One of the top-performing crypto coins on the market right now is Bitgert, or popular known as BRISE. Infact, Bitgert continues to be the coin to keep an eye on this week as crypto experts have forecast the death of a few zeros. This high is feasible given the Bitgert bull rebound this week. The year 2022 has been a breakthrough year for the blockchain platform Bitgert and its native BRISE coin.

However, there are some RED FLAGS! Keep reading.

In this article, we will talk about BITGERT, BRISE, and most importantly BRISE price prediction for 2023 to 2025. A lot of our readers have requested us to review the project and give our price prediction. And here, we did exactly the same.

As of August 6th, 2023, the BRISE token is trading around $0.0000002644

Will BRISE be a good hold in 2023? Let’s keep reading.

The launch of the blockchain mainnet for the Bitgert network, which added smart contracts and the ability for decentralized applications, signified the network’s considerable advancements in recent months.

Since then, Bitgert has witnessed a large number of dApp releases, from non-fungible token exchanges to decentralized financial protocols.

Bitgert: What is it?

Bitgert claims to be a Zero-Cost gas fee blockchain. Basically, a smart contract platform, where developers can build dApps. According to Bitgert, their blockchain can process 100,000 transactions per second with almost no fees.

Warning: Transaction fee is advertised as $0.000000001, however, for every transaction you make there is a 12% fee. The revenue generated from the ‘fee’ is then used for marketing in the form of sponsored articles. One interesting thing to note is this fee is applicable to everyone, but the creator.

Developers can build decentralised apps, unrestricted expansion, regardless of cost, and security.

Beside smart contract, you can write staking contract, create Defi Apps, and mint NFTs on this platform.

However, when we click on those links, most of them were blank.

Brise (Bitgert): Details

Token Ticker BRISE
Token Supply 1,000,000,000,000,000
Current Supply 395,688.22B
Release Date
Network BRISE
Consensus Mechanism CLIQUE
Current Rank 189
Market cap 105,362,567 USD

History of Bitgert

Bitgert was first introduced on the Binance Smart Chain, and it paid out incentives using Binance Coin. The project’s plan states that Bitgert initially debuted in July 2021 with the introduction of its website and the placement of its native BRISE coin on Binance’s DEX, Pancake Swap.

Before changing its name to Bitgert in December 2021, the project was once known as Bitrise. The biggest advancement in the blockchain project to far came in February 2022 when Bitgert introduced its native BRISE Chain, which was supported by the BRC20 smart contract. On the Bitgert network, developers can now create dApps thanks to the debut of its own blockchain network.

To provide quick block times and affordable costs, the BRISE Chain uses a method of proof-of-authority. In addition to being interoperable with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the BRISE chain features smart contract functionality.

On the BRISE chain, developers can create wallets and other dApp-related tools, create new tokens, operate full nodes to get real-time updates on transactions, blocks, and consensus activities, and run full nodes to run new tokens. A significant part of the countless projects that have surfaced on the BRISE chain may be attributed to the advent of the network’s incubation program, Bitgert Startup Studio.

BRISE coin – What is it?

In the Bitgert network, BRISE is the native token. On the Binance network, it was first released as a BEP-20 token. The coin was changed into the native BRISE chain token following the introduction of the BRISE Chain. Users will receive staking incentives in BUSD when they stake their BRISE.

Additionally, the BRISE dApp Wallet, which has no transaction fees, uses the BRISE token as a peer-to-peer payment method. By eliminating the need for a middleman, it enables direct exchange of cryptocurrency fees between buyer and seller.

The BRISE coin is now a more desirable token to keep thanks to the platform’s addition of a repurchase idea to cryptocurrency. The buyback strategy increases investor confidence to buy and hold the coin, hence aiming to raise both its price and demand. In the event that a sale takes place, a portion of the buyback tax paid is utilized to buy tokens from the liquidity pool, which are burnt right away after the buy.

How to buy BRISE?

