Tabi NFT is creating an exciting new world on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), taking Web3 to the next level. We’re all about revolutionizing digital ownership, offering an incredibly smooth and immersive experience like you’ve never seen before. Their main goal is to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 by incorporating engaging gameplay and unique NFTs. To show appreciation to those who have supported Tabi from the very beginning, they are launching an exciting reward program starting on May 29th, 2023. In this article, we will discuss this very topic and talk about how you can be eligible for a potential airdrop of Tabi coin.

Tabi Airdrop Guide What is the Reward system?

Within the exciting rewarding program, there are three unique quests to embark upon: the Sailor’s Quest, the Invite Quest, and the Reddit Quest. By successfully accomplishing each quest, you’ll unlock various rewards tailored to each quest’s objective. The rules are simple and can be completed in no more than five minutes. Once you’ve followed the straightforward steps outlined in each quest, you’ll begin receiving valuable artefacts that will hold significant utility within the Tabi ecosystem.

By following the given steps you can unlock the rewards:

  • Head over to the awesome Tabi NFT Website.
  • Link up your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Quest 1: Sailor’s Quest

This quest includes six steps:

  • Make sure your wallet is all set to embark on a quest for gold.
  • Get connected with their Discord community to join the adventure.
  • Hop on board their expedition Discord server and claim the sought-after role: Voyager.
  • Connect your Twitter account to stay in the loop with all the latest from Tabi.
  • Follow Tabi’s account to unlock a whole new world of thrilling escapades.
  • Share the progress of your journey with your friends by broadcasting it

Upon completing the tasks above, you can claim:

  • A Phoenix Feather – This will be instantly credited to your account, no need to go through any minting process.
  • An Iron artefact Chest- Inside this Chest lies a mysterious artefact, the true purpose of which will be unveiled in due time. Keep in mind that the Iron Chest is an SBT (Special Bound Token), meaning you won’t be able to list or transfer it.

Quest 2: The Invite Quest

The invite quest is an exciting opportunity to bring your friends along on our grand voyage. To successfully complete this task, all you need to do is invite your friends to participate by sharing your special invite link. You can find this unique link on the invite quest page. Once your friends have joined and completed the initial tasks as sailors, your invitations will be considered valid.

Once you have valid invites, you will be rewarded with:

  • Dragon Eggs – These will be credited directly to your account, and you won’t need to go through the minting process. The number you receive will depend on the number of valid invites
  • An Artefact Chest – Each artefact Chest contains a unique artefact waiting to be discovered. There are five different types of artefact chests, each varying in rarity.

Quest 3- Reddit Quest

The Reddit Quest by the Tabi team aims to introduce more individuals to the world of digital assets and immerse them in the thrilling realm of crypto games. If you happen to have a Reddit account, you’re in for some exciting rewards! All you need to do is Link Your Wallet and Connect your Reddit account

Once you complete these two steps, you will be rewarded with:

  • Spellbook– Spellbook will also be credited to your account without any need for minting. The quantity will be determined by the strength of your Reddit score.
  • Reddit Creed – The Reddit Creed is an SBT (Special Bound Token), meaning it cannot be listed or transferred. It remains a unique and exclusive possession.

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To conclude

In my opinion, what sets Tabi apart from previous projects that have struggled on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the noticeable level of professionalism and a clear roadmap displayed on their website. If Tabi successfully follows through on its roadmap and achieves its goals, it has the potential to greatly benefit not only itself but also the entire BSC ecosystem. This kind of success story could serve as an inspiration and attract more high-quality NFT projects to opt for BSC as their preferred blockchain platform. If you’re eager to give this platform a try, I encourage you to start collecting these quest rewards. Not only will they enhance your experience and engagement with Tabi, but they may also increase your eligibility for potential future airdrops. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore what Tabi has to offer while reaping the benefits along the way.