The IRON AGE Testnet has recently been revealed by the Quai Network Team, and it’s causing quite a stir. There are some groundbreaking developments that users must be ready for.

But before we delve into the future, we need to gain a better insight into the Quai Network. Its Social Media Rewards Program is in full swing and offers a fantastic opportunity to earn some $QUAI.

It is important to keep up with the latest updates to maximize your gains and join the ranks of savvy investors who are taking advantage of this innovative program.

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In this article, we will be talking about the Quai Network and how you can get your hands on the free $QUAI using the upcoming airdrop.

What is the Quai network?

As you’re likely aware, Quai Network represents a cutting-edge Layer 1 blockchain network that leverages merged mining to achieve unprecedented levels of throughput without compromising on decentralization.

The team has made significant strides in advancing blockchain technology by introducing a range of innovative changes to the traditional Proof-of-Work mechanism.

They’ve aptly named this new approach the Proof-of-Work 2.0 consensus mechanism, which promises to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation even further.

With such a sophisticated protocol in place, Quai Network can handle an astounding 50,000+ transactions per second (TPS), making it one of the most advanced blockchain networks on the market today.

It’s clear that the team at Quai Network is fully committed to advancing the blockchain space and delivering real-world solutions that will benefit everyone. Although blockchain technology has demonstrated its potential to facilitate a widely-adopted digital currency, existing solutions often reintroduce subjectivity and fail to achieve the required scale.

However, Quai stands apart from other platforms that offer multi-chain options by providing a more secure and scalable alternative.

Unlike other solutions that need to have a group of validators that can be trusted in order to function efficiently, Quai’s unique approach to multi-chain infrastructure provides more vigorous security for movement across chains.

One of Quai’s key strengths lies in its ability to achieve almost limitless scalability through dynamic sharding. This means that as demand for block space grows, the network hierarchy can seamlessly expand horizontally, enabling Quai to handle an ever-increasing number of low-cost day-to-day transactions.

Quai has successfully tackled the challenge of scalability without compromising on decentralization, resulting in an un-censorable network that can serve as a ubiquitous form of money.

The QUAI token

The Quai token serves as the foundation of the Quai Network, providing essential functions such as network security, spam resistance, and straightforward exchange of value in a fully decentralized system.

Quai Network’s token supply is hard-capped to ensure that inflation decreases in the short term and deflation occur in the long term. Quai’s tokenomics are currently under development and are subject to change prior to the mainnet launch.

The Social Media Rewards Program

As the Quai Network Mainnet launch approaches, it’s essential to take this development seriously. The Quai Network team recognizes the importance of community engagement and has created a Social Media Rewards Program to reward early adopters and incentivize users to get involved.

The Rewards Program is active on social media platforms that comprise of YouTube, Twitter,  Reddit, Instagram and TikTok. By participating in the community and sharing content related to Quai Network, users can earn Quai Tokens, the platform’s native currency.

To make the Rewards Program seamless and efficient, the Quai Network team has designed custom-made bots. These bots trace and follow rewards and distribute tokens to community participants when the Mainnet launches. By participating in the Rewards Program, users not only have the chance to earn tokens but also contribute to the growth and success of the Quai Network.

How do you join the Social Media Rewards Program?

Joining the Social Media Rewards Program is a simple and straightforward process. To get started, you first need to join the Quai Discord community and follow @QuaiNetwork and @QuaiEcosystems on Twitter. You can find the Discord link on Quai Network’s  Twitter bio.

Following these accounts on Twitter is a requirement to earn and view Twitter rewards. Once you’ve connected with Quai on Discord and Twitter, you can visit the Quai Dashboard to connect your Discord and Twitter accounts and check your rewards.

How to earn rewards?

After you’ve joined the Rewards Program and are connected with Quai Network on Discord and Twitter, you can seamlessly engage with the community on various social media platforms via both active and passive mechanisms. This interaction can also get you a bunch of rewards.

Quai Network’s Rewards Program is active on multiple platforms, namely Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, and Instagram. Quai is essentially providing you with various opportunities to earn bonuses as a prize for interacting with the network. As mentioned before, Currently, Twitter rewards can be viewed by visiting the Quai Dashboard. One thing to note here is that the people at Quai are working on adding the remaining social platforms to the dashboard view an this update is likely to be available very soon.

