The second wave of Aptos NFTs is here. In March 2024, Aptos NFTs are on the rise, and today we’re going to explore the top Aptos NFTs you can buy for under a 100 APT floor price. I hold almost all of them and will be sharing my personal experience in this article. So, if you haven’t purchased any Aptos NFTs in 2024 yet, make sure you read this article.

But how did my Aptos journey start? In early 2023, I dipped my toes into Aptos NFTs, picking up a few NFTs from different collections without much fanfare. My initial investment was modest, shy of 10 APT in total. I watched them for a while, then life got busy, and they slipped from my daily radar.

Fast forward to December 2023, a routine check of my Aptos wallet revealed a surprise. One of my Aptos NFTs  (Aptorobos) had skyrocketed, delivering a 10x return! The others? Well, the rest were almost around the same price, but this one success was enough to spark my curiosity anew.

When I first started, there weren’t many people collecting these Aptos NFTs, but now there are lots more, and the whole community around them has grown. Seeing all this excitement, I decided to buy more Aptos NFTs. This time, I had 100 APT to spend. I picked out some more NFTs from different artists and collections on Aptos.

In this article, I’m excited to share my strategy and insights on how you, too, can smartly distribute your 100 APT across top Aptos NFT collections in April 2024.

best Aptos NFT collections

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious newcomer, there’s a slice of the digital art world waiting for you. Let’s explore how to make the most of your investment in this dynamic and ever-evolving space.

Top 5 Aptos NFT Collections (Blue Chip)

For those who are looking to invest in Aptos NFT collections at a reasonable price but are unsure where to begin, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of how you should get started.

And now, let us learn about the top Aptos NFT collections to consider in April 2024.

(Note: I own many of these Aptos NFTs.)

Aptos Monkeys

Aptos Monkeys

Recognized as a leading blue-chip Aptos NFT collection, Aptos Monkeys comprises 7,777 unique pieces. It boasts over 1,000 owners and a total trading volume exceeding 580,000 APT. This collection is run by Smith.Apt, one of the most popular faces from the Aptos ecosystem. I highly recommend you to follow him on Twitter, and experience the journey of making Aptos Monkeys the topmost Aptos NFT collections.

Current NFT floor: 60 APT


Aptomingos is a unique collection of 1,212 pixelated flamingo NFTs on the Aptos blockchain, emphasizing community, exclusivity, alpha, and education. The collection prides itself on fostering honesty and transparency, aiming to build a community revered as early pioneers in the Aptos ecosystem.

As a group of experienced traders rather than developers or artists, the Aptomingos team is dedicated to sharing insights and lessons from the broader NFT and cryptocurrency worlds.

With a focus on continual learning and community engagement, they offer extensive educational resources in their Discord, including the exclusive “Order of the Flamingo” for deep dives into market wisdom and project red flags.

The Aptomingos NFT collection is run by @Fischer, and over time, he has built some great connections. I have recently purchased Aptomingos at a 100 Aptos floor price (in March 2024). I confess I should have bought it much earlier.

The same team has now launched a meme coin (Shrimp token). The holders of Aptomingos will be receiving a SHRIMP airdrop.

The current floor is: 105 APT


Mavrik NFT collection

MAVRIK features 5,000 NFTs launched on December 07, 2022, with an initial minting price of 5 APT. Its current floor price stands at 18 APT.

Bruh Bears

Bruh Bears is a delightful collection of 5,000 bear-themed NFTs on the Aptos blockchain, known for its vibrant and unique community. Launched on November 5, 2022, at an initial minting price of 5.5 APT, the collection has seen its value grow with a current floor price of around 18 APT.

The collection boasts a strong engagement with 65% of the bears staked, reflecting a committed and active community, and is supported by a diverse team focused on growth, development, and collaboration within the evolving digital asset space.


Aptorobos is a collection of 1,111 robot-themed NFTs on the Aptos blockchain, offered as a free mint to build a strong, supportive community. Initiated by Chetan Bhawani, a dentist-turned-blogger passionate about the crypto and NFT space, the project emphasizes education, transparency, and the power of collective wisdom in navigating the volatile crypto world.

