Play 2 Earn platforms are gaining attention again. And Hook Protocol is one such platform, that is showing an uptrend. As of March 30, 2024, Hook Protocol is trading at $1.56 with a market cap of $213,152,702. I am personally bullish on $HOOK for 2024 mainly for three reasons which include the backing of Binance, a market cap of just 213,152,702 USD, and the technical chart pattern showing positive movement. 

In this article, we will go in-depth to discuss more about HOOK price predictions, how to buy $HOOK token, what the project does, and if the project has any future.

HOOK price prediction

What is Hooked Protocol?

Hooked Protocol is a Sequoia and Binance-backed Web3 protocol that plans to change the way we learn about Web 3.0. It has also built a Quiz-based app that pays you to learn- Wildcash. The app has got more than 3 million downloads on Appstore already. If you want to earn while learning, I highly suggest you download the app.

You can get up to 30,000 uHGT tokens for free if you sign up using my link: Click here to download Wild Cash.

(Note: There are reports that they do not allow converting your rewards into cryptocurrency, and we have noticed the same is true in our case. So, before you are spending time with this app, do consider this)

Hooked Protocol Tokenomics and Cost Performance 

$Hook is currently trading at $1.56 and is ranked #334 as per total market cap.

If we look at tokenomics, we can see HOOK tokens have a 136,666,666 circulating supply and its current market capitalization is $213,152,702

The maximum number of HOOK tokens that will ever be created is 500,000,000. The supply of HOOK tokens is fixed and is supposed to be deflationary, which means, the total number of HOOK tokens that will be available in the future should keep decreasing, once all the tokens are circulated.

Following analysis of the technical indicators for HOOK, we predict a minor correction may occur during the coming days.

Token Structure of Hook

The Hooked protocol has mainly 3 tokens:

  1. HOOK
  2. HGT
  3. uHGT

Hook Tokens Structure

HOOK token is the governance token, representing Hooked Protocol, and is now listed on Binance. As Hooked Application Rollup gets implemented in the future, HOOK tokens will be used to pay off the gas fee. There will be many more Dapps built inside the Hooked ecosystem, and all those dApps will also be using HOOK as gas for all on-chain activities. HOOK token holders will also be incentivized to hold the tokens to get limited edition valuable NFTs in the future.

HOOK Private Sale
20% tokens
Binance Launchpad Sale
5% tokens
25% tokens
Ecosystem / Treasury
30% tokens
20% tokens

HOOK tokens will be emitted in the following manner:

Hook token emissionAll Hook tokens are expected to be released by December 2029.

HGT Tokenomics

HGT is the inbuilt learn-to-earn token that is used to incentivize app users and is currently not trading anywhere. HGT will have an infinite token supply. Tokens will be constantly minted and spent to incentivize the app users.

uHGT is derived from HGT to sustain the price algorithmically to avoid sudden pump and dumping in the tokens like other play-to-earn models. Inside the Wild Cash app, you earn uHGT, which can be swapped for BUSD.

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Price Prediction for Hook Protocol in 2024

$HOOK is expected to continue the bullish run in 2024.

As per our HOOK token price prediction, the maximum price for the HOOK token in 2024 will be $2.070. In the worst bear market scenario, Hook Protocol could trade as low as of $1.300 in April 2024. 

2024 could be one of the best years, where we could see a lot of new investors jumping on the Play 2 Earn narrative and thus, I am personally bullish overall.

HOOK in 2024 is anticipated to trade between 1.300 USD and 2.070 USD the next 9 months are expected to be BULLISH for HOOK.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
April 2024 $1.950 $1.300
May 2024 $1.970 $1.641
June 2024 $1.989 $1.658
July 2024 $2.009 $1.674
August 2024 $2.029 $1.691
September 2024 $2.049 $1.708
October 2024 $2.070 $1.725
November 2024 $2.091 $1.742
December 2024 $2.112 $1.760

In April 2024, the market for HOOK is forecasted to experience a maximum price point of $1.950 and a minimum price of $1.300. As the months roll on, the trajectory of HOOK’s pricing is expected to trend upwards, indicating a gradual increase in both maximum and minimum prices. By the time December 2024 arrives, analysts project that the maximum price for HOOK could peak at $2.112, while the minimum price may stabilize at $1.760, reflecting the evolving market dynamics and potential shifts in consumer demand throughout the year.

