NFTs refer to the non-fungible tokens that are unique digital items which are entirely secured by cryptography. In short, NFTs are flooded over the internet. In the digital crypto world, most NFTs are feasible assets that can be sold and bought like other currencies.

NFT projects have gained a mass valuation recently. From games to entertainment, digital artists to celebrities, NFT is making it way into the lives of many.

We have decided to make a list of top 10 NFT projects that are worth knowing about:

10 NFT Projects That You Need to Know

These are the most popular NFTs projects that you need to know for digital items. So, let’s take a deep dive at them.


This is a decentralized virtual world/gaming that allows the individual to take participants into the virtual world in the governance process by collectibles. First, users need to set up a unique avatar, which is offered by virtual passports. With this, you can easily buy rare digital assets. Users also need to buy the MANA; a digital currency used to represent real estate.

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CHZ or Chili

CHZ is the leading digital currency for entertainment and sports, powering the biggest reward platform and blockchain-based fan engagement. Users can even trade and purchase branded fan tokens to participate and vote for polls in club-focused surveys. It is an exclusive currency platform that fans can use and also act as tokenized shares.

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Sandbox itself is the biggest community-driven platform where the users can monetize voxel and gaming experience on peer-to-peer. This platform is powered by the ERC-1155 tokens and SAND tokens such as FUND and LAND. In addition, it features three sub-platforms such as VoxEdit, Game Maker, and Marketplace. Although, it recently entered the crypto space; it still gains the seventh NFT protocol.

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THETA is the best network and one of the prominent digital initiatives to buy digital assets to date. This is now combined with the global reach with the NFT marketplace and live televised poker to give the crypto users the most interactive platforms. Moreover, you get real-time opportunities that allow you to collect WPT poker action.


ENJIN also offers the best ecosystem of the integrated digital products accessible by beginners to trade and monetize the gaming products. This will allow the developers and gamers to tokenize the gaming items on Ethereum. It is also backed by ENJIN ERC 20 token, ENJIN coin. Being the cheapest, it has the highest growth potential.

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It is another virtual platform and an influx of celebrities in classic memes. Users can sell their images as non-fungible tokens or NFTs to earn the profit. 

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Rari or Rarible

Rari is another decentralized marketplace or NFT platform that allows users to mine and trade in various rare digital products and collectibles. This may include digital art, products, domain names, metaverses, DeFi insurance policies, and digital collectibles. In addition, any content creator and artist can upload their digital assets to sell and buy.

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BakerySwap is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which ensures to provide rewards. It mainly works as DEX (Decentralized Exchange) that adopts the AMM (Automated market maker model). It created the most profitable NFT combos, bake and stakes to have your own NFT pets.

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The Opensea is the best decentralized marketplace that supports more than 50 categories of rare items, including NFTs, crypto-collectibles, and various other digital assets. The crypto enthusiasts can easily sell, buy, and discover rare items such as digital art, domain names, trading cards, Cryptokitties, and virtual worlds. In addition, Opensea empowers designers and developers so that they can build a better marketplace for their art and sell them as NFTs.

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CryptoPunks is one of the high-potential NFT projects yet the most simplified art form. Technocrats and Blockchain experts believe that it is inspired by modern CryptoArt and enables the users to store and trade around 10,000 plus collectible characters generated by the proof-of-ownership,

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