In this article we’ll learn about the very popular Marsh coin, its price history and price predictions. We’ll also discuss if investing in Marsh is a wise decision?

Please keep in mind that you should interpret this forecast, along with all others, with the understanding that it is merely a recommendation.

What is Unmarshal?

Unmarshal is a chain-independent blockchain protocol that gathers configurable data for DeFi applications using a network of blockchain indexes. Unmarshal was jointly developed on Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot Network, and Solana with the goal of reviving data dissemination, interpretation, and collecting to drive the DeFi economy. 

It is a cutting-edge technology that attempts to turn unstructured, raw blockchain data into meaningful form to make it easier to integrate real-time blockchain data into decentralized apps and unleash the potential of DApps.


The Key Attributes of UnMarshal Network

The key traits shaping data access and use in the quick-moving decentralised economy are discussed below.

Structured data

Decentralized apps find it challenging to convert raw, unstructured on-chain data into a structured manner due to its availability. Developers can concentrate on the application-related aspects because UnMarshal provides the needed data in an organised, valuable, and correct style. It turns simple hashes into informative data.

Multi-Chain Operability

One of the main obstacles to the widespread adoption of DeFi is the lack of compatibility. It will be easy and seamless to access tailored data from several chains by utilising UnMarshal’s distributed network of blockchain indexers.

Comprehensive SAAS Solutions

UnMarshal Network uses innovative technological approaches to make the design of APIs simpler. As a result, the infrastructure includes more than just APIs; it also incorporates data projection into a variety of formats, including GraphQL, WebSockets, and Notifications.

Democratized governance

The various distributed nodes that make up UnMarshal’s decentralised network enable clients to freely select data indexers from a selection of nodes, supporting the liberation of power.

Automated Indexing

the automatic indexing of real-time data from several chains in accordance with the submission of indexing requests for various DeFi protocols, such as AAVE, Compound, Circle, etc., as per client requirements. For the purpose of indexing new chains, it will enable clients to use a cost-sharing model according to their requirements.

The Unmarshal Parser

Users can index any smart contract’s associated events and operations to a relational database using the parser. 

The information is accessible through after it has been decoded and indexed

  1. Metabase Dashboards 

  2. GraphQL APIs

The off-chain data improvements are how the parser tool sets itself apart. The plugins for the parser make this feasible. At this time, the parser enables plugins that retrieve token information, historical token prices, and current token prices.


What exactly is it?

Similar to a database’s GUI, Metabase provides complete access to your data. In addition to enabling you to view data in a tabular manner, it also enables you to retrieve your data via SQL queries. You may also use it to build dashboards like the ones shown above, which were made for Unmarshal’s very own staking platform.

Who is it for?

For data analytics, researchers, dApps, and investors can all benefit from using Metabase, a potent tool for visualising on-chain protocol data. 


What exactly is it?

Your GraphQL server will be launched by the service, complete with auto-generated resolvers and schemas. Accessing any piece of information in your database quickly and selectively with GraphQL is possible. A server that supports GraphQL will accept post requests in the form of the “Query Language” format.

Who is it for?

GraphQL APIs allow dApp developers to access on-chain data in the form of APIs that can be included into their programmes through the backend. In addition to the protocol data offered by our basic set of Unmarshal APIs, it is an excellent querying tool for accessing very specialised, rich protocol data.

What is $MARSH

The utility currency $MARSH powers the Unmarshal network and rewards network participants like node runners, indexers, etc.

About Marsh token

Metric Value
Price (MARSH) $0.199
Circulating Supply 50,945,833 MARSH
Market Cap $10,105,811
Fully Diluted Market Cap $19,836,384
24h Volume / Market Cap $501,823
Total Supply 100,000,000
Ethereum Address 0x5a66…d69cF37

Marsh Price History

The launch price of Marsh was $6.93 on March 30, 2021. On April 8, 2021, when it was trading at an all-time high of $ 9.37, Unmarshal experienced its greatest price. Since its ATH, it had a low price of $0.0339. Currently on 01st March 2024, it is trading at 0.199USD.

Currently, there is a a small bullish outlook for Unmarshal’s price projection.

Marsh Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
March 2024 $0.239 $0.199
April 2024 $0.199 $0.166
May 2024 $0.181 $0.151
June 2024 $0.185 $0.154
July 2024 $0.221 $0.185
August 2024 $0.248 $0.207
September 2024 $0.253 $0.211
October 2024 $0.266 $0.221
November 2024 $0.332 $0.277
December 2024 $0.398 $0.332

In March 2024, Marsh Token is expected to reach a maximum price of $0.239, while the minimum price is forecasted to be around $0.199. As April rolls in, the maximum price is anticipated to decrease to $0.199, with a corresponding minimum price of $0.166. Moving into May, further declines are projected, with the maximum and minimum prices estimated to be $0.181 and $0.151 respectively. By December 2024, Marsh Token is predicted to peak with a maximum price of $0.398, while the minimum price is expected to stabilize around $0.332.

Marsh Token Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $0.438 $0.353
February 2025 $0.461 $0.330
March 2025 $0.577 $0.465
April 2025 $0.686 $0.490
May 2025 $0.746 $0.602
June 2025 $0.895 $0.640
July 2025 $0.878 $0.708
August 2025 $1.053 $0.752
September 2025 $1.317 $1.062
October 2025 $1.646 $1.176
November 2025 $1.679 $1.354
December 2025 $1.847 $1.319

In January, Marsh Token is expected to hit a maximum price of $0.438, while the minimum price is forecasted to be around $0.353. Moving into February, projections suggest a rise in the maximum price to $0.461, with a corresponding minimum price of $0.330. March is anticipated to bring significant gains, with the maximum price predicted to soar to $0.577 and the minimum price expected to reach $0.465. By December, Marsh Token is forecasted to experience substantial growth, with a maximum price projected to reach $1.847 and a minimum price estimated to stabilize around $1.319.

