In this article, we will learn about the the newest memecoin Tamadoge, what they do, TAMA price prediction from 2023 to 2030, where to buy the $Tamadoge and if it is a good investment in 2023.

In the Tamaverse, the project’s own metaverse environment, the memecoin Tamadoge (TAMA) serves as the official unit of exchange. The Tamadoge group is working on a variety of features, such as Tamadoge pets, animated animals powered by NFTs (non fungible tokens) that are the foundation of the Tamadoge AR, and Tamadoge exchange, a mobile app.

Tamadoge incorporates Play-to-Earn (P2E) monetization principles and NFT technology with the Dogecoin idea, which is dominating the meme coin industry. The Tamadoge team hopes to enable augmented reality (AR) in the future so that users may enjoy their virtual pets in real-world settings.

Tamadoge logo

Tamadoge: Important & Recent Updates

Here is a brief summary of some of Tamadoge’s most important blockchain features:

  1. Tamadoge is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) cryptocurrency initiative that uses augmented reality with NFT-powered animals.
  2. There is a 2 billion token maximum supply for Tamadoge (TAMA), of which half will be made accessible during the token production event (TGE)
  3. The release of the Tamadoge AR app, the project’s last stage, is planned for Q4 2023.

How does Tamadoge (TAMA) operate and what is it?

Shiba Inu inspired Tamadoge, a meme-inspired blockchain currency built on the Eth blockchain that is modelled after Dogecoin. The Tamadoge ecosystem’s native currency, TAMA, is built to have zero transaction taxes. The Tamadoge team has chosen to follow the “no-tax” path because they think the token’s value should come from the project’s inherent worth rather than from merely speculative trading. 

The core of the Tamadoge project is the pets, as was briefly explained above. Users will soon be provided with an option to transport the NFT-powered animals across other Metaverse projects which are blockchain based in addition to collecting them, which is expected to significantly improve their resale value and utility. When the Tamadoge NFT Pet Store launches in early 2023, users will be able to purchase Tamadoge Pets there.

Tamadoge: Team and Objectives

A collection of software engineers, designers, marketers, and crypto professionals support the Tamadoge project, a relatively new cryptocurrency. There are several anonymous members of the main team. Among the members of Tamadoge who went public were Thomas Seabrook, who was the main game developer, and Carl Dawkins, head of growth.

The Tamadoge organization has drafted the primary objectives they intend to accomplish in the project’s whitepaper, which include the launch of investigating metaverse partnerships, a NFT marketplace dedicated to the project, CEX (centralized exchange) listings, and a selection of Play to earn Arcade games. These objectives will be accomplished over the course of the project’s six phases. The release of the Tamadoge Augmented Reality applications, which will enable owners to interact with their Tamadoge dogs in AR, is the final phase, which is scheduled for Q4 2023.

Tamadoge Price History

Everyone now have access to the Tamadoge coin, which will be traded as the TAMA ticker.

During the TAMA presale of multi-stage, the price of Tamadoge saw a rise, making the TAMA pricing more alluring for early participants of the token sale. Users could initially claim 66.67 TAMA for every USDT. In the second phase of the Tamadoge coin sale, the bonus is expected to drop to 57.14 TAMA per 1 Tether (USDT). 

Users can use their Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) to participate in the token sale of TAMA. 1,000 tokens, or around $15 at TAMA’s average token price of the presale, are the least quantity that may be purchased.

Tamadoge price today is $0.008575  . (Last updated: October 08th, 2023)

Tamadoge Market Cap

As of 08th October, 2023, Tamadoge has a total supply of nearly 2,000,000,000 tokens. Tokens in circulation, however, is 1,393,353,219. The market capitalization of Tamadoge is $11,931,373.

TAMA’s market cap, however, can significantly alter if the token will be accessible to a larger investing public following the centralized exchange listings anticipated in early 2023.

Tamadoge: Supply

TAMA has a maximum supply limit of 2 billion. 400 million of them will stay unminted and set aside for platform listings out of the half that will be made accessible at the token generation event (TGE). 

