This article on ‘Matrix AI (MAN) price prediction’ will tell you about the well-known MAN currency, its price history, its price projection from 2024 to 2030, where to acquire the coin, and an investment analysis. Additionally, you’ll discover if 2024 will be a wise time to invest in Matrix AI (MAN).

As of March 25th, MAN is trading at $0.05833 with a market cap of 25,696,706 USD.

MAN Price Prediction


MATRIX.AI (MAN) was one of the trending coins of 2018. For anyone who has been investing in crypto for over 4 years,  there is a high chance that he/she might know about Matrix.AI. For those who do not, here is what they do:

Using data, computer power, and AI models as its foundation, Matrix AI Network is creating a blockchain-based AI economy. It is building a self-evolving distributed computing AI platform that has access to an expanding selection of on-chain AI data, models, and applications, as well as aggregated processing power, safe data management, transparent data sharing, and these features.


In exchange for sharing their data, both individuals and companies will receive rewards. By adding data directly to their encrypted distributed ledger, it guarantees the exclusive attribution of data ownership rights and prevent data from being secretly copied.

Data’s full value, however, hasn’t yet been realised by merely putting it to the blockchain. When ML is used to train AI models and intelligent applications on the data, additional value is created.

Matrix 1.0

An AI-optimised blockchain platform is now available thanks to the Matrix 1.0 platform. artificial intelligence (AI) technology is being applied to address four key issues with blockchain: slow transaction rates, inadequate security, user difficulties, and resource waste.

With outstanding reliability and usefulness, Matrix AI has built a public blockchain platform.

Matrix 2.0

The Matrix 2.0 ecosystem is a high-performance, transparent, and fair approach to track and attribute data, models, and applications that are extremely accurate and practical. The Matrix 2.0 network also offers on-demand processing capacity, combining valuable processing and validation capabilities through blockchain agglomeration. As a result, a global supercomputing network can be formed by connected nodes.

A further manifestation of a blockchain with high performance, high security, and ease of use, the Matrix 2.0 platform will build on the advancements of the Matrix 1.0 platform.

Big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies are transforming our lives in unimaginable ways as we speak. There is a growing need to protect the privacy of personal data and related digital assets, even though machine learning applications provide excellent prospects to extract value from data and generate social good.

The Matrix 2.0 platform will expand the capabilities of blockchain and act as a distributed cloud, a decentralized ledger for digital assets, and a platform to create artificial intelligence (AI) applications. It is built on cutting-edge blockchain, distributed computing, and machine learning techniques.

Matrix 3.0

Around Avatar Intelligence, Matrix 3.0 will create a multifunctional platform. Any user can utilize the Matrix tools to upload and save their brain wave data in order to construct their own unique avatars using Avatar Intelligence, which is made possible by the distributed computing of Matrix. These avatars can be used on any platform within the Metaverse.


Matrix AI Network’s benefits include the following:


Using clustering techniques and hybrid proof of work (HPoW) consensus method, Matrix mainnet has superior functionality, transaction throughput, and the network is properly decentralized.

More user-friendly

Matrix intelligent contracts use AI technology to give consumers access to a variety of smart contract templates that can be executed over blockchain, all by using simple natural language voice or text inputs in English and Chinese. It intends to support individually tailored intelligent contracts in the future using natural language inputs. With the help of intelligent contracts, non-technical individuals may carry out blockchain transactions.

More secure

The contracts and code are being made more secure using formal verification technology, better protecting users and their assets.

More environmentally friendly

In 2019, AI models for value-added green mining took the place of the inefficient hash model.By doing this, the proof of work (PoW) consensus method will be transformed into a service with societal value. The hybrid proof of work (HPoW) consensus mechanism takes things a step further by enabling the vast majority of connected nodes—even those that aren’t chosen to take part in a delegate round—to donate extra processing power to beneficial AI causes.

This combined computer capacity can be used to develop financial models or diagnose cancer, among other things. The waste that most blockchain projects have inherently is substantially transformed by this.

What is MAN?

MAN tokens are used on the MATRIX AI Network for rewards digital asset authentication and payments.


Transaction validators, miners, and other members of the MATRIX ecosystem who perform well are rewarded with MAN tokens. 


Everything on the MATRIX AI Network is paid for in MAN, including renting out additional computing capacity and buying AI services. 

Digital Asset Authentication

Burning a certain quantity of MAN in the forging of NFTs is required to convert computer power, AI artworks or algorithmic models into digital assets.

MAN Price History

MAN began trading at $1.085 as of January 27, 2018. After a few ups and downs, its price reached $1.695 on February 19. The value continued to fall before turning around in May. It reached a high of $1.790 on May 10. As the year came to a close, the value was $0.075.

The value continued to decrease in 2019 before somewhat rising in March. On April 10, it got as low as $0.209. At year’s end, it was $0.033. 

It did not fare well in 2020 either. In December, it dipped to a low of $0.0045. 

In 2021, the similar pattern was seen. On November 12th, it was $0.137 at its maximum.

The price was falling in 2022. Last year, MAN closed trading at $0.019, on December 31st, 2022.

