing games.

2. This is the first kind of token offered to Gamers for playing games .

3. Absolutely transparency is offered by these tokens.

4. Since it is run on Blockchain technology, NFT’s are secured and private.

Partners of 2crazy: The investors 

2crazy is supported by Twin Apex Capital, ICO Pantera,, Dark pool, MDA Capital, MXC, Magnus Capital, Stakely, X21, Megala Ventures, Blocksync, Clouds Capital, Skynet, Orion Protocol, Exnetwork Capital, AU21 and Master Ventures.

2crazy partners

Marshland Capital is a digital asset venture capital who has decided to invest hugely in 2crazy. Marshal intends to change the face of the gaming industry by funding in 2crazy startup project. 2crazy is obliged to receive funding from Marshland and intends to develop the infrastructure and expertise of the gaming platform.

2crazy partner

2Crazy is a Blockchain based gaming and live casino platform with a vision to build a unique NFT gambling space. On 7th May 2021, 2crazy announced that GTA ventures will become its official communication partner in the Vietnamese market.

A better gaming experience

2crazy have in view to come up with not only a better, but the best gaming experience. 2crazy intends on facilitating the most unique and new games. The internet brought the gaming industry online and more than 92% people play online games now. 2crazy makes playing and learning better.

The opportunity to play with your favourite players, renowned Youtubers and Gamers not only enhances your gaming skills but also gives you a huge audience through the live stream. The gamers get a better reach, more subscribers, and many such benefits.

2crazy is unique and here’s why

1.Distinctive NFT based Gaming

NFT’s are notable tokens that give value to inherent things. 2crazy supplies gamers with NFT based games, lotteries, and airdrops. With these NFT’s, bidders are given an opportunity to play with their favourite gamers on Esports.

2.Buyback program

2crazy has initiated a buyback program, i.e. the 2crazy project will involve it’s users in the investing process. 50% of profit will be distributed to users, stakeholders and potential gamers in the form of coins

3. Assures transparency and Accuracy

There are thousands of gaming sites that defraud their users by hiding and storing personal data. 2crazy eliminates these problems and guarantees the users transparent functioning and accurate information.

The link between Gaming, Crypto and NFT: 2CrazyNFT

2crazy has ensured to link the gaming sector with NFT and crypto. Gaming made better with incentives along the way is the motive of 2crazy. 2crazy believes they can combine the 2 sectors of gaming and investing. They will accept payments both in fiat currency as well as Cryptocurrency. This makes 2crazy adaptable to digital currency and upgraded with a rapidly growing world.

2Crazy NFT Video: Know more about 2Crazy

Is 2crazy a scam?

2crazy is not a scam. Though the team is anonymous, it is definitely not a scam. The project has KYC verified themselves with PAID, and Kucoin team. Also it has Sandeep from Matic as one of its advisors.

Is 2crazy a good investment?

2crazy is surely one of a kind, gaming market. It enhances the gaming features, provides its users a new and better chance to interact and play with their favourites and also gives NFT.

There is no doubt that investing in such a market which is predicted to go a long way and get upgraded and updated regularly, will be profitable.

Disclosure: I have invested in 2crazy.

To me, 2crazy is a good investment for 6 months to 1 year. Given the choppy nature of the market, the returns may not be exaggerating during the launch.

However, the initial marketcap is very low, which is be one of the reasons we expect 2crazy IDO to be more profitable for compared to the recent IDOs performance.

Let’s wait and watch 🙂

Disclaimer: Returns from cryptocurrencies are subject to market risk. Please DYOR research before investing.