What Is Aptos? Aptos is a massively scalable Layer 1 blockchain built by a group of former Diem engineers who came together to address the concerns of dependability, safety, and usability that are preventing blockchain solutions from being widely used. The team’s goal is to build the world’s most secure and product-ready blockchain, capable of supporting the industry’s transition to Web3. The Aptos blockchain is causing all of this excitement because of its unique history.

On the 9th of August, 2023, Microsoft announced a partnership with Aptos blockchain, and after the news spread, the APT token price surged. In this post, we will learn about what is Aptos, the Aptos ecosystem, APT price prediction, and more.

Aptos Price Prediction

As of March 25th, 2024, APT is trading at $16 with a market cap of $6,328,704,345.

What exactly is Aptos Labs?

Aptos Labs is the organization in charge of the Aptos project. Co-founders Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching are currently in charge of a sizable group of programmers, engineers, and strategists. Mo Shaikh was Meta’s strategic relationships director from 2020 to 2021.

He formerly served as the creator and CEO of Meridio, a blockchain-based investment platform. Avery Ching was the principal software developer at Facebook and Meta for nearly a decade, from 2011 to 2021. His principal responsibilities included the design and upkeep of Meta’s Diem blockchain.

How does Aptos operate?

The Aptos blockchain, which employs a byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, consists of a collection of validators who accept and execute user transactions collectively. Token holders stake their tokens by delegating tokens to their preferred validators to partake within the consensus mechanism.

BFT Consensus Protocol

Instead of employing a consensus technique that must follow transaction order, Aptos decouples the two processes and enables them to operate concurrently. This reduces latency while increasing performance. The byzantine fault tolerant (BFT) engine developed by Aptos evaluates each state in the chain and then modifies validators as necessary to maintain accuracy.

Proof-of-Stake (PoS)

The Aptos blockchain is based on a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm and is supported by a network of validators who process transactions and keep the system up to date. The consensus voting power of each network validator, like that of other Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains, is proportionate to the number of Aptos tokens invested in them. As opposed to working as a static or slowly moving set, the protocol employs a mechanism of fast stake-weight rotation to maximise validator efficiency and facilitate organic decentralization of the network.

Risks & Opportunities

Aptos appears to be one of the most reliable cryptocurrency projects in 2023. Obviously, no project is perfect, and no one can fully evaluate Aptos until it is released. 

Initially, the endeavor was a continuation of a Meta-founded program that was already yielding positive results until it was canceled. Furthermore, the developers working on it are highly experienced, well-trained experts who have previously worked on intriguing projects. Aptos has proven that it can back up its boasts with outstanding TPS rates during testing, as well as a star-studded crew.

However, being a new blockchain project, we must be cognizant of the risks involved. The current TPS is nowhere close to what results claimed during testing on the test net. The current TPS is just 7.

Any decentralized open-source project must demonstrate that the protocol is secure and immutable over time. Wallet vulnerabilities, particularly those created by third parties. Be wary because the project is extensively pushed, and you may wind up paying an exorbitant fee.

Where Can I Buy Aptos (APT) token?

APT tokens can be purchased from the following crypto exchanges:

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Aptos APT Token Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
April 2024 $18.285 $13.071
May 2024 $22.622 $14.519
June 2024 $24.755 $15.629
July 2024 $25.106 $16.755
August 2024 $26.079 $18.565
September 2024 $27.260 $17.717
October 2024 $29.723 $20.103
November 2024 $31.154 $21.128
December 2024 $34.585 $22.154

In April 2024, Aptos is projected to reach a maximum price of $18.285 and a minimum price of $13.071. As the year progresses, the trend continues with fluctuations, and by December 2024, it is anticipated to peak at a maximum of $34.585 and have a minimum of $22.154.

APT Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $36.043 $22.938
February 2025 $36.888 $22.063
March 2025 $31.109 $19.024
April 2025 $25.130 $16.950
May 2025 $27.316 $18.029
June 2025 $32.779 $23.413
July 2025 $32.136 $25.916
August 2025 $38.563 $27.545
September 2025 $48.204 $38.874
October 2025 $60.255 $43.039
November 2025 $61.460 $49.565
December 2025 $67.606 $48.290

In 2025, APT token is forecasted to see a progressive increase in prices, starting at a minimum of $22.938 in January and culminating in a peak of $67.606 by December.

The maximum price Aptos is expected to reach in 2025 is $67.606, whereas the minimum price is expected to reach is $16.950.

APT Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $60.222 $46.308
February 2026 $46.177 $31.555
March 2026 $32.444 $20.036
April 2026 $29.333 $16.667
May 2026 $26.907 $15.570
June 2026 $15.313 $13.795
July 2026 $14.250 $9.428
August 2026 $13.295 $8.353
September 2026 $10.118 $7.321
October 2026 $8.148 $5.677
November 2026 $7.663 $4.567
December 2026 $6.342 $4.530

APT Price Prediction 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $7.611 $6.138
February 2027 $6.089 $4.349
March 2027 $4.684 $3.777
April 2027 $3.981 $2.844
May 2027 $3.344 $2.697
June 2027 $2.572 $1.837
July 2027 $2.058 $1.660
August 2027 $1.595 $1.139
September 2027 $1.994 $1.608
October 2027 $2.493 $1.780
November 2027 $2.742 $2.211
December 2027 $3.071 $2.193

