Started by ex-DIEM members, Sui is an upcoming layer 1 blockchain solution, which is open and permissionless; 

This Layer 1 network is created from the scratch, and is built on Move language (which is same programming language used by APTOS). The blockchain wants to provide web 3.0 developers and programmers build experiences for the next billion web3 consumers in the most easiest manner, ranging from finance industry to gaming.

Sui’s horizontally scalability, unparalleled speed and inexpensive cost enable it to accommodate a broad spectrum of application development.

Sui has recently moved to permanent testnet (launched on 4th April 2023), which means, all the transactions you do will remain on the testnet forever, and there will be no more resets. This is the final testnet and engaging in the testnet may get you SUI airdrop tokens.


Now before we go through the SUI airdrop guide, let us first learn about the project and the team.

Who is behind Sui Blockchain?

Mysten Labs, an R&D firm created by former senior executives from Meta’s Novi Research and key architects of the Diem blockchain as well as Move programming language, is the company behind the Sui blockchain.

The company is poised to alter the Web3 scene. Mysten Labs is well-positioned to continue progress after successfully raising $300 million in the Series B fundraising round.

Like Aptos, Sui blockchain is created on Move programming language, which is based on Rust. Move is a bytecode language that makes it possible to create smart contracts and customised transaction logic.

It is seen as platform-agnostic, facilitating the creation of developer communities across several blockchain platforms as well as common libraries and tools.

SUI Token Explained

The Sui blockchain’s native token, SUI, has a fixed quantity of 10 billion tokens.

SUI serves a variety of functions within the Sui ecosystem and has several goals.

The four primary utilities of SUI token:

  • First, gas fees on exchanges and other on-chain activities are paid using SUI.
  • Second, the token can be staked in order to use the PoS feature of the platform. Sui’s storage fund ensures shifting staking rewards throughout the time, and paying for future storage costs to the future validators.
  • Third, SUI follows POS consensus mechanism. SUI token will be used to pay the validators and delegates of Sui blockchain.
  • Finally, SUI is crucial to the management of the Sui blockchain. As a result, token owners are granted the ability to take part in on-chain voting.

Post Aptos, many are hyped up for other layer 1 protocols like Sui, and hoping for an airdrop. In this article we are going to see what are the things you should do, in order to get SUI airdrop.

How to get SUI airdrop?

Recently, a twitter account that goes by the name, SUI_Station tweeted about a prospective airdrop.

Check out our detailed instructions for how to take part on Sui airdrop:

Get a Sui Wallet

1: Install the Sui wallet Chrome extension: Install. Another wallet you can install is Suiet

Sui wallet

2: You will be taken to another page on the SUI Wallet after installation. Select “Get started

3: Setup a wallet or import one and establish a strong password.

Sui wallet creation

Get Sui Testnet tokens

1: Visit the link below to join Sui Discord. Select “Accept Invitation

Sui Discord

2: Afterward, go to the “Developer” section and then enter the #devnet-faucet channel. You need to put in this: !faucet “Your Sui Wallet Address” in the devnet-faucet Chat.

3: You will soon receive 1 SUI. You can then repeat the again after 12 hours to receive more testnet SUI.

4. Request SUI testnet tokens via wallet: Another way to get SUI faucet tokens on testnet is to request it from the wallet itself. On the SUI wallet, you may find the three lines on the right top part. Upon clicking there, you should see an option to request for SUI testnet tokens. You can request 2 times at one go, and repeat every 6 hours.

Sui testnet tokens

Now that we have some SUI testnet tokens in our wallet, let us explore a few dApps live on the Sui testnet. And since we are in the testnet, best part is it will not cost you any money.

Exploring SUI dApps for Airdrop

Sui dApp – BlueMove

Access this website and link your Sui wallet there

2: Go to “My Profile” by clicking the profile symbol in the upper right corner, then choose any NFT to list.

3: To authorise the transactions, click “List Token,” then choose a price and click “Submit.” 

Sui dApp – BlueMove

Bluemove keeps launching NFT collections on SUI testnets. You can get one for yourself. You can also mint your NFT on Bluemove SUI testnet.

Bluemove also launched a dex. Use the swap function. Go to Pools section and add liquidity.

Pro tip: Sui wallet may be slow. In this case, download Suiet wallet, and connect with Bluemove, and swap. You can also use the Faucet on Bluemove to create USDT and then swap it for SUI incase you need more SUI for testing.

Stake SUI tokens

Next, we will stake some tokens. To do so open the Sui wallet extension.

Then click on “stake and earn SUI” and choose a validator in order to stake your SUI coins.

Sui token community access program

Another way you can interact with Sui is by Following the Sui token community access program. These programs distribute rewards to those who are eligible. The five categories are Developer Grant Program, SUI Delegation Program, Ambassador Program, University Outreach Program and Educational Program. The Ambassador, University Outreach and Educational programs are yet to be released but you can join the reaming two by following their links.

Suiswap: Dex on Sui Blockchain

Suiswap dex

Open SuiSwap, enter app, connect with your preferred SUI wallet, and then MINT some tokens like USDC, BTC, SUI, ETH etc. Once you have them, make multiple swaps. More you do, better it is. Go to Pools and add to the liquidity pool. Last but not the least, join and complete all Zealy tasks and collect as much points as possible.

Please note that obtaining this entry does not ensure that you will receive SUI airdrop tokens. Only collect this NFT if you want to. Be aware that dealing with Testnet and, occasionally, mainnet might be dangerous. You run the risk of losing your cryptocurrencies if the dApps you use have used had issues. In order to ensure that losing it won’t be an issue, only connect with wallets that have a little amount of cryptocurrencies.

SUI is just getting started and a little airdrop in the initial days can make you a lot of money in the long run.


SUI Airdrop: Is it confirmed?

There is a high probability that there will be SUI tokens airdrop, however the team has not confirmed anything yet.

Does this Sui Airdrop Guide ensure free SUI tokens?

There are no confirmed guide, on how you can get the SUI airdrop. However, from our experience we wrote this guide, and completing these steps, you will have a higher chances to get airdropped tokens.

Has the SUI mainnet launched?

Sui mainnet is still not launched. However, permanent testnet is now live.

What will the SUI tokens airdropped value?

If SUI tokens are airdropped, it should be close to or more than 1000USD (much like APTOS)

How much do I need to spend as gas fee for getting SUI airdrop?

Zero. You do not need to spend any real money at this moment.

Bonus: Completing this guide will not only take you one step closer to SUI token airdrop, but also make you eligible for tokens from other dApps.

Closing thoughts

The Sui blockchain appears to have a lot of potentials, and its technical characteristics, development strategy, and goals appear to have resonated well with a number of people who are passionate about blockchain technology. If SUI wishes to see more widespread adoption, it will have to face serious competitors from other blockchains and must keep improving the quality of its ecosystem. Both of these requirements have to be met and Sui seems to be making an effort in the right direction.

Participating on SUI airdrop is the best way to get the SUI tokens absolutely free. Thus, we highly recommend you to complete the steps as soon as possible.

We will keep updating the article. Join us on Telegram, Subscribe to our channel @cryptobullsclubch. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. See you inside telegram.