Ethereum is the best-decentralised layer 1 blockchain solution to date, and in this post, we will learn if buying ETH in February 2024 makes a good choice. Also, let us look at Ethereum Price Prediction from 2024 to 2025 to 2030.

You see, cryptocurrency is going to be the future of all financial transactions. With its growing demand and influence in the international markets, we can say that soon we’ll be paying and getting paid in cryptocurrencies instead of paper currency. This is the future. Most of the apps we use will be dApps in the future, i.e. decentralized apps. And all that will be possible because of Ethereum and Ethereum like layer 1 blockchain solutions.

This article will be talking about a very popular cryptocurrency – Ethereum and why influencers say ETH is the best altcoin to invest in followed by Solana, Algorand, FTM, Aptos, etc.

Why is ETH the king of all smart contract platforms?

Ethereum is the largest decentralized open-source blockchain platform. It went live in the market in August 2015 with an opening price of $0.7533 and has now become the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Looking at its price now, the return on investment is at an annualized rate of over 270%, which is quadruple what it began with. In January of 2018, it kicked off with a price 600 times higher – $1366.77,  than what it was in 2016 – $1.1896.

Today, (on February 18, 2024), while updating the article, ETH is trading around $2796.40.

Let’s find out more about Ethereum how its prices changed over the years and what it could be in the future.

But, what is Ethereum? 

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain with the best smart contract technology (a command that automatically enforces the terms of the agreement based on a given algorithm). It is distinguished from the other cryptocurrencies by the symbol ETH. It has a diamond-shaped logo resembling a pyramid. 

Apart from being a smart contract platform, it has a variety of uses like gaming, advertising, finance, identity management, web browsing, and supply chain management.

It can be used to build dApps which generate billions of dollars. It has more than a million users. 

Token Ticker ETH
Token Supply 120,165,454 ETH
Current Supply  120,165,454 ETH
Founder  Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, Charles Hoskinson,

 Anthony Di Lorio, Joseph Lubin. 

Release Date  30th July, 2015
Network  Ethereum Blockchain
Consensus Mechanism Proof of Stake
Market Cap  $334,509,896,488
Current Rank #2

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Price History of Ethereum: 2015 – 2023

Ethereum Price History 2014 

In 2014, it was publicly sold for the first time in exchange for Bitcoins. Over 7 million Ether worth $2.2 million was sold in the first 12 hours. By the end of the sale, 50 million Ether worth $17.3 million was sold. This was called the pre-mine.

Ethereum Price History 2015

On 1st August 2015, ETH network went live with an opening price of USD 1.35. it went up to USD 3.5185 which was the highest of the year, but later slid down to less than $1.

The market cap on 08/08/2015 was $153.77 million and the year ended with a market cap of 71.64 million. This was disheartening for the initial investors who put their money into expecting good profits. 

Ethereum Price History 2016

The year 2016 brought hope to the disheartened investors as the price seemed to increase from less than $1 to the highest of $20.59 which was the highest of that year. Those who bought ETH in 2015 at the lowered price earned little profit on their investment. The average price during this time was around $15 – $18.

The market cap was as high as $1.67 billion and the year closed with a market cap of $696.99 million. This was the initiation of a recovery which turned out to become a great boost in the next year.

Ethereum Price History 2017

This year the price opened at $8.1726 and worked its way up to $129.53 on 19/05/2017. This was the first time ETH has crossed the $100 mark, and it did not stop after that. It kept going as high as $826.82 on 19/12/2017. This was good news for the investors as they saw hope in Ethereum and began to invest more, being attracted by the profits it was yielding them. The year closed with a price of $756.73. 

The market cap increased from $715.05 million at the beginning to $73.17 billion at the end of the year.

The investors were very happy with the price rise of ETH.

Ethereum Price History 2018

2018 marked the year when ETH crossed the $1000 mark and moved up to $1396.42 on 13/01/2018. This price was short-lived for 6 months, after which the prices began to incur heavy downslides. It fell below $500 and crashed down to $133.37 at the end of the year.

The market cap was as high as $135.40 billion to as low as $13.89 billion.

Those who sold their assets at the beginning of the year had huge profits, but those who misread the market and kept holding on to theirs, incurred heavy losses for the year.

