Aptos has designated 51% of its tokens for community members, although the details of their distribution remain somewhat ambiguous. There’s a common belief within the community that these tokens could be distributed through airdrops to users who actively engage with the ecosystem.

Aptos airdrop

Already, Aptos has airdropped 3% of its tokens to early supporters. As the ecosystem expands, participating in Aptos projects could potentially lead to further rewards. However, it’s unlikely that the remaining 48% will be distributed solely through future airdrops.

A significant portion of these tokens is expected to be allocated to developers building on Aptos, with a distribution plan spanning over a decade. For a deeper understanding, I highly recommend you to go through the Aptos tokenomics.

Moreover, Aptos recently facilitated four quests through Galxe, suggesting that participants in these tasks might receive airdrops. This move also indicates the potential for a second round of airdrops, specifically targeting active contributors and investors within the Aptos DeFi and NFT ecosystems.

Aptos marketcap

Kindly note: As of April 12 2024, a total of 39% of APT tokens are in circulation, with a total circulating marketcap of 4.75B USD. APT is trading at $11.86 (as of April 12, 2023).

The investors in Aptos in the last round of fund raising invested at a valuation of a little more than 4Billion USD. However, most of the investors including Jump Crypto, FTX, Multicoin Capital invested at 1Billion USD.

Today, Aptos sits at an FDV of 13B USD (close to 3x gains from the last round).

Best Strategies for Participation in Aptos Round 2 Airdrop

To increase your chances of receiving APT and ecosystem token airdrops, consider getting involved with projects such as Aries Finance, Aptin Finance, Liquidswap, and NFT marketplaces like Wapal, Mercato, and Topaz.

The more you participate, the more likely you are to earn not just APT tokens but also other new tokens from these projects.

Airdrop Opportunities in Aptos NFTs

For NFT enthusiasts, Aptos NFT collections like Aptos Monkeys, Aptomingos, and Aptorobos are worth exploring. Also, using services like CRED, which assess your DeFi activities and NFT holdings to assign you a score, can give you an idea of how much you might receive in future Aptos airdrops. To get a 10% boost, you can use of referral link.

MEME Tokens in Aptos Ecosystem

If you’re interested in MEME tokens, look into GUI, SHRIMP, UPTOS, CHEWY, and DODOO. Additionally, Aptos has teamed up with Jambo phone, and while it’s not directly linked to airdrops, owning a Jambo phone might provide access to exclusive drops, particularly from upcoming Aptos MEME coins.

Why You Should participate in Aptos Defi and Ecosystem Projects Now?

There’s currently low competition for earning airdrops in the Aptos ecosystem, making it a good time to start participating. Even a small investment, like my $600 in Aptin Finance, has helped me rank well and potentially set me up for future rewards.

How much should you invest to farm upcoming airdrops in APTOS ecosystem?

While there is no minimum investment required to start earning from Aptos airdrops, starting with about 10 APTOS tokens is a good benchmark.

Increasing your investment to 50 APTOS tokens could improve your position significantly.


How much funding has Aptos raised?

Aptos has raised 350M USD from 29 investors including Binance Labs.

How much should I invest in Aptos airdrops?

Starting small and scaling up based on results is a practical approach.

Which Aptos projects are likely to offer airdrops?

Aptin Finance, Liquidswap, and Aries Finance are top candidates.

Is there a confirmed second round of Aptos airdrops?

No official confirmation yet, but the community is hopeful given the growing engagement and investment in the ecosystem.

For more information and step-by-step guides, including airdrop strategies for other ecosystems like Solana, check the links provided.

When will Aptos round 2 airdrop take place?

There is no official announcement yet, but we expect Aptos 2nd round of airdrop to happen in 2024.

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In short, Aptos airdrop round 2 will benefit the Aptos ecosystem users the most. So, the best way is to engage with multiple dApps building on the Aptos platform, some of the names, we have already mentioned in this blog post. If you are looking to interact with more dApps, I highly recommend you to check Aptos stats on DeFillama and interact accordingly.

Last but not the least, get an Aptos name from Aptosnames.com

Also, we keep discussing all sort of airdrops inside our Discord. If you are interested to join the close family, you are welcome.