Buy BRISE Register here
Kucoin Sign up here
GATE Sign up here

It’s not too difficult to purchase Bitgert (BRISE). Here is how you can buy BRISE token.

  • Making an account on a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Bitgert is the first step. Bitgert (BRISE) is available on numerous exchanges. Some are mentioned above in the chart. Establish a profile with them.
  • Depositing Money in Step Two. Deposit fiat or BTC, or USDT after opening a profile on the exchange that best suits your needs.
  • Purchase Bitgert in the third step. You can now purchase $BRISE with the money that has already been deposited into the account. Bitgert (BRISE) purchase is a straightforward procedure.

Pro tip to buy Bitgert: Buy BRISE from Kucoin or Gate. Buying from Pancakseswap or decentralised exchanges will levy 24% losses. If you do not want to lose 24% to smart contracts, buy from Kucoin (link given above).

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Bitgert blockchain: Everything You Need to Know

In February 2022, Bitgert finally made its long-awaited blockchain public. The much-hyped promise of gas-free transactions never came to pass, and Bitgert instead switched to a near-zero transaction cost structure. The BriseChain’s block time is 15 seconds and it was created using a proof-of-authority consensus algorithm.

PoA blockchains are criticized for being extremely centralized, despite the fact that they are thought to be highly scalable. The Binance Academy states that this consensus algorithm paradigm is merely an attempt to improve the efficiency of centralized systems. While this makes PoA an appealing option for big businesses with logistical requirements, it does raise some concerns, particularly in the context of cryptocurrencies.

In short, BRISE may be faster, but it is very much centralised.

Let us know in the comment section, what do you prefer: Centralised and fast blockchain or Decentralised and Slow network?

Bitgert’s Roadmap

The Brise roadmap outlines the development plans for 2023. The first six months will focus on creating the Web 3.0 Geo Data Map Core Files and the Decentralized Freelancer Framework. The team aims to launch a BETA version of the Web 3.0 Geo Data Map and work on the UI Wireframe for the Decentralized Freelancer platform. Additionally, they will develop the Web 3.0 Oracle Market Framework.

In the second half of 2023, Brise plans to launch the Web 3.0 Geo Data Map on the MainNet and continue developing the Decentralized Freelancer Framework. They will also launch a BETA version of the Decentralized Freelancer platform. Furthermore, the team intends to integrate Bitcoin and Ethereum into the Web 3.0 Oracle Market Framework and launch the Decentralized Freelancer platform on the MainNet. These goals will add more value to the Brise ecosystem and benefit its users.

BRISE Price History 2021

The coin has established itself as a power in DeFi since its introduction on July 28, 2021. Brise’s initial purchase price at the time of its debut was $0.000000000001.

This project’s unique tokenomics is its standout quality. The Bitgert project aims to reward users. The team began rolling out goods a month following the Bitgert coin launch, with Bitgert Audits serving as the initial offering.

The Bitgert Swap and one of the most potent products, Brise wallet, were both introduced throughout the course of the following 60 days. On September 13, 2021, with a price of $0.000000003391, it crossed the $0.000000000001 threshold. It reached its ATH of 2021 on November 1st with $0.0000006287 before falling and finishing the year with $0.0000003399.

BRISE Price History 2022

Brise token’s price increased to reach the $0.0000005816 mark on January 4th as the year began. It then experienced a decline once more, dropping to $0.0000001886 on February 6.

Then it started to increase again, reaching an all-time high on March 6, 2022, of $0.000001605 (ATH). Then, as the markets fell, it had a decline and on June 18th, 2022 it reached $0.0000002884.

Then, in August, it began to rise slowly and it closed the year, trading at $0.0000003017.

Brise Price Prediction 2023

Bitgert Price Prediction Maximum Price Minimum Price
August 2023 0.000003030358 0.000001930358
September 2023 0.000002530358 0.000001530358
October 2023 0.0000035842 0.0000025842
November 2023 0.0000045234 0.0000025234
December 2023 0.0000055556 0.000002555

The native coin of Bitgert, BRISE, is expected to see significant fluctuations in value over the course of 2023.

