Finally – just a few months to go!

Currently in its pre-launch page, PEGA Pool is a Bitcoin (BTC) mining pool that’s bringing ASIC-miner-owning clients together to make a collective difference.

As the world’s first ecological mining pool to ever emerge, PEGA Pool lets BTC miners connect over one shared network, mine BTC together, save on pool fees, and make the crypto industry a more sustainable space for everyone.

pega pool

After months of anticipation, PEGA Pool will finally shed its BETA skin and emerge as an iconic leader in the crypto arena as of Q1, 2023. Until then, there are still a few spots left on their waiting list ahead of their big launch.

To date, PEGA Pool has one mining client (PEGA Mining), their sister company, accompanied by a handful of approved BETA testers who are currently enjoying a 100% reduction in the membership/pool fees. This is to be followed by a permanent 50% reduction for life once PEGA Pool enters mainstream status.

What’s got BTC miners worldwide so excited about PEGA Pool’s imminent launch is the incredible pool fee savings.

It’s no secret in the global BTC mining community that miners are struggling more than ever to make ends meet, with the BTC price lingering at embarrassingly low numbers, coupled with shockingly high hash rates. Bitcoin miners are battling to stay financially afloat and make the income they’re accustomed to, which is why savings like the ones PEGA Pool are offering come as a very welcome saving grace.

Pool fee savings aside, PEGA Pool’s #1 mission as an ecological mining pool is to make the sector more sustainable and help offset the CO2 emissions that BTC miners release into the atmosphere every single day. While there’s no doubt cryptocurrency is making the world a better place, there are two sides to this (crypto) coin.

The crypto industry has a dark side, whereby BTC mining relies on huge amounts of computer power – which in turn relies on the burning of fossil fuels. This releases harmful greenhouse gases into the Earth’s atmosphere, devouring the ozone layer and expediting the terrible global warming process.

That’s why PEGA Pool’s plan is to use a portion of their members’ fees to plant trees in an attempt to offset CO2 emissions. Their members who are not yet mining BTC using renewable energy can expect to see a portion of their membership fees go towards this. While studies show that we’d need over 300 million trees to see results, PEGA Pool’s efforts have already resulted in over 75,000 trees being planted to date…and they’re just getting started.

Clients who have already transitioned to the green energy movement will be rewarded with 50% off of their pool fees for life once PEGA Pool goes live in 2023. This means PEGA Pool is open to all Bitcoin miners, no matter their current renewable mining status.

Learn more about PEGA Pool and to secure one of the final spots open on their waiting list right now to avoid disappointment.