Matrix AI Network News, Stats, and On chain Data: March 2024

  • MAN Market Cap: $25,696,706
  • Matrix AI Fully Diluted Valuation: $43,188,551
  • Circulating Supply of MAN tokens: 440,710,098 coins
  • Total Supply of MAN tokens: 740,703,122 coins
  • Max Supply of MAN tokens: 1,000,000,000 coins

MAN Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
March 2024 $0.063 $0.039
April 2024 $0.069 $0.046
May 2024 $0.074 $0.062
June 2024 $0.075 $0.063
July 2024 $0.076 $0.063
August 2024 $0.084 $0.070
September 2024 $0.092 $0.077
October 2024 $0.093 $0.078
November 2024 $0.094 $0.078
December 2024 $0.095 $0.079

In 2024, MAN’s  prices are expected to fluctuate on a monthly basis. March might see a maximum price of $0.063 and a minimum of $0.039. As the year progresses, both maximum and minimum prices are projected to vary, with December potentially marking the highest maximum price of $0.095 and a minimum around $0.079.

MAN Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $0.104 $0.084
February 2025 $0.110 $0.079
March 2025 $0.121 $0.098
April 2025 $0.097 $0.069
May 2025 $0.105 $0.085
June 2025 $0.126 $0.090
July 2025 $0.124 $0.100
August 2025 $0.149 $0.106
September 2025 $0.163 $0.132
October 2025 $0.149 $0.106
November 2025 $0.151 $0.122
December 2025 $0.167 $0.119

Throughout 2025, it’s expected that MAN’s prices will experience some fluctuations month by month. In January, the maximum price could reach $0.104, with a minimum of around $0.084. Looking ahead to December, there’s a possibility that the highest maximum price might be $0.167, while the minimum could settle at approximately $0.119. As the year unfolds, these prices are likely to change, reflecting shifts in market conditions and investor behavior.

MAN Price Prediction 2026-2030

Matrix Price Prediction in USD:

When Maximum Price (USD) Minimum Price (USD)
2026 $0.095 $0.035
2027 $0.113 $0.020
2028 $0.095 $0.022
2029 $0.229 $0.053
2030 $0.478 $0.152

In the coming years, MAN’s prices are expected to fluctuate. By 2026, the maximum price could reach $0.095, while the minimum might settle around $0.035. Looking ahead to 2027, the maximum price is projected to be $0.113, with a minimum of $0.020. By 2028, MAN’s shares might see a maximum of $0.095 and a minimum around $0.022. Moving forward to 2029, both the maximum and minimum prices could increase significantly, with the maximum price potentially reaching $0.229 and a minimum of $0.053. Finally, by 2030, MAN’s shares may reach a maximum of $0.478 and a minimum around $0.152. These projections suggest significant potential fluctuations in MAN’s share prices over the next few years, reflecting changes in market conditions and investor sentiment.

Matric AI Price Prediction in INR

When Maximum Price (INR) Minimum Price (INR)
2026 ₹7.93 ₹2.92
2027 ₹9.43 ₹1.67
2028 ₹7.93 ₹1.84
2029 ₹19.12 ₹4.42
2030 ₹39.90 ₹12.69

In the years to come, it’s expected that MAN’s prices will fluctuate. By 2026, the highest price could reach around ₹7.93, while the lowest might settle at ₹2.92. Looking ahead to 2027, we might see the maximum price reaching approximately ₹9.43, with a minimum of around ₹1.67. As we move into 2028, MAN’s shares may reach a maximum of ₹7.93 and a minimum of about ₹1.84. Then, in 2029, both the highest and lowest prices could see significant increases, potentially reaching ₹19.12 and ₹4.42 respectively. Finally, by 2030, MAN’s shares may climb to a maximum of ₹39.90 and a minimum around ₹12.69. These projections suggest that MAN’s share prices could experience notable fluctuations in the years ahead, reflecting changes in market conditions and investor sentiment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In 2030, is Matrix AI Network (MAN) a wise investment? 

Our analysis reveals that MAN (Matrix AI) is a promising option for 2030 based on the direction it is moving. However I will not hold MAN as a long term investment. I am happy to ride the AI tide and sell as soon as it goes 2-3x from my invested price.

How far can the Matrix AI Network go? 

By the end of this year 2024, the maximum price of Matrix AI Network (MAN) may reach $0.095.

What is Matrix AI Network Price prediction for the year 2025?

MAN Price prediction for the year 2025 suggests it could reach $0.167 at max.

What is Matrix AI Network Price prediction for the year 2030?

MAN price prediction for 2030 suggest Matrix AI could reach a maximum of $0.478.

Where can one trade in Matrix?

Matrix AI Network is traded Across 7 trading pairs on 3 cryptocurrency platforms namely HitBTC, KuCoin and

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Is investing in Matrix AI Network (MAN) a good decision for 2024 & beyond?

Matrix.AI (MAN) was almost a dead coin, but with the launch of OpenAI, there started a new trend in crypto – the trend of AI and ML. There are not many AI based cryptocurrencies, and which is why there are speculations on the increase in the price of the token. So, if you are thinking to invest in MAN, you can allot a very small amount (not exceeding 0.5% of your crypto portfolio holdings) in this AI based cryptocurrency.

Since we are almost near the bottom, investing in MAN now can fetch good returns. In long run as per our price prediction, the MAN prices are expected to increase as per our predictions and analysis.

Kindly note that there are risks associated with every investment. Before making any judgements, just focus your efforts on what you can control, and conduct as much research as you can.  DYOR before making a Matrix AI investment (MAN) in 2024.