For the rest part of the year, the maximum price for BRISE is projected to reach 0.0000055556USD in December 2023, while the minimum price is expected to be 0.000001530358USD in September 2023. The predictions suggest that the price of BRISE will rise gradually over the year, with some notable dips along the way.

We already saw the token taking a dump in June. This is because, in general, the entire crypto currency saw a major decline, follow SEC suing Binance and Coinbase. In August and September 2023, BRISE coin is expected to trade between 0.000003030358USD and 0.000001530358USD.

Bitgert Price Forecast 2024

BITGERT Price Prediction Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 0.000004587 0.000003528461538
February 2024 0.0000050457 0.000003881307692
March 2024 0.000005297985 0.000004075373077
April 2024 0.0000068873805 0.000005297985
May 2024 0.000005802555 0.000004463503846
June 2024 0.0000063828105 0.000004909854231
July 2024 0.00000829765365 0.0000063828105
August 2024 0.00001020611399 0.000007850856915
September 2024 0.00000555027 0.000004269438462
October 2024 0.000004625225 0.000003557865385
November 2024 0.00000440497619 0.000003388443223
December 2024 0.000005418120714 0.000004167785165

Bitgert price forecast for 2024 predicts an slightly upward trend in the coin’s value.

The maximum Bitgert price is expected to reach 0.00001020611399USD in August 2024, with the minimum price estimated at 0.000003388443223USD in November 2024. The price is expected to fluctuate throughout the year, with occasional dips and rises.

Brise Price Prediction 2025

Bitgert Price Prediction Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 0.000005959932786 0.000001986644262
February 2025 0.000007151919343 0.000002383973114
March 2025 0.000008939899179 0.000002979966393
April 2025 0.000006555926064 0.000002185308688
May 2025 0.000007867111277 0.000002622370426
June 2025 0.000009833889096 0.000003277963032
July 2025 0.000007867111277 0.000002622370426
August 2025 0.000009440533533 0.000003146844511
September 2025 0.00001180066692 0.000003933555639
October 2025 0.00001022724466 0.000003409081553
November 2025 0.00001227269359 0.000004090897864
December 2025 0.00001840904039 0.000006136346796

BRISE price prediction for 2025 in USD is in between 0.00001840904039USD to 0.000001986644262USD.

  • Max BRISE price prediction 2025 – 0.00001840904039USD
  • Min BRISE price prediction in 2025 – 0.000001986644262USD

BRISE Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 0.00002301130049 0.000007670433495
February 2026 0.00003451695073 0.00001150565024
March 2026 0.00002556811165 0.000008522703884
April 2026 0.00001598006978 0.000005326689927
May 2026 0.00002761356058 0.000009204520194
June 2026 0.00001840904039 0.000006136346796
July 2026 0.00002485220452 0.000008284068175
August 2026 0.00003976352724 0.00001325450908
September 2026 0.00001472723231 0.000004909077437
October 2026 0.000009818154874 0.000003272718291
November 2026 0.000007272707314 0.000002424235771
December 2026 0.000006611552104 0.000002203850701

Bitgert (BRISE) Price Prediction 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 0.000005509626753 0.000004238174425
February 2027 0.000004793375275 0.00000368721175
March 2027 0.00000456511931 0.000003511630238
April 2027 0.000005112933627 0.000003933025867
May 2027 0.000004345993583 0.000003343071987
June 2027 0.000003621661319 0.000002785893322
July 2027 0.000003802744385 0.000002925187988
August 2027 0.000003270360171 0.00000251566167
September 2027 0.000002725300143 0.000002096384725
October 2027 0.000002180240114 0.00000167710778
November 2027 0.000001863453089 0.000001433425453
December 2027 0.000001552877574 0.000001194521211