Tamadoge in Recent News

  1. Tamadoge to launch an arcade game – SuperDoge very soon
  2. Presale investors got a ROI of 180%, on day 1.

Tamadoge LONG Term Price Prediction 2023 to 2025 (in USD)

For those who are willing to hold Tamadoge for long term, here is our price forecast. Tamadoge long term price prediction suggests, $TAMA could reach 0.5USD before 2030.

Now, let us look at Tamadoge’s long term price prediction from 2023 to 2025 in detail. We have estimated Tamadoge’s pricing month by month.

Tamadoge Price Prediction in 2023 in USD

TAMA price prediction 2023 Maximum Price Minimum Price
October 2023 0.0148 0.0079
November 2023 0.0092 0.0075
December 2023 0.0098 0.0076

As of October 8, 2023, the initial prediction for October indicates an expected price of 0.0148, and a slightly lower prediction of 0.0079 for November. These predictions suggest a potential decrease in the price of the asset over the two-month period.

However, it’s important to note that price predictions in financial markets can be influenced by a wide range of factors, including economic conditions, market sentiment, and geopolitical events. Therefore, these predictions should be taken as a starting point for analysis and not as definitive forecasts. Traders and investors should conduct thorough research and consider various factors before making investment decisions.

Tamadoge (TAMA) Price Prediction in 2024 in USD: January – December

Our brief and medium technical analysis, together with our price prediction for Tamadoge, indicate that the highest price of this memecoin might be approximately $0.043 in 2024, with a range of $0.0102 to $0.043.

It is possible that Tama may see increase more than 200% in 2024.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 0.0102 0.0088
February 2024 0.0109 0.0087
March 2024 0.0105 0.094
April 2024 0.0107 0.095
May 2024 0.0179 0.0100
June 2024 0.0204 0.012
July 2024 0.0254 0.0231
August 2024 0.0268 0.0205
September 2024 0.0269 0.024
October 2024 0.0300 0.028
November 2024 0.034 0.031
December 2024 0.043 0.039

Tamadoge (TAMA) Price Prediction 2025

Tamadoge price projection 2025 trend line indicates significant volatility. In 2025, TAMA may go up by 300% from 2023’s highest price.

Predicting a price level in the middle of these ranges is the most feasible approach. Future pricing of Tamadoge might be affected by its widespread use.

By the end of 2025, according to our analysis of Tamadoge price projection, it may range between $0.146 to $0.04. 

TAMA Price Prediction 2025: Monthly Analysis

The following is a prediction for the price prediction of Tamadoge in 2025 (month wise):

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 25 0.049 0.04
February 2025 0.052 0.047
March 2025 0.06 0.05
April 2025 0.067 0.061
May 2025 0.079 0.072
June 2025 0.095 0.086
July 2025 0.082 0.075
August 2025 0.093 0.084
September 2025 0.106 0.097
October 2025 0.093 0.084
November 2025 0.115 0.104
December 2025 0.146 0.132

Tamadoge Price Forecast 2026-2030

The price of Tamadoge may hit a high of 0.595USD in 2030 and a low of 0.06USD in 2027. Compared to Tama’s price prediction of 2026 with 2030, we may see that unlike other cryptocurrencies, TAMA may only see a jump of 117% in 5 years. 

2026 0.291 0.09
2027 0.194 0.06
2028 0.233 0.072
2029 0.35 0.108
2030 0.595 0.183

Tamadoge LONG Term Price Prediction in INR 2023 to 2025

In this post, now we are going to have a look at Tamadoge Price forecast from 2023 to 2025.

TAMA Price Forecast in 2023 in INR

The price of Tamadoge may hit a high of 9.98INR and a low of 0.92INR.

What the price of Tamadoge is going to be INR by the end of 2023? We have predicted Tamadoge price month wise.

When Maximum Price (INR) Minimum Price (INR)
October 2023 2.72 2.47
November 2023 1.94 1.77
December 2023 1.55 1.41

TAMA Price Forecast in 2024 in INR

The price of Tamadoge may hit a high of 3.45INR and a low of 1.11INR.

What the price of Tamadoge is going to be INR by the end of 2024. We have predicted Tamadoge price month wise.

