Bear market is always a good time to invest for long term. But many a times these cryptocurrencies are not available on top crypto exchanges like Binance and Kucoin. Here, we will be mentioning only those cryptocurrencies which are available on these crypto exchanges.

The market took a bearish nature since the onset of 2022, and ever since every financial asset has seen a whopping reduction in asset values. And cryptocurrency has proven to be no different. Currencies like Dogecoin, Avalanche, Solana, etc fell by almost 90% whereas Bitcoin saw a 70% hit and is valued at $20,374.70 currently.

While experts discuss the array of reasons such a crash has been inflicted upon the crypto market, for you investing is now more volatile than ever.

While it all seems complicated, risky and dicey, we have a guide for you that simplifies why investing in the bear market is the best thing to do?

Why Investing in a Bear Market is the Best Thing to do?

Even though the bear market creates a general negative and dejected attitude amongst the investors and asset holders, and there is a common risk attached to investing in such an atmosphere, a bear market brings the prospect of valuable high returns in the future.

Since the token in a bear market is valued at such low prices, you can purchase them during the bear run and go on to sell them when the next bull market reaches its highest. 

All these cryptocurrencies are available on Binance and Kucoin cryptocurrency exchanges, which you can buy today.

Best Binance Cryptocurrencies to invest in the Bear market

Buying is not a complicated task, but the factor that accounts for the most is what you buy.

You have to make sure that you purchase only those tokens that are likely to go up in value in the near future. 

BTC: Best Cryptocurrency to Invest Anyday

BTC, i.e. Bitcoin was the first decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin has been one of the leading tokens in the crypto market. Bitcoin is proving to be amongst the top most valuable cryptocurrencies. Where on one hand multi-billion dollar companies like Tesla had accumulated Bitcoin at approximately $32,000, you can purchase Bitcoin at around $20,000 to $21,000. Bitcoin is probably the safest crypto asset to invest in especially given its history which has usually shown a bear run followed by a bullish trend.

Where to buy BTC: Binance, Kucoin

BAT: Earn Free by using Brave browser

Basic Attention Token aims at giving users, even more, control over their data. Its integration with the Brave browser has increased utility and made BAT even more successful. The Basic Attention Token is also connected to Ethereum and Solana Blockchain ensuring a smooth-running ecosystem. The Brave Wallet that is associated with the BAT ecosystem integrates Defi and NFT support into the token exchange. The Basic Attention Token is valued at around $0.33 currently.

Where to buy BAT: Binance, Kucoin


Filecoin as a token has commodified the basis of cloud storage. Users perform transactions for data storage through the native currency of FIL (⨎). In terms of performance rates, their storage capacity was at an all-time high in the third quarter and the storage utilization grew by 6 times. The storage plans are based on the foundation of demand and supply rather than that is cemented in stone kind of pricing structures. Filecoin is at a market cap value of $1,850,681,262 and each FIL is valued at $5.90

Where to buy FIL: Binance, Kucoin

FTT: Best Exchange Altcoin to buy in November

FTX is a crypto trading platform that launched FTT as its native cryptocurrency. FTT is valued at around $25 today and it forms the cornerstone of FTX. FTT prides itself on various factors that make up for the flaws of other trading platforms. For example, it helps in averting clawback and is integrated with a centralized collateral pool. That’s not it FTX has tried to increase outreach by providing FTT stakeholders with a wide array of perks and benefits like NFTs, airdrops etc.

Where to buy FTT: Binance, Kucoin, FTX

BNB: Exchange Altcoin

Just like FTX, Binance is also a cryptocurrency exchange platform and is the biggest one globally. BNB serves as the utility token for Binance. BNB has extremely strong fundamentals and is right now available at a great price of $350

The BNB ecosystem has made sure to resolve in-depth problems by issuing several new projects like the BNB Sidechain (serving developers and application creators) and MVB Program (a user-focused accelerator program). On November 3rd they also released a walk-through of The Implementation of Parallel EVM 2.0 which aims at dramatically improving blockchain as a whole and improving its quality as well as performance.

Where to buy BNB: Binance, Kucoin

SOL: Layer 1 Altcoin

Solana as a coin has consistently remained in the top 10 crypto tokens. The beta version of the project that is in the market right now has tried to resolve the hindrances of a fragmented database system. The Solana coin is extensible, hence the price remains low cost and the performance is faster than ever. The major selling point of this crypto asset is that it benefits small individual investors as well as big-time, well-established traders as well. SOL is currently valued at an approximate of $33 and is one of the best options to invest in.

Where to buy SOL: Binance, Kucoin


Elrond markets itself as an energy-efficient way to form a safe and secure network of the internet economy. Electronic Gold (ELGD) is the native coin used by the project and is right now priced at around $60. It also has implemented a voting structure regarding various decisions and settlements that involve the network.

Where to buy EGLD: Binance, Kucoin


Fantom is a DAG platform that very recently saw itself trending massively on Twitter due to a pump in value. This pump was associated with Andre Cronje, one of the major members involved in developing the DeFi ecosystem. Back when he had announced that he will be leaving Fantom, its prices saw a huge dump. But Cronje recently took to Twitter and added Fantom to his bio. He updated his Linkedin to say “Vice President of Memes at Fantom” and dropped several clues hinting he might be back. FTM is an extremely fast open-source project and The Fantom price right now has gone to a value of $0.274. FTM has drastically simplified the process of incorporating decentralized apps and is championing the motive of improving the compatibility of various program bodies.

Where to buy FTM: Binance, Kucoin


FLOW is right now available at around $2. It aims at making the user experience flawless and hence empowering developers with the resources in order to serve the same goal. It has the least carbon footprint when it comes to web3 platforms and has come up with several intriguing projects like “ Ballers” and Genies” to peak user interest.

Where to buy Flow: Binance, Kucoin

DOGE: Best Memecoin cryptocurrency

DOGE was an extremely hyped coin, especially in the Twitter and Instagram circles of cryptocurrency. It has popularly been used as an appreciating token to reward creators of content you love. However, the talk around Dogecoin has reduced drastically with the bear market. But ever since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the market is booming with investors who speculate the role of Dogecoin to become substantially more powerful. Musk is implementing an $8 subscription charge to become a verified user and investors predict that Dogecoin can be a payment method integrated for the same. This has led to a major pump in value for DOGE.

Where to buy Doge: Binance, Kucoin

To Conclude

The bear market that brought a massive depressing lull period in the crypto market is most likely to be followed by bullish trends. And you must take all steps in order to gain the most from this profit cycle. The ongoing bear run can make you sceptical or even frantic, but this is the time to take wise and well calculate investment decisions. While investing you need to factor in a carried list of aspects and deeply research the tokens in the market. Hence in this list, we brought you the best coins to invest in according to our comprehensive analysis of these projects.