MDEX is an Automatic Market Maker decentralized web3.0 crypto exchange built on Ethereum, HECO and Binance Smart Chain. MDX is the utility token of Mdex crypto exchange. You can use these MDEX tokens for liquidity mining, governance, staking, and participating in future IMOs (Initial Model Offerings).


Currently, it is one of the top 260 cryptocurrencies by current marketcap which now stands close to 69,291,326 USD.

MDX token is multi-chain currency, which gives the DEX an incentive to grow its own ecosystem.

MDEX price prediction

Technical Analysis of MDex for 2023: Buy or Sell?

Technical Analysis of MDex suggest a buy signal on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

Mdex price estimation

Looking at the MDX/USDT chart, we can see a trend reversal.

For the next one month, MDex indicates a decent hike in its price. So, the predictions shows a great sign to buy now and invest for a long term to gain profit.

Instead of making money through advertising and marketing, MDex has developed a cryptocurrency which is backed by the price of its own tokens. The price recently saw some significant downturn, but it has continued to trade at average levels since being introduced.

Price History of Mdex

The token for MDX opened on 2021 at $3.24. Within the month time, the daily transaction volume exceeded $1.4 billion. This surpassed other competitors like UniSwap by a significant margin.

The cryptocurrency, as you might know, was in the news a lot in February. With the crash of the price, people started to lose interest in it a bit. Despite that, platform activity remained high and reached $2bn in the second month to a high of $5.25bn at the end of May.

And the price of this MDX token plummeted over the following months. The token continued this downward trend and has now dipped to a low value of $0.05 in September.

MDX has been relatively unchanged since the introduction of perpetual trading. They’ve actually seen a change in price, but not a big one. MDX was worth $0.22 as of October 14th, up 251% in the past days. There are some MDX predictions that anticipate continued growth for the cryptocurrency. Its mean price prediction suggests that the coin could increase by 82% in 13 November.

Over the short and long term, predictions say that its mdex price could have reached up to $0.20 in 2022 and In 2025, it may reach to $0.50. Its 2030 prediction is that it will reach its highest value of $1.07.

If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, you should know that the price is unpredictable and it could go on to thousands or even hundreds of dollars. In the case of Bitcoin, this prediction suggests it could reach at $2 in 2030.

PricePrediction’s data shows that in terms of growth, MDX performed well. It was projected that in 2018, it would sell for $0.082 and by 2025 was expected to reach a value of $1.62 or more.

While crypto volatility is high and it’s tedious to predict the coins’ fares in a given time, algorithmic forecasters may get the wrong predictions.

Trading in cryptocurrency has risks. You need to be aware of current market trends and make sure you adequately research the latest news, functional and technical analysis before coming to any decision.

MDX price prediction

Mdex Price Prediction 2023

MDX Price Prediction 2023 Maximum Price


Minimum Price (USD)
February 2023 0.126398 0.073665
March 2023 0.0972985 0.04774875
April 2023 0.06302835 0.052523625
May 2023 0.052523625 0.0437696875
June 2023 0.06302835 0.052523625
July 2023 0.07563402 0.06302835
August 2023 0.083197422 0.069331185
September 2023 0.0873572931 0.07279774425
October 2023 0.083197422 0.069331185
November 2023 0.0915171642 0.0762643035
December 2023 0.1024992239 0.08541601992

MDX, native token of MDEX cryptocurrency exchange, is projected to experience a volatile year in 2023, with its price expected to fluctuate between a minimum of 0.073665 USD in February, 2023 to a maximum of 0.126398 USD in the same month.

Over the course of the year, the price of MDEX is forecasted to experience growth, with the highest prediction reaching 0.1024992239 USD in December, 2023.

Despite its volatile nature, technical analysis suggests that the cryptocurrency will continue to grow in value, with predictions reaching 0.0915171642 USD in November and 0.0873572931 USD in September, 2023.

However, the price of MDEX is also expected to experience fluctuations, with the lowest prediction reaching 0.0437696875 USD in May. Overall, the year 2023 looks to be a bearish for MDEX holders.