Here are the specific rewards that you can earn through Quai Network’s Social Media Rewards Program:

Twitter rewards

By following @QuaiNetwork and @QuaiGenesis on Twitter, you can earn a total of 5 $QUAI each. Please note that while following @QuaiEcosystems will not earn you additional $QUAI, it’s always a good idea to follow them to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and updates related to the Quai Network ecosystem.

You can earn 1 $QUAI daily by liking and retweeting up to 2 posts a day on Twitter until the post reaches 7 days. Additionally, making a standalone Tweet mentioning Quai Network and using #QuaiNetwork up to 1 tweet daily will get you 5 $QUAI daily.

Quai Network values authentic engagement and encourages its community members to share their unique perspectives. Participating in Quai’s social media channels can earn you rewards in the form of $QUAI coins. Simply getting a like from Quai Network on your tweet or comment can earn you 10 $QUAI coins. In addition, If your original tweet or comment is retweeted by Quai Network, you can earn 50 $QUAI coins.

However, please note that the Quai account will only retweet appropriate replies to its tweets, and original tweets that mention  QuaiNetwork, as decided by the admins of the account. To be eligible for a like or retweet, your response must be engaging and thoughtful, and should not consist of single-word responses, unoriginal content, or copy-pasted replies. Accounts that repeatedly spam Quai’s replies with such responses will be banned and penalized with a deduction of $QUAI from their rewards.

Youtube rewards:

By subscribing to Quai Network’s YouTube channel, you will earn 5 $QUAI tokens. You can also earn 1 $QUAI token by liking up to 2 Quai Network YouTube videos per post. Please note that your YouTube profile and activity data must be public to be eligible for these rewards.

Subscribe to their youtube channel using this link:

Reddit Rewards

To earn 5 $QUAI, make a unique post on r/QuaiNetwork (up to 2 posts per day). Please note that in order to post on the Quai Network Subreddit, you need to fulfil certain prerequisites. Firstly your account should at least be 15 days old and it should consist of an upward of 50 posts or comment karma. Furthermore, your post must also be approved by the team to be eligible for rewards, even if your account meets the karma requirements.

Visit the official Reddit page here to get started.

TikTok Rewards

To earn rewards on TikTok, start by following the Quai Network account, which will get you 5 $QUAI. Liking a Quai Network TikTok video within the first 7 days will earn you 2 $QUAI.

You can also earn additional rewards by following some Quai team members on TikTok, which will each earn you 5 $QUAI per follow. These include:

Here is the link to the official Tiktok page here.

Instagram Rewards

By becoming a Quai Network Instagram follower, you are entitled to earn 5 $QUAI coins. For every post, you can like and save and earn 1 $QUAI coin. You can also leave comments on posts (up to 2 comments per post, until the post, reaches 7 days old) to earn 1 $QUAI coin each. Additionally, you can earn 5 $QUAI coins per follow on Instagram for other members of the Quai team, including

You can use this link to visit the official Instagram page here.

When can you receive the rewards?

As Quai Network is currently in the Testnet phase and still under development, they are unable to provide us with a specific date for the launch of the Mainnet. Nevertheless, they have assured the users that the tokens earned through Social Media Rewards will be distributed as soon as the Mainnet is released.

To conclude

While most of the popular L1 blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, are facing scalability issues with their surging transaction volumes, Quai Network has taken a novel approach with a new and improved PoW L1 solution that can potentially become the world’s most comprehensive blockchain network. Quai Network’s innovative solution offers high security, fault tolerance, and decentralized operations without compromising on scalability.

Moreover, it is worth noting that Quai Network offers a distinctive solution to blockchain scaling through its hierarchical architecture and merged mining approach.

This makes it compatible with Ethereum smart contracts, simplifying and streamlining the adoption of the network for developers and businesses alike. As a result of these and many more factors, we are excited to witness its capabilities as it progresses towards its mainnet release. You can too make the most of this launch by participating in the Social Media Rewards Program.

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