BRISE Price Prediction 2028 to 2030

BRISE Price Prediction
2028 to 2030
Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 0.000001634607973 0.000001257390748
February 2028 0.000001836638172 0.00000153053181
March 2028 0.000002448850895 0.000001990935687
April 2028 0.000002226228087 0.000001712483144
May 2028 0.000001855190072 0.000001427069286
June 2028 0.000002226228087 0.000001712483144
July 2028 0.000002671473704 0.000002070909848
August 2028 0.000002938621075 0.000002332238948
September 2028 0.000003085552128 0.000002373501637
October 2028 0.000003630061327 0.000002792354867
November 2028 0.00000431977298 0.000003322902292
December 2028 0.000005183727576 0.00000398748275
January 2029 0.000005805774885 0.00000446598068
February 2029 0.000006673304465 0.000005133311127
March 2029 0.000007006969688 0.000005389976683
April 2029 0.000006256222936 0.000004812479182
May 2029 0.000007360262278 0.000005661740214
June 2029 0.000009494738338 0.000007303644876
July 2029 0.000009042607941 0.000006955852262
August 2029 0.00001291801134 0.000009936931803
September 2029 0.00001550161361 0.00001192431816
October 2029 0.00001937701702 0.00001490539771
November 2029 0.00002654651331 0.00002042039486
December 2029 0.00003716511864 0.0000285885528
January 2030 0.0000309709322 0.000023823794
February 2030 0.00003933308389 0.00003025621838
March 2030 0.00003420268165 0.00002630975511
April 2030 0.00004206929842 0.00003236099879
May 2030 0.00003575890366 0.00002750684897
June 2030 0.00002860712293 0.00002200547918
July 2030 0.00003432854751 0.00002640657501
August 2030 0.00002952255086 0.00002270965451
September 2030 0.00003542706103 0.00002725158541
October 2030 0.00004428382629 0.00003406448176
November 2030 0.00005181207676 0.00003985544366
December 2030 0.00006476509595 0.00004981930458

Brise Price Prediction in USD (Year Wise)

Year WISE (in USD) Maximum Price Minimum Price
2023 0.00001369470741 0.000001530358
2024 0.00003969854006 0.00001464674589
2025 0.000115079062 0.00004245833161
2026 0.002045496649 0.00005985906974
2027 0.001704580541 0.0003695636207
2028 0.0001587297407 0.00005856321602
2029 0.01149822681 0.00007027585922
2030 0.02003716898 0.006808103937
  • Maximum price prediction of BRISE in 2030 is 0.0002885995285 USD.
  • Minimum price prediction of BRISE in 2030 is 0.0001064785746 USD.

Brise Price prediction in INR (Year Wise)

BRISE price
in INR
Maximum Price
in INR
Minimum Price
in INR
2023 0.001135576593 0.000131610788
2024 0.0006987262654 0.0003015714469
2025 0.001656813635 0.0001787979836
2026 0.003141042516 0.0002005504138
2027 0.0005068856613 0.0001098959514
2028 0.0004820866645 0.0001169373396
2029 0.003530686271 0.0004242681646
2030 0.006152684116 0.002090520522

Bitgert (BRISE) is a cryptocurrency that is expected to see fluctuating prices in the coming years. In 2023, the maximum price for Bitgert is predicted to reach 0.001135576593 INR and the minimum price is expected to be 0.000131610788 INR. By 2024, the maximum price for Bitgert is estimated to rise to 0.0006987262654 INR, while the minimum price is expected to be 0.0003015714469 INR. Over the next few years, Bitgert’s price is expected to continue to rise, with the maximum price reaching 0.006152684116 INR in 2030. Despite the fluctuations, Bitgert is expected to see steady growth in its value over the next few years.

Brise Price Target for Upcoming Months

Brise is currently trading close to its base and is trading around 0.0000002635USD.

BRISE token may continue falling for the next 2 months (till September 2023). Brise token’s max predicted price for August 2023  is 0.000003030358USD while the minimum price could be 0.000001930358USD.