Mdex Price Predictions 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 0.12676 0.11523
February 2024 0.12307 0.11188
March 2024 0.09845 0.0895
April 2024 0.10830 0.09845
May 2024 0.12996 0.118147
June 2024 0.15595 0.141776
July 2024 0.16375 0.14886
August 2024 0.18012 0.16375
September 2024 0.17155 0.15595
October 2024 0.19728 0.17934
November 2024 0.22292 0.20266
December 2024 0.27866 0.25332

Even though, the estimation predicts that it gives a gradual hike at the beginning of 2024, in December you can expect Mdex price goes up to 0.27USD which is the highest in the past 2 years.

Mdex Price Predictions 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 0.32046 0.29132
February 2025 0.33732 0.3066
March 2025 0.38792 0.3526
April 2025 0.43447 0.39497
May 2025 0.511150 0.46468
June 2025 0.61338 0.55761
July 2025 0.53337 0.48488
August 2025 0.59951 0.5450
September 2025 0.68943 0.6267
October 2025 0.599512 0.54511
November 2025 0.743395 0.675814
December 2025 0.944112 0.85828

For 2025, Mdex is perfect for long term investment. MDEX is expected to reach 0.944USD by 2025 end. So, if you are going for a long term investment in Mdex. It would be great choice.

MDX Price Predictions 2023 to 2030 (Tabular form)

Maximum Price
Minimum Price
2023 0.126398 0.06
2024 0.27866 0.115238
2025 0.944112 0.39497
2026 0.85828 0.77245
2027 0.68662 0.61796
2028 1.02994 0.92694
2029 1.39041 1.25137
2030 2.05782 1.8520

The Mdex price is estimated to reach 1.02USD in the year 2028 which increases gradually up to 2.05USD in the year 2030. So, if you are willing to invest in this period, it will be a great choice.

MdeX Price prediction in INR

  • Mdex Price forecast 2023 in INR: MDeX token is expected to trade between  Rs.5 to Rs.8
  • Mdex Price prediction 2025 in INR: MDX is expected to reach 75INR by 2025. Minimum possible price is 31INR.
  • Mdex Price prediction 2030 in INR: MDX is expected to trade in between 185INR to 205INR in 2030.

How to buy Mdex?

You can buy Mdex from top crypto exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Gate, WazirX


Does Mdex makes sense for your investment or even the next new token? 

Mdex uses a dual-chain model that makes it possible to have high liquidity and low transaction costs exchange. The native token has been on a downward slope since its all-time high in February 2021.

In general, cryptocurrencies are volatile.Before making any investment, it’s important to know the risks of the token or coin. A good way to do this is by researching what other investors think of the coin or token.

You want to look at your risk tolerance, how much you can afford to lose, and past performance of the coin or token to determine whether it would be a good investment. 

Will MDX price increase or decrease?

As of December 21st, there have been some bullish predictions for Mdex. We see an upward climb, but predict no new price records in the future.

However, despite their potential, it’s best to conduct your own research before investing in any one coin or token.

MDX is new and this market is still very volatile. Knowing your risk tolerance and staying within budget with your investment is important.

Will I profit in Mdex? 

As of December 21, the price of MDX has marked a change in trend. However, past performance is no guarantee of future returns, so you should do your homework and make sure it’s a company whose value will grow in the coming months.

Before you invest in MDX, it’s best to do some research about the product and make sure that it’s for you. 

How much will be the price of Mdex in the year 2025?

In 2025, Mdex price will hike up more than the past years. So, It will go high as the maximum value of 0.95USD.

When will the Mdex price reach 1 USD?

Mdex will reach 1.05USD in the year 2028. And eventually it will go up to 2.02USD.

What is the MDEX Price Prediction for 2030?

MDEX could cross more than 2USD by 2030.


With so many different cryptocurrencies available on the market, it can be hard to know which one to invest in. However, if you’re looking for a long-term investment with potential for big profits, MDX may be the perfect choice for you. As of December 21st, the price of MDX has seen some positive change, but it’s still worth doing your own research before investing.

2022 was sloppy for MDEX, and looks like it is very close to bottom. MDEX for 2023 could be a good buy. However, please DYOR. And, it is recommended not to invest more than 0.5% of your crypto portfolio in this altcoin.

I personally have skipped investing in MDEX.