Ethereum Price History 2019

After the devastating year, 2019 was a bit of recovery for a few months allowing the people to reduce their losses. The price rose to a high of $336.75 but then again started falling to $129.61 at the end of the year.

The market cap ranged between $14.67 billion and $35.93 billion.

The investors began to lose faith in Ethereum looking at the great fluctuation in its price. The market was Bearish and ETH lost around 94% of its value. 

It was said that the massive correction was because it was “oversold” with a below-30 Relative Strength (RSI) reading.

Ethereum Price History 2020

At this time, ETH began at $130.8 and was mostly rising, crossed $500, and went up to $737.8 by 31st December. It was a good period of recovery after the market correction. 

The market cap was between $14.27 billion and $85.72 billion.

People were stuck at home due to Covid-19 and were out of options for earning money. So they began to invest in various markets. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin were a few of them.

With new investors, the market was mostly Bullish and gave good returns.

Ethereum Price History 2021

2021 was a huge turnaround from the previous years. Though the year began with a price of $730.37, it skyrocketed to $4812.09 in August. The physical markets were closed since people were restricted from going out. The digital market was boosted during this time and yielded huge profits for the investor.

The market cap ranged between $83.32 billion and $569.09 billion.

Ethereum closed trading in December 2021 at around 3683 USD.

Ethereum Price History 2022

2022 has not been great for Ethereum. The price kept sliding from 3683 USD and closed the year at 1212 USD. However, if we look at the ETH-BTC chart, we can see it is holding quite well.

Ethereum Price History 2023

Starting at $1212, ETH made close to a 100% gain in 2023 and closed the year at $2294.

ETH Price Forecast 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
February 2024 $3,254.146 $2,711.788
March 2024 $2,966.024 $2,305.020
April 2024 $2,705.020 $1,920.850
May 2024 $2,595.473 $1,746.227
June 2024 $2,437.382 $1,781.152
July 2024 $2,564.859 $2,137.382
August 2024 $2,872.642 $2,393.868
September 2024 $2,930.095 $2,441.746
October 2024 $3,076.599 $2,563.833
November 2024 $3,845.749 $3,204.791
December 2024 $4,614.899 $3,845.749

Ethereum (ETH) is expected to continue its bullish run in 2024. We are expecting ETH spot ETF to be approved in 2024, which could take ETH to its ATH.

ETH Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $5,076.389 $4,093.862
February 2025 $5,343.567 $3,816.834
March 2025 $6,679.459 $5,386.661
April 2025 $6,951.737 $5,679.812
May 2025 $7,643.193 $6,970.317
June 2025 $7,371.831 $6,408.451
July 2025 $8,168.462 $6,200.372
August 2025 $8,202.154 $5,715.824
September 2025 $8,252.693 $5,300.559
October 2025 $9,065.866 $7,618.476
November 2025 $9.183.898 $8,683.212
December 2025 $10,391.902 $9,279.930
My ETH price prediction for 2025 is bullish and I might look to exit my ETH positions in and around September 2025. I have made several mistakes in the past of not selling at the top, but this cycle I am better prepared. Although our prediction stats indicate, that ETH may reach its 2025 around December, to be priced at $10,391.902. December 2025 could be the first time ETH may cross the 10k USD mark.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2026 – 2030

ETH price prediction Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 $12,051.150 $8,620.58
2027 $14,093.63 $10,496.46
2028 $17,521.72 $11,845.40
2029 $18,565.15 $15,536.19
2030 $2o,130.30 $17,086.87

Ethereum Price Expectations for Today, Tomorrow, and This Month

ETH is showing bullish signs at the beginning of the year. So I am expecting ETH to end in green today, and tomorrow, as well as this entire week and month.

Next month, it is predicted to go up by 15%, which might take the price close above 2,966.024 USD.

ETH Onchain Analysis and Stats: February 2024

Total ETH staked: As of February 18th, 2023, there are 30,237,198 ETH staked in ETH 2.0, which is worth approximately $84.77 billion.

Current APR on ETH staking: 3.7%

ETH Active addresses: As per Etherscan, there are around 437825 active ETH addresses (18th Feb 2024)

Transaction volume: Around 1.17 million transactions are happening daily, while the highest number of transactions is 1,932,711 which happened on December 9, 2022.

TVL: ETH has the highest TVL of 93.20Billion USD locked in Defi, with Lido contributing a maximum of 27 Billion USD

Ethereum Price Prediction: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ETH price prediction for 2025?