BRISE technical analysis

Brise is a good cryptocurrency for swing traders.


According to our price prediction analysis, Brise could reach at max to 0.00001840904039USD by the end of 2025. The minimum price should be 0.000001986644262USD.

Can BRISE reach 1INR?

For Brise to reach 1 INR, the token price needs to go up by a lot of margin. We think BRISE may never 1INR reach by 2030.

What is the total number of Bitgert coins?

Uncertainty surrounds the quantity of BRISE in use. Although it is a self-reported number, CoinMarketCap’s value of 395 trillion is nonetheless significant. There may be a quadrillion units available at most. Only 40% of the tokens are in circulation.

Who was Bitgert’s creator?

Bitgert’s originator is unknown. There is no way to know whether the team members’ names and profiles are real, and there are no provided contact information. The request for such information on Telegram has resulted in blocking of users. Details about domain names are likewise concealed.

What is the expected price of Brise in 2040?

Depending on the direction of the market, we could anticipate an average price of $0.02885995285 by 2040. In 2040, $0.05 is the highest price at which Bitgert Coin is expected to trade.

Can Brise token do a 10X?

Brise has the potential to do a 10X, however that might not happen in 2023.

Is Bitgert a Scam?

It would be too early to call Bitgert a SCAM. However, there are definitely red flags as discussed above. This reddit thread explains why BRISE could be a rugpull in future. One should trade with caution, if you want to buy and hold Bitgert for a long time.

Can Brise reach 1USD?

We do not think BRISE can ever reach 1USD. This is because of the very high token supply.

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BRISE News Or Rumor: Is BRISE going to be listed on Coinbase?

BRISE Coinbase listing for now is just a rumor. The price increase we see now is based on the rumor. We do not think Coinbase is going to list BRISE anytime soon.

Investing in Bitgert: Is it A Good Investment to make for long term?

So far, for investors, BRISE has given great result. Bitgert team on their website claim that on the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain, there are a tonne of projects in development, which will drive up the price of Brise even further. However, there is hardly any dApp that is being talked over talked in August 2023, even after years of development. Atleast I have not heard of any. If you have, please share the name of those dApps on the comment section.

After successfully completing the delivery of the roadmap V1 in under 8 months, Bitgert has an excellent roadmap V2 (atleast on the paper). Bitgert is a long-term project, as seen by the new roadmap V2, which goes as far out as 2025. The Bitgert initiative is unique because of how disruptive it is. However, everything looks good only on paper. In reality, atleast the progress is not seen.

Having said that, not everything about BRISE token is negative. One thing I like about BRISE is thier community. It is growing and engaging. I have seen BRISE trend on Twitter multiple times in a year. They are very good with marketing, as well.

I see Bitgert token more as a MEMECOIN than a layer 1 blockchain. And because of the marketing play, Bitgert could be one the tokens that might go up in price time and again.

Now let’s talk about some redflags with Bitgert blockchain project.

  • Anonymous founder.
  • Majority of the articles about Brise is published on one website :

and mostly what is said are good (but false) things about the project.  

There are allegations that images used under BRISE team members could be AI generated.

So, the price may go up for the time being, however, we feel BRISE may not be a good investment (to simply buy and hold for long term).

Investing in BRISE for short term may give you good profit. However, you need to be on your toe, and track BRISE price everyday. If you are not willing to put effort tracking Bitgert price, it then become nothing but a pure gamble call.

We had seen a lot of crypto projects claiming high TPS, low fee failing in the past. BRISE could be another one. If the team updates about the CEO, fixes their website, talks more about developing on their blockchain, building their ecosystem, then I may consider investing in BRISE in future. For now, I will stay away from BRISE.

Because of the redflags, we think there are chances BRISE could rugpull in future (just my opinion).

Share with us under comments: What do you think BRISE Price Prediction for 2050 looks like? Do you think BRISE can ever reach 0.1USD?

Last updated: 6th August, 2023