Marsh Coin Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $2.216 $1.787
February 2026 $1.773 $1.266
March 2026 $1.364 $1.100
April 2026 $1.023 $0.731
May 2026 $0.757 $0.610
June 2026 $0.582 $0.416
July 2026 $0.466 $0.376
August 2026 $0.361 $0.258
September 2026 $0.451 $0.364
October 2026 $0.564 $0.403
November 2026 $0.621 $0.500
December 2026 $0.695 $0.496

Marsh Price Prediction 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $0.834 $0.673
February 2027 $0.667 $0.477
March 2027 $0.513 $0.414
April 2027 $0.436 $0.312
May 2027 $0.366 $0.296
June 2027 $0.282 $0.201
July 2027 $0.226 $0.182
August 2027 $0.175 $0.125
September 2027 $0.219 $0.176
October 2027 $0.273 $0.195
November 2027 $0.300 $0.242
December 2027 $0.337 $0.240

Marsh Token Price Prediction 2028, 2029 to 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $0.404 $0.326
February 2028 $0.323 $0.231
March 2028 $0.294 $0.237
April 2028 $0.250 $0.178
May 2028 $0.210 $0.169
June 2028 $0.191 $0.136
July 2028 $0.238 $0.192
August 2028 $0.307 $0.220
September 2028 $0.384 $0.310
October 2028 $0.480 $0.343
November 2028 $0.528 $0.426
December 2028 $0.592 $0.423
January 2029 $0.408 $0.329
February 2029 $0.480 $0.343
March 2029 $0.600 $0.484
April 2029 $0.715 $0.511
May 2029 $0.777 $0.627
June 2029 $0.932 $0.666
July 2029 $0.888 $0.716
August 2029 $0.740 $0.529
September 2029 $0.925 $0.746
October 2029 $1.156 $0.826
November 2029 $1.272 $1.026
December 2029 $1.424 $1.017
January 2030 $1.387 $1.119
February 2030 $1.665 $1.189
March 2030 $1.586 $1.279
April 2030 $1.321 $0.944
May 2030 $1.652 $1.332
June 2030 $2.065 $1.475
July 2030 $2.271 $1.832
August 2030 $2.544 $1.817
September 2030 $2.478 $1.998
October 2030 $2.973 $2.124
November 2030 $2.831 $2.283
December 2030 $2.360 $1.685

Throughout the years analyzed, Marsh Token has experienced notable fluctuations in its pricing. In 2028, the token reached its highest point in December, hitting a maximum price of $0.592, while its lowest point occurred in April, with a minimum price of $0.178. Moving into 2029, Marsh Token saw its peak in December once again, reaching $1.424, with the lowest price observed in March at $0.484. The trend continued into 2030, with Marsh Token achieving its highest price of $2.973 in October and its lowest point remaining consistent in April at $0.944. These fluctuations underscore the volatility inherent in cryptocurrency markets.

Unmarshal Price Prediction in INR

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
2024 ₹32.98 ₹12.51
2025 ₹153.01 ₹27.34
2026 ₹183.61 ₹21.38
2027 ₹69.10 ₹10.36
2028 ₹49.05 ₹14.75
2029 ₹117.97 ₹40.10
2030 ₹246.34 ₹78.22

In 2024, Marsh Token is projected to achieve a maximum price of ₹32.98 and a minimum price of ₹12.51. As we move into 2025, forecasts indicate a significant surge, with the token expected to reach a maximum price of ₹153.01 and a minimum price of ₹27.34. By 2026, Marsh Token is anticipated to continue its upward trajectory, reaching a maximum of ₹183.61, while the minimum price is forecasted to be ₹21.38. In 2027, the maximum price is expected to be ₹69.10, with the minimum at ₹10.36. As 2028 approaches, Marsh Token is forecasted to attain a maximum price of ₹49.05 and a minimum price of ₹14.75. The upward trend continues into 2029, with Marsh Token projected to reach a maximum of ₹117.97 and a minimum of ₹40.10. By 2030, Marsh Token is anticipated to soar to new heights, with a maximum price of ₹246.34 and a minimum of ₹78.22.

Nevertheless, please be aware that every investment has some risk. Before making any decisions, it is recommended that you conduct your own research.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can you get Marsh from?

The main cryptocurrency exchanges for trading UnMarshal stock right now are MEXC, KuCoin,, PancakeSwap (V2), and AscendEX (BitMax).

What will Unmarshal be worth in 2025?

The maximum and minimum in 2025 is expected to be$1.847 and $0.330 respectively. 

What is Unmarshal Price Prediction for 2030?

The maximum and minimum in 2030 is expected to be $2.973 and $0.944 respectively.

Will the cost of UnMarshal go up in the future?

Yes, the price of UnMarshal will rise in the future, as per our predictions and analysis.

What does UnMarshal’s future hold?

The state of the cryptocurrency market as a whole will have a significant impact on UnMarshal’s future. Marsh offers exposure to a worldwide technology and an ever-expanding ecosystem in addition to its speculative nature.

Well, predicting anything about cryptocurrencies accurately is next to impossible because of their volatile nature.

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Is investing in Marsh a good decision in 2024 & beyond?

Investing in Marsh now can yield good rewards because we are practically to the bottom. In the long run, based on our analysis and price prediction, we anticipate an increase in Marsh prices.

I personally would not be buying MARSH for long term gains. However, I may add a very tiny amount, just incase the AI trend takes over and I could sell for profits. Mainly, for short trade.

Please keep in mind that every investment has some risk. Just concentrate your attention on what you can control and do as much study as you can before passing any judgements. 

DYOR before investing in any cryptocurrency.