Sender is a digital wallet extension that lets you keep NEAR tokens, tokens based on Ethereum technology, and digital collectibles (NFTs). Created by Sender Labs and supported by big names like Binance Labs,, and Pantera Capital, the Sender Wallet has become quite popular, with over a million people downloading it worldwide.

SNDR wallet logo

Along with the wallet, Sender Labs also offers other tools like Sender Swap, which makes trading tokens easy, and Sender Bot, which helps automate some tasks, making managing your digital assets simpler and more efficient. Overall, Sender is designed to make dealing with digital money and collectibles easy for everyone, especially those interested in the NEAR blockchain ecosystem.

Sender App Funding & Investors

Sender has successfully secured US$4.5 million in a private funding round. The round was led by Pantera Capital and saw participation from a diverse group of investors including Capital, Jump Crypto, Amber Group, SevenX Ventures, WOO Network, Smrti Labs, D1 Ventures, Puzzle Ventures, Shima Capital, Eniac Ventures, and GFS Ventures, along with notable NEAR ecosystem projects like Octopus Network, Ref Finance, and Paras.

Sender funding

This funding follows an April 2022 seed round led by Binance Labs and Metaweb Ventures, marking a continued trajectory of growth and expansion for Sender. With the newly acquired funds, Sender aims to enhance its R&D team, elevate the security of the Sender Wallet, and broaden its wallet ecosystem, supporting its position as the leading third-party wallet in the NEAR ecosystem.

SNDR Airdrop Guide: How to Earn $SNDR token for free?

You can earn $SNDR token easily by making less than a dollar investment. Ofcourse, you would need to devote time. Here’s how you can get involved:

Download a Sender wallet, and create an account. Save the seed phrase properly.

Once done, add a minimum of 0.1 Near. The best way to do is to send NEar tokens from any centralised exchange like Binance. Once done, open an account with Senderdao and connect your Twitter.

Now it is time to start earning points.

  • Earn Points: Sign in to Sender daily, invite friends, and engage on Twitter to collect points.
  • Point Booster: Increase your points faster based on your Twitter followers, account age, and activity.

Sender points multiplier

SNDR points

SNDR token boost multiplier

  • Event Duration: The program runs from April 3 to May 3, 2024.

How to Increase your $SNDR Points?

  • Daily Twitter Post: Share your thoughts on Sender and earn points based on engagement metrics. Only the first tweet each day counts.
  • Daily Sign-in: Get up to 50 points each day just by logging in.
  • Invite Friends: Earn 150 points for each friend who joins Sender, plus a bonus from their earnings. If you want to use our referral link, you can sign up.

Boost Multiplier: Your Twitter account’s followers and age determine your multiplier, enhancing your total points.

How much can you make with $SNDR airdrop?

It entirely depends on how many Tweets you have posted, how much engagement you receive, how old is your account and much more. However, if you dedicate 30-60 minutes daily on posting about SNDR and getting likes, RTs, and quotes, you can make 500 to 1000USD from $SNDR token airdrop.

Since it is backed by Binance, Pantera and other top investors, if you have time, SNDR airdrop should not be faded.

There are some strategies that I can’t discss in public. Join our Discord, and you will see us discuss such strategies to make maximum utilisation of your time, which will help you maximise SNDR airdrop.