As per our ETH price prediction for 2025, ETH could be trading between $10,391.902 to $9,279.930.

Can ETH reach 10000 USD?

ETH can do a 10k USD. As per our prediction, ETH could reach 10k USD by December 2025.

However, it would not move in one direction, at one go. The ride is going to be bumpy. Ethereum has real use cases and is the best decentralized smart contract platform built ever. It is just a matter of time before ETH to do a 10000 USD.

What is the ETH price prediction for 2030?

ETH price prediction for 2030 suggests it could be trading between $17,086.87 to 2o,130.30 USD

Will Ethereum reach 10 lakh INR?

10 lakh INR is just over 12000 USD. Ethereum can reach 10 lakh INR. As per our prediction, ETH could be trading above 10 lakh INR (12000 USD) by 2029.

How much time does it take to mine 1 Ethereum?

Post Ethereum Merge, ETH is no longer mineable. You can only earn ETH by staking.

Will Ethereum be profitable in the future?

If we look at the Ethereum price predictions and the demands of the digital economy rates, ETH will likely soar to great highs and be very profitable. 

However, there are certain possibilities that ETH could dip due to uncertain situations. There are certain rumors that Netflix might be banning cryptocurrency-related ad services.

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Will Ethereum ever reach $100k?

After the Ethereum merge, ETH has become a deflationary cryptocurrency and there is a high chance that ETH may reach the $100k mark. It is predicted that by 2028 it could reach $10k. As per our prediction, the ETH price could reach $100k somewhere before 2035. This is based on the high demand of the digital economy in decentralization, security, and programmable blockchain, and ETH leading the pack of decentralized blockchains.

Will there be a price surge for Ethereum?

It is predicted that the price of ETH will be rising soon. It had grown in price by 600 times within 4 years of its introduction in the market. After the ETH merge, there are some major upcoming events to be happening in the ETH blockchain. For example: Surge. It is possible that as ETH keeps developing, we might see ETH price surge. Traders like Michaël van de Poppe are promoting Ethereum making it stronger.

Is Ethereum POS or POW?

Ethereum was earlier following POW but later migrated to the POS consensus mechanism.

Ethereum is the most valuable cryptocurrency if we look at the use cases. If any coin in the future would flip Bitcoin, for me, it is going to be Ethereum.

Is ETH a deflationary asset?

ETH has been functioning as a deflationary asset for the past few months. The implementation of EIP-1559 in August 2021, which burned transaction fees instead of directing them to miners, contributed to this deflationary trend., a network tracker, has confirmed that Ethereum has consistently been deflationary since late January.

ETH deflation

Increased on-chain activity, particularly on protocols like Uniswap and Blur, has driven the burning of ETH, with the largest surge occurring on March 10th due to concerns about USDC’s backing. Overall, these factors indicate that ETH has been experiencing a deflationary phase.

Should Ethereum be held for a long term in 2024?

If you are a long-term investor with good experience, it is suggested that you hold on to ETH for a minimum of 10 years and also purchase more in the meantime as its price might have a boost in the coming years, which could yield you huge profits. 

However, if you are low on risk-taking, you sell off after 5-7 years as there could be chances of a dip in its price depending on the various factors influencing the market. However, any downside might not be seen in holding it for the foreseeable future.

According to us, ETH is a great buy today (trading at 2780 USD), for the long term and is expected to give more than 5-10X returns in the next 5-10 years.

As of today, ETH is down by 42.93% from its ATH and for ETH to touch its all-time high, ETH needs to give a return of 75.23%. I am bullish on ETH, and I think ETH can easily cross ATH by 2025. This is not a financial advice, but just a personal opinion.

ETH generates a revenue of 8M in fees every 24 hours. There are not many blockchains who has been able to achieve such numbers. ETH has got support of a massive number of active developers and is the most decentralised blockchain that supports smart contracts.

With a deflationary nature, the ETH price is expected to surge soon.


After reading this article about Ethereum and its price predictions, what do you think will happen with Ethereum by 2025 and 2030? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. 

Disclosure: The prices in the article, Ethereum Price Prediction 2024-2030, the mentioned prices are generated using AI, which could change according to the then market situation. Please DYOR before investing your money in ETH. The prices mentioned here do not guarantee the same results.

Last updated: 18th February, 2024