Tel is looking bullish in March and also for April 2023. In this post, we are going to discuss TEL price prediction from 2023 to all the way to 2030. Reading this, you will be able to decide whether you should invest in Telcoin in March 2023 or not?

Started in 2017, Telcoin is developed by a Singapore-based group of developers focused on telecom. The project was initiated with the vision of collaboration of blockchain technology and mobile network across the world. At the time of release, the company just launched the TEL token and the official Telcoin Wallet app.

Telcoin logo

It has developed a lot in the span of 5 years and today there exist a suite of app and services including TEL token, TELx Network, Telcoin app and Rivendell, an Ethereum sidechain settlement layer. TELx network is to provide liquidity to TEL tokens. The app is available for download on the App store as well as the play store. The app allows its users to send TEL tokens to third parties without any commission fees. Users can securely store and trade their digital assets. It also supports the fiat currency of 16 countries.

How does Telcoin Work?

Telcoin is a project having the main focus on making peer-to-peer transactions as well as transactions from e-commerce sites. It wants to connect the transaction from the blockchain with the mobile network. For the same, Telcoin is working together with major mobile network companies across the world and mainly in areas where financial services are hard to access.

This collaboration is helping the part of society with the financial facilities which were unprivileged by the same as the only prerequisite for this service is a working smartphone with a phone plan. In the working layer, Telcoin uses an API which facilitates interaction with the network as well as cooperation.

The collaboration of the mobile operators and networks is made possible due to Telcoin with help of its API and this eventually results in regular issuance of TEL to them. Networks having heavier traffic and a greater integration maturity would be rewarded with more TEL and would be transferred to the company’s wallet.

Also when the payment is transferred through the wallets which are a partner of TEL, almost all the operations would be free and only converting your cryptocurrency to fiat currency would be having some fees associated with it.

These free operations will be helpful for both entities, consumers as well as business owners, in saving some extra capital. The end goal of the project is to provide a system which ultimately becomes an alternative to conventional money transfer methods with the help of blockchain technology.

TEL Price Today: What is today’s price of Telcoin?

TEL Price History

Tracing back to the data available from March 2018, TEL was priced at 0.0016 USD and it touched a high of 0.0100 USD and a low of 0.0013 USD. Following a similar trend in the same trend, the coin saw ups and downs. The highest price that year was 0.0026 USD and the lowest price was 0.0000 USD in 2 months of May and July.

The next year, 2019, started with a hope of a new and better phase but the coin saw a drop of 24% in the very first month. Although the coin jumped 126% in March 2019 the tally looked green in just 4 months of 2019. The price in January was 0.00033 USD which was around the same in December 2019, i.e. 0.00036 USD. The maximum price was recorded as 0.0022 USD and the minimum was recorded at 0.0002 USD.

2020 started with a fall of 47%. The coin saw a rise of 168% and 105% in April and August respectively. It was 7 months out of 12 when the coin witnessed a loss hence it opened at 0.0003 USD in January 2020 and was at 0.0002 USD in December of the same year. The highest and lowest were recorded at 0.0004 USD and 0.00005 USD respectively.

The new year started with a gift to the company as it saw a rise of 129% followed by 378%, 141% and 232% in the months of February, March and May respectively. The year turned out to be the best year in history as the graph was red for just 5 months and the drop per cent was not so significant to affect the coin. The price of TEL opened at 0.0006 USD in January and was at 0.0117 USD. The highest was recorded to be 0.0651 USD in May and the lowest was 0.0002 USD in January.

Last year year has not been as good as the previous one for TEL. It fell 34% in the first month and had its face downwards for 7 months until November 2022. The highest was recorded at 0.0123 USD in January 2022, and the lowest was at 0.0010 USD in October.

On February 15th, 2023, Tel was trading around 0.002531USD.

At present, while updating this article on March 20th, 2023, Tel is trading around 0.0022USD.

Present Statistics of TEL

TEL the native token of the Telcoin project is priced at around 0.0022 USD on March 20th, 2023. It has a market cap of 149.3 Million USD with a fully diluted market cap of 225.5 Million USD. For our naive readers, a fully diluted market cap is the market cap when the maximum supply of coins is circulated in the market. The current circulating supply of this coin is more than 66.2 billion coins, which is just 66.2% of the total supply. The maximum supply is 100 Billion tokens.

TEL Price Prediction 2023 to 2025

TEL Price Prediction 2023

This year is expected to be a better year for TELCOIN, although it is not expected to see any spike in price. The price will neither drop drastically. Telcoin is expected to rise in the starting months then fall in the intermediate months and then again rise in the third and fourth quarters. TEL could reach a maximum price of 0.0042 USD in 2023 and as low as 0.0019 USD.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2023 0.00307 0.00279
February 2023 0.0030314 0.002067272
March 2023 0.00264855 0.00181350454
April 2023 0.002583405 0.00204855
May 2023 0.0021528375 0.001957125
June 2023 0.002583405 0.00234855
July 2023 0.003100086 0.00281826
August 2023 0.0034100946 0.003100086
September 2023 0.00358059933 0.0032550903
October 2023 0.0034100946 0.003100086
November 2023 0.00375110406 0.0034100946
December 2023 0.004201236547 0.003819305952

Max TEL Price Prediction 2023: 0.004201236547USD

Min TEL Price Prediction 2023: 0.001957125USD

TEL Price Prediction 2024

2024 is again expected to be bullish for Telcoin. TEL should definitely grow but the growth would be slow and gradual throughout the year except for some ups and downs which is an unavoidable trend in the market.

