Aptos is currently giving free airdrop of their tokens. Register now!

Aptos has started registration for AIT-3 following the extremely successful Stage 2 of its incentive testnet. This time, the emphasis is on stress-testing network improvements and governance changes.

How to get Aptos airdrops

Aptos, based on the groundbreaking Move coding language, is a brand-new Layer 1 blockchain with market-leading performance, scalability, and security. Aptos is testing its network performance with a number of incentive-based testnets in preparation for its deployment in Q3 2022.

Following the success of AIT-2, which concluded on July 22, the Aptos team has begun participation in Incentivized Testnet 3, the Aptos Incentivized Testnet’s third iteration.

The fundamental objective of the incentive testnets is to make sure that the community is prepared to launch an Aptos mainnet that is up to production standards.

All participants, including node operators, developers, auditors, and ecosystem builders, are welcome to take part and will get rewards for their efforts in achieving this aim.

The community will participate in several tests and exercises that both validate the findings of core developer testing and get everyone ready for mainnet operation. During this exciting time, Aptos asks and welcomes all community feedback.

Aptos will have regular community forums to solicit feedback, iterate, and enhance these plans.

Now that we have learnt about Aptos layer 1 solution, let us know see how we can get this latest airdrop for absolutely free.

How to get Aptos airdrop?

Aptos airdrop

On APTOS testnet, there will be 4 rounds total, and the first two have already been completed.

Good news is you are eligible for getting Aptos airdrop if you take the following action now.

To participate in AIT-3 Aptos cryptocurrency airdrop, take the following actions:

1. Registration

  • Visit their community website to sign up right away. Here is the link. You need to take the following actions as part of the procedure:
  • Using a legitimate Discord account, authenticate.
  • Please enter and validate your email address.
  • To ensure the correctness of the deployment, establish a validator, upload the configuration information to the portal, and execute it as a local testnet.
  • Pass sanctions and identity verification screening process. Please examine their terms and conditions if you have any questions about eligibility.

2. Setup an Aptos Wallet

To participate in this, you can create an account on Martian Aptos Wallet. You can then obtain Aptos testnet tokens using the wallet. Click here to create an Aptos wallet.

3. Engage with Aptos Dapps

With Martian Wallet now in place, we can add testnet tokens to it. Many testnet tokens will be airdropped into your wallet.

4. Open the Vial app

Similar to applications like Aave or Compound that let lenders lend their assets and earn interest, Vial lets borrowers to deposit security and borrow against the aggregate worth of those assets.

Connect it to your wallet, and then proceed to add or remove Aptos tokens as needed. Get wrapped testnet Bitcoins by going to the faucet.

Basically, feel free to engage as much as you like, since all of it is free.

5. Visit aptosnames.com

This is a website that is similar to the ENS domain, which is essentially a Blockchain domain naming system. Customers can use it to generate readable and human-friendly usernames for their decentralised websites and apps as well as their cryptocurrency wallets. Then go ahead and substitute original domain names with decentralized addresses.

6. Topaz NFT Market

Connect your wallet first, then purchase a few NFTs!

Tada! You are now done.

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Is APTOS Airdrop a Scam?

As per our research, APTOS Airdrop is not a scam.

However, scammers may try to take advantage of this real airdrop by sharing fake links. Be vigilant and never share your seed or phrase key with anyone or on any website.