Hook Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $2.133 $1.720
February 2025 $2.154 $1.539
March 2025 $2.176 $1.755
April 2025 $1.741 $1.243
May 2025 $1.892 $1.526
June 2025 $2.270 $1.622
July 2025 $2.226 $1.795
August 2025 $2.671 $1.908
September 2025 $2.698 $2.176
October 2025 $2.452 $1.752
November 2025 $2.502 $2.017
December 2025 $2.527 $1.805

Throughout 2025, the price dynamics of HOOK are expected to fluctuate. Starting in January with a range between $1.720 and $2.133, the prices may vary month by month. For instance, in February, they might dip to as low as $1.539 or rise to as high as $2.154. By December, the maximum price could climb to $2.527, while the minimum might stabilize around $1.805, reflecting the evolving market trends and consumer behaviors over the course of the year.

Price Prediction for Hook Protocol from 2026 to 2030

2026 $2.552 $0.448
2027 $1.448 $0.488
2028 $2.999 $0.949
2029 $6.249 $2.159
2030 $6.558 $3.865

In the upcoming years, the trajectory of HOOK’s pricing is poised for significant shifts. In 2026, the maximum price is forecasted to climb to $2.552, accompanied by a minimum of $0.448. As 2027 unfolds, there’s an anticipated dip in prices, with the maximum expected to decrease to $1.448 and the minimum hovering around $0.488. However, the subsequent years show a contrasting trend, with 2028 witnessing a notable uptick in prices, projecting a maximum of $2.999 and a minimum of $0.949. Looking ahead to 2029, the prices are set to surge considerably, with the maximum price potentially soaring to $6.249 and the minimum to $2.159. This upward trajectory is expected to persist into 2030, where both the maximum and minimum prices are forecasted to reach $6.558 and $3.865 respectively. These projections highlight the dynamic nature of market forces and the potential impact on HOOK’s pricing over the coming years.

trade hook Hook Price Prediction in INR

HOOK Price Prediction in INR (year) MAX PRICE (INR) MIN PRICE (INR)
2026 ₹212.71 ₹37.34
2027 ₹120.69 ₹40.67
2028 ₹249.97 ₹79.10
2029 ₹520.85 ₹179.95
2030 ₹546.61 ₹322.15

In 2026, the maximum price for HOOK is expected to be ₹212.71, with a minimum price of ₹37.34. As we move into 2027, there’s a projected decrease in prices, with the maximum anticipated to be ₹120.69 and the minimum around ₹40.67. By 2028, a significant increase is forecasted, with the maximum reaching ₹249.97 and the minimum at ₹79.10. Continuing into 2029, prices are expected to surge considerably, with the maximum price forecasted to hit ₹520.85 and the minimum at ₹179.95. In 2030, both the maximum and minimum prices are anticipated to rise further, reaching ₹546.61 and ₹322.15 respectively. These projections indicate potential shifts in market dynamics and demand trends over the years for HOOK Token.


Can HOOK reach 100 USD?

As per our prediction, it may not be possible for HOOK to reach 100 USD before 2030. However, if HOOK keeps progressing, it may have a very high chance of crossing 100USD by 2039.

What is the HOOK price prediction for 2025?

2025 looks bullish for Hooked Protocol. HOOK Price prediction for 2025 suggests it could be trading between 1.24368 USD to 2.698 USD. 

What is the HOOK price prediction for 2030?

HOOK is expected to reach $6.558 by the end of 2030.

Hook Protocol in 2024 & Beyond: Upcoming Updates (Hooked 2.0)

Hooked Protocol is launching the HOOKED 2.0 proposal to revolutionize the education sector through a Web3 social learning ecosystem. This initiative aims to build an immersive open educational network accessible to billions, focusing on crypto education and enabling shared ownership in the crypto space.

Important aspects of the HOOKED 2.0 plan include:

  1. Expansion of Educational Offerings: Building on its success in crypto education, Hooked Protocol is now developing a more diverse and extensive educational ecosystem.
  2. Creation of a Social Learning MetaVerse: In collaboration with ecosystem partners, Hooked Protocol is set to launch the world’s largest social learning metaverse. This platform will introduce new social learning experiences, integrated with the native $HOOK utility.
  3. Hooked AppChain with $HOOK as Native Gas Token: The new AppChain infrastructure, powered by $HOOK, will support all ecosystem learning products and experiences. This innovation aims to enhance the scalability and growth of the HOOKED 2.0 ecosystem.
  4. $HOOK Empowerments in the Ecosystem: The updated ecosystem will offer various methods to generate yields, such as validator nodes, AppChain staking, and other ecosystem engagements, with $HOOK as a reward.

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