Telcoins’ price should touch the mark of 0.0098 USD in December 2024 and may go as low as 0.0040 USD. Telcoin is expected to cover a journey from 0.0044 to 0.0098 USD this year.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 0.00442235426 0.003
February 2024 0.004968937371 0.0041
March 2024 0.006625249828 0.005022954389
April 2024 0.006022954389 0.004475413081
May 2024 0.005019128658 0.0040
June 2024 0.006022954389 0.00475413081
July 2024 0.007227545267 0.00570495697
August 2024 0.007950299794 0.006227545267
September 2024 0.008347814783 0.00658892253
October 2024 0.009820958569 0.006928144153
November 2024 0.0116869407 0.00862449154
December 2024 0.01402432884 0.0074938985
  • Min TEL Price Prediction 2024: 0.0042012 USD
  • Max TEL Price Prediction 2024: 0.0140243 USD 

TEL Price Prediction 2025

2025 would be a kind of stable for TEL as January could witness a drop. The graph will have its face south throughout the year. The maximum price of Telcoin seen this year could be 0.0094 USD which is less than that seen last year. This maximum anyways will be achieved in December. The coin will witness the lowest value of 0.0067 USD.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 0.0157072483 0.0127931
February 2025 0.01805430839 0.01641300762
March 2025 0.01895702381 0.01523365801
April 2025 0.01692591411 0.01438719465
May 2025 0.01991284013 0.01610258194
June 2025 0.02389540816 0.02072309833
July 2025 0.02275753158 0.02068866507
August 2025 0.02646224602 0.02205658729
September 2025 0.03175469523 0.02686790475
October 2025 0.03969336903 0.0308488094
November 2025 0.04644124177 0.0402193107
December 2025 0.05572949012 0.05066317284

Min TEL Price Prediction 2025: 0.0127931USD

Max TEL Price Prediction 2025: 0.05572949USD 

TEL Price Prediction 2026 to 2030

After a bad year in 2025, the coin will start to grow from 2026 and will see slow growth over years.

Slowly with a lot of ups and downs, the coin will reach the mark of 0.01 USD  in 2026 itself but to cover the next 0.01 USD and reach 0.02 USD it will take 4 years.

TEL will have a maximum price of 0.0267 USD in 2030 and a lowest of 0.0082 USD.

2026 0.099 0.030556
2027 0.198 0.076389
2028 0.396 0.1298611
2029 0.594 0.2597222
2030 1.188 0.5194444

Can TEL reach 1 USD?

Looking at the past, present and the prediction made for the future of the coin, it looks like TEL could reach 1USD by 2030.

Although the project idea is quite innovative and has the potential to grow and reach higher price in future. The potential is huge. With increased adoption, the price is surely expected to grow.

But we should keep in mind the total market supply of the coin which is 100 Billion. If the coin reaches 1 USD, the marketcap would increase to 1 BillionUSD. We may see a large sell orders as a lot of TEL holders may look to liquidate.

Where you can buy and sell TEL?

TEL tokens are rewarded to the customers and the mobile network provider which works in collaboration with Telcoin. Apart from that, it is also popular for its low cost, high supply and good potential for the future.

Some of crypto exchanges where you can buy and sell Telcoin are Binance, KuCoin, QuickSwap, Bitget, Bitrue, Uniswap, Bilaxy, HitBTC, Hotbit, etc.


How much will TEL cost in 2030?

TEL is expected to be priced around 1.188USD in 2030

Is it a wise decision to invest in TEL for the long term?

TEL is expected to have slow growth and ROI is pretty less. But the project has the potential to launch like a rocket which will eventually boost the price as well. So, it is a considerable long-term investment.

What will be the price of the TEL token in 2025?

In 2025, TEL could reach 0.05572949USD at max.

How TEL is moving in the market?

TEL is quite slow in terms of growth but in the bigger picture, it tends to grow sooner or later.

How many TEL tokens are in circulation and how many are there in total?

There are 65.64 Billion tokens in circulation which are just 66.64% and hence the total supply is 100 Billion.

How to buy TEL?

  • Choose the desired exchange from the list mentioned above.
  • Select the token from the list of tokens available on the exchange.
  • Make payment through the methods available on the exchange and complete the transaction.
  • Confirm and store TEL tokens in your desired wallet which supports TEL

Which blockchain TEL is built on?

TEL is built on the Ethereum network and also uses a sidechain settlement layer based on Ethereum called Rivendell.

Which is the best place to buy TEL?

Along with the crypto exchanges listed above, TEL has its official app which sells TEL along with many other cryptocurrencies like USDC, MATIC, SOL, LINK, SAND, AXS, etc.

What are available platforms and services offered by Telcoin Project?

The project includes Telcoin App, a Liquidity network called TELx and a settlement layer called Rivendell.

Should you buy TEL in March 2023?

TEL is showing bullishness in March 2023. Also, entire cryptocurrency market is reversing. Investing in TEL right now can give good returns in next 2-3 months, if you can buy and sit tight for 1 to 2 years. However, take calculative risk. Do not invest a lot of money in Telcoin or any other altcoin.