APT Price Prediction 2028, 2029 to 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $3.685 $2.972
February 2028 $2.948 $2.106
March 2028 $2.680 $2.161
April 2028 $2.278 $1.627
May 2028 $1.914 $1.543
June 2028 $1.740 $1.243
July 2028 $2.174 $1.754
August 2028 $2.805 $2.004
September 2028 $3.506 $2.828
October 2028 $4.383 $3.131
November 2028 $4.821 $3.888
December 2028 $5.400 $3.857
January 2029 $3.726 $3.004
February 2029 $4.383 $3.131
March 2029 $5.479 $4.418
April 2029 $6.522 $4.659
May 2029 $7.089 $5.717
June 2029 $8.507 $6.077
July 2029 $8.102 $6.534
August 2029 $6.752 $4.823
September 2029 $8.440 $6.806
October 2029 $10.550 $7.535
November 2029 $11.605 $9.359
December 2029 $12.997 $9.284
January 2030 $12.660 $10.209
February 2030 $15.192 $10.851
March 2030 $14.468 $11.668
April 2030 $12.057 $8.612
May 2030 $15.071 $12.154
June 2030 $18.839 $13.456
July 2030 $20.723 $16.712
August 2030 $23.209 $16.578
September 2030 $22.606 $18.231
October 2030 $27.128 $19.377
November 2030 $25.836 $20.835
December 2030 $21.530 $15.379

By December 2028, the maximum price is projected to reach $5.400, while the minimum may stabilize at $3.857.

The trend continues into 2030, with anticipated peaks in February and March at $15.192 and $14.468, and respective lows at $10.851 and $11.668.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the APT price prediction for 2025?

As per our prediction, APT should reach 67.606 USD by 2025. The minimum price of APT in 2025 should be $16.95.

What is the price prediction of APT token 2030?

As per our prediction, APT should reach a maximum of $27.128USD by 2030.

Will the APT token reach 100 USD?

APT is not anticipated to reach $100 USD before 2030. However, APT token may achieve this milestone in 2040 or 2050.

How does the Aptos blockchain function?

The Aptos blockchain operates by storing information as a resource, which could make it more secure.

Is Aptos free and open source?

Aptos’ code is open source, and dozens of projects are already developing on the testnet and prepared to deliver their discoveries to the ecosystem.

Is Aptos a decentralized system?

Although blockchains are decentralized, Aptos is also decentralized, at least in theory. It does, however, depend on how you interpret decentralization, because some blockchain advocates may object to the fact that the platform has two titles.

Warning: Is APT a Scam?

The APT token is not a SCAM.

The team has worked for more than 4 years to develop the product and has launched the mainnet and made it ready for the dApp ecosystem to work full-fledged from day 1. There were some hiccups, however, the team has handled things quite well.

Most of the tokens are indeed in the control of the VCs/team, but that does not make APT a scam token.

Why did APT token lose value in November 2022?

Crypto saw some of the major unexpected things happening with FTX going down. Rumors were that APTOS team were working from FTX office, and SBF had a major role to play in getting the token live. Some rumors also suggested Aptos treasury fund was being held in FTX. We can’t comment on whether or not these rumors are true.

This could have led to a downfall in APT price. Also, some of the early investors may have panic-sold APT tokens, causing further downfall.

When APT tokenomics was released, one of the criticisms it received was that the majority of the tokens are held by the team members and the VCs. With the hype it created, some of the investors are claiming that these tokens may be dumped by the VCs on Day 1/week 1.

However, from the tokenomics we can see that the tokens are locked for the initial investors for at least 12 months.

APTOS team has airdropped APT tokens to the early adopters. Those who followed our guide must have received APT tokens.

I have personally put some money in APT in 2023, for it is a layer 1 blockchain solution, and I think I should be able to sell it 2-3x in this short mini 2024 bull run.

Conclusion: Should you invest in APT in 2024?

Aptos project is moving quickly. Aptos NFTs are on a trend. Aptos DEFI is growing. 

The Aptos project promises to improve blockchain scalability and dependability. However, for a layer 1 project with a market cap of over 6.3 billion USD, the TVL of approximately $400M USD is nothing but a shame. But a good thing is the TVL is increasing and is up 300% in the last 6 months. Aptos team should focus on growing their TVL to at least 1 Billion USD by the end of 2024.

Aptos TVL

Source: Defillama

Having said that, Aptos has attracted a lot of investor and industry attention so far. While it is difficult to predict if they will live up to the hype, their mainnet TPS seems to be at the lower end. While their initial claim was more than 150k TPS, the current TPS is only 14 while the peak TPS in the last 30 days is just 332. This is nowhere close to their TPS claim of 150,000. The team should focus on increasing the number.

Time will tell whether Aptos will be able to reach close to what it aims to become, but if they succeed, because of their lightning-fast transaction times and talented development team, Aptos could then become a solid investment.

APT token

For those eyeing short-term gains, APTOS could be a great addition. The current trend is uptrend, and I am expecting APT to touch and cross 20USD by May 2024.  Having said that, this is just my assumption. APT token prices could fall too, because there’s a huge unlocking due next week.

If you wish to invest in Aptos, you should proceed with caution, as with all cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: Please do not consider any of the APTOS price predictions mentioned in this article as the final price. Please do your own research before investing in APT tokens. The price prediction mentioned in this article is generated using AI and does not guarantee the same value.

Last updated: 24th March, 2024