The community aims to be a sanctuary for both new and seasoned investors, offering a space to learn, share, and grow together. With a focus on real value and community-driven activities, AptoRobos is committed to becoming a leading and trusted network within the Aptos ecosystem, fostering connections and knowledge without the burden of high entry costs.

Medium Range Aptos NFT Collections


Focusing on a Web3 brand, Spooks emphasizes community engagement and provides tracking tools for its members. This collection offers a balanced option for those interested in a moderate investment and community-driven value. Their current NFT floor is 12.5 APT

Aptos Dogs

With a floor price of 0.79APT, Aptos Dogs is doing a good job. They are a collection of 5000 NFTs.

How to Spread 250 APT across Aptos NFT Collections?

With 250 APT, diversifying your investment across various NFT collections is wise. Prices may vary daily, but understanding how to allocate your APT will remain beneficial.

Here’s a suggested distribution:

  • Apto Monkeys: 60 APT X 1 NFT
  • Aptomingos: 105 APT X 1 NFT
  • Mavrik: 9 APT X 1 NFT
  • Bruh Bears: 18 APT X 1 NFT
  • Aptorobos: 17 APT X 3 NFT
  • Spooks: 11 APT 1 NFT

This distribution sums up to a total investment of 250 APT, giving you a diversified portfolio across various promising Aptos NFT collections.

Remember, the actual amount of APT allocated may vary, but with a clear strategy, you can effectively spread your investment to balance risk and potential reward.

Why should you hold Aptos NFT Collections?

Aptos and its ecosystem are on the rise, reminiscent of the early days of SOL when it was under $2. As the user base expands and more creators join the platform, Aptos’s visibility is likely to increase. This growth could lead to higher valuations for top NFT collections on the Aptos chain, especially during active meme seasons, which often bring numerous airdrops.

However, remember this isn’t financial advice; investing in NFTs carries substantial risk, and sometimes assets can be illiquid.

Holding some of these Aptos NFTs mentioned in this post can make you eligible for a $SHRIMP airdrop. Being active in the Aptos NFT space can get you many new NFTs for free.

Not just that, the APT round 2 airdrop is almost around the corner, and you could become eligible for an APT airdrop too. If you are an active NFT trader, you may receive airdrops from marketplaces like Topaz, Mercato, Wapal, and more.

Who knows, some of the upcoming DEFI protocols building on Aptos could also airdrop to Aptos NFT holders.

However, these are speculative, and users should proceed with caution.

How much Money Can you Make with Aptos NFTs?

Investing in NFTs is inherently risky with high volatility and often limited liquidity. It’s possible to lose your entire investment if the market doesn’t favor your assets.

However, if you’re investing in what are considered blue-chip collections on the Aptos network, there may be a more consistent demand for these assets, potentially leading to higher returns as more people discover Aptos NFTs.

I have been able to make a lot more money than I invested just by getting airdrops in the form of $GUI tokens. I am expecting more airdrops in the form of $SHRIMP token.

What to do after buying Aptos NFTs?

After purchasing NFTs from Aptos NFT marketplaces, consider exploring staking opportunities on specific platforms to earn various tokens, which can later be exchanged for APT tokens. Engaging in the community, particularly on Discord, can provide you with valuable staking information.

Furthermore, staking your Aptos NFTs might grant access to additional benefits like airdrops and whitelist spots for future releases. As always, active participation and staying informed are key to maximizing the value of your NFT holdings.

Just by staking Aptorobos NFTs, I was able to mint the Azarashi NFT collection for free—not one, not two, but 13 such NFTs for free, which are trading at a floor price of 2 APT.


Not just that, I also sold Xenon tokens for 5-6 Aptos, which I had accumulated over the last three months.

Similarly, Aptosmonkeys also yield Seedz tokens, which can then be sold for APT tokens or used to mint upcoming NFT collections.

SEI vs APTOS NFTs: Which one is a better option for newcomers?

I am very active on the SEI blockchain too and perhaps have spent more on SEI NFTs, but ROI-wise, Aptos NFTs have been the best. Plus, the Aptos community is very strong and supportive. If you’re wondering which blockchain to start investing in, I would recommend Aptos, but in a year’s time, SEI could also become a better choice.

I’m happy to discuss any of your questions for free on my Discord. Don’t forget to join and say hi.

Last updated: 25th March 2024.