When Maximum Price (INR) Minimum Price (INR)
January 2024 1.57 1.43
February 2024 1.52 1.39
March 2024 1.22 1.11
April 2024 1.34 1.22
May 2024 1.61 1.46
June 2024 1.93 1.76
July 2024 2.03 1.84
August 2024 2.23 2.03
September 2024 2.13 1.93
October 2024 2.44 2.22
November 2024 2.76 2.51
December 2024 3.45 3.14

Tamadoge Price Prediction in 2025 in INR:

The price of  TAMA may hit a high of 11.7INR and a low of 3.61INR.

What is the price of Tamadoge going to be INR by the end of 2025? We have predicted Tamadoge price month wise.

When Maximum Price (INR) Minimum Price (INR)
January 2025 3.97 3.61
February 2025 4.18 3.8
March 2025 4.81 4.37
April 2025 5.38 4.89
May 2025 6.33 5.76
June 2025 7.6 6.91
July 2025 6.61 6.01
August 2025 7.43 6.75
September 2025 8.54 7.77
October 2025 7.43 6.75
November 2025 9.21 8.37
December 2025 11.7 10.63

Tamadoge Price Prediction 2026-2030

The price of Tamadoge may hit a high of 48.47INR in 2030 and a low of 4.89INR in 2027.

WHEN Max. TAMA (in INR) Min. TAMA (in INR)
2026 23.76 INR 7.33 INR
2027 15.84 INR 4.89 INR
2028 19.01 INR 5.87 INR
2029 28.51 INR 8.8 INR
2030 48.47 INR 14.96 INR

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Will Tamadoge reach 1USD?

If the Tamadoge project is well integrated and accepted by the users, then it might reach 1USD. But it’s a long shot and everything has to be in favor of Tamadoge. However, it needs to do amazingly well to reach such a price target and I do not see that happening before 2030.

Will TAMA reach 10USD?

Anything is possible in this crypto market, but it’s doubtful whether the Tamadoge’s price will be able to reach $10 in the foreseeable future. In short, it seems highly unlikely for TAMA to reach 10USD, even by 2050.

What is Tamadoge crypto?

The native currency of the Tamaverse is the intriguing new “meme coin” known as Tamadoge. Users may purchase “Tamadoge pets” inside this ecosystem, care for them, and then use them to engage in combat with other users to win prizes.

Is investing in Tamadoge a good idea?

At this point, it is difficult to say. Much will rely on the token’s performance after it enters the open market as well as the market’s performance as a whole.

Where can I buy Tamadoge?

Investors may buy Tamadoge on OKX, Uniswap and Bitmart. The token’s presale round just ended, and it has already started trading on well-known cryptocurrency platforms.

What is the $Tama price prediction for 2025?

Tama price prediction for 2025 suggest it could reach $0.146. It is expected to trade in between $0.146 and $0.04.

What is the Tama price prediction for 2030?

Tama price prediction for 2030 suggest it could be trading in between 0.595USD to 0.183USD. Maximum price TAMADOGE may reach in 2023 is 0.595USD

Will $Tama really do 100x?

It is very difficult to say whether $Tama will reach 100X or not but initially a lot of people are bullish on $Tama and thus, the price may keep going further.

Conclusion: Is TamaDoge a Good Coin to Have in Your long Term Portfolio?

Tamadoge is a meme-coin that was overhyped, during its launch. And since then the price has dropped by more than 90%. If there comes a meme season again, we could see spike in the price. However, there are better memecoins to hold like Floki.

If you are a fan of high marketcap memecoins, and do not like much volatility, then there are Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Having said that, if you like investing in low cap cryptocurrencies, then $TAMA could be a good pick.

I personally would not be investing in Tamadoge, and even if I did, I would not invest more than 0.05% of my crypto portfolio into this shitcoin.

I would prefer to invest in PEPE coin than Tamadoge or any other memecoins.

(Portfolio Disclaimer – I hold a small portion of my portfolio in PEPE)

Many may not like my personal take on Tamadoge but this is what it is. Like it or not.

Disclaimer: This article on “Tamadoge Price Prediction 2023 to 2025” is for educational analysis only. Please DYOR and consult a financial advisor before investing